Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Wolpis Carter, president of Wolpis, who is committed to honest “treble”, will hold his first lecture on April 9th!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Walpis Carter, the president of Walpis, who has an honest commitment to “treble”, will hold his first lecture on April 9th!

Walpis Carter’s first lecture without singing, “Walpis Carter Lecture-Foreseeing Global Changes and Innovations to Realize a High-pitched and Sustainable Society-Spring 2023” was held on April 9 (Sunday). ) Held at Hulic Hall Tokyo.
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Wolpis Carter, who started his activities on a video posting site in 2012, has continued to fascinate listeners with his trademark high-tone voice under the nickname of “Boys who want to make high notes”.
With a total of 350 million views of singing videos, he is also the president of “Walpis”, which celebrates its 10th anniversary with an honest commitment to “treble”. I will be on stage at a lecture to talk from various angles. It’s hard to imagine from this avant-garde title, but if you’re curious about what it’s going to be like, let’s go check it out.
Tickets will be available for general sale at each play guide from 10:00 on Saturday, February 4.
Also, on February 22nd, the first cover album “Hito no Uta” will be released. It is a work that challenged the high and fast Vocaloid songs that humans can never sing with the “original key singing” of all songs, and I would like you to taste the evolution of the beautiful and powerful high tone voice that has been cultivated through research. .
Check out the “Hito no Uta” special site
( for album details, benefits, and event details.

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