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-“Fukuoka Airport View Tour” Implementation dates from March to June 2023 have been decided! –

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City; President and CEO: Koichi Hayashida) announced that the “Fukuoka Airport View Tour”, which runs through Fukuoka Airport on an open-top bus, will run from March to June 2023. The implementation date has been decided.
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The “Fukuoka Airport View Tour” is a new sightseeing content with a high degree of unusual and attraction elements that travels on an open-top bus through areas of Fukuoka Airport that are normally inaccessible. Starting in November 2021, it has been well received by many people.
We would like to inform you that the dates for March to June have been decided. From March to June, how about enjoying Fukuoka Airport on an open-top bus with a pleasant spring breeze? Reservation starts one month before boarding date. We recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible, as it may be full.
This tour has been planned in collaboration with various airlines and tourism bureaus. We are planning to collaborate with “Doraemon the Movie” in March, “Eva Air” in April, and “Hawaiian Airlines” in May. Details of the project will be announced on the official website of the Open Top Bus as soon as they are decided. Please check the open top bus official website at any time.
Through this initiative, we will recover tourism demand that has fallen due to the impact of the new coronavirus, and contribute to the creation of new value and bustle for tourism in Fukuoka by utilizing existing facilities and services.
・March: Movie Doraemon Collaboration
“Movie Doraemon: Nobita and the Utopia of the Sky” will be released on Friday, March 3rd.
The theme of this movie is “Sky”, so to commemorate the release of the movie, we will hold a tour and collaboration project with Fukuoka Airport Viewn.
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(C) Fujiko Production, Shogakukan, TV Asahi, Shinei, ADK 2023 ・April: EVA Air Collaboration
Operates daily between Fukuoka and Taipei Taoyuan. In addition, it operates to various parts of the world via Taipei.
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・May: Hawaiian Airlines Collaboration
From April 30th (Sun), the Fukuoka ⇔ Honolulu route will be resumed. From Fukuoka: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
Hawaiian Airlines official website: From discount flights to Hawaii to schedules, flight status, and the latest trends in Hawaii
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Overview of Fukuoka Open Top Bus “Fukuoka Airport View Tour” [Tour dates]
March: 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), 25th (Sat), 26th (Sun) 4 days in total April: 22nd (Sat), 23rd (Sun), 29th (Sat), 30th (Sun) 4 days in total May: 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun), 27th (Sat), 28th (Sun) 4 days in total June: 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun) 4 days in total [Operating hours]
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* Reception starts 60 minutes before departure time at the first floor north lobby (near the arrival gate) of the Fukuoka Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building. Please be sure to come to the reception at least 30 minutes before.
* Baggage inspection will be conducted near Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal North Bus Stop (No. 17: Highway Bus Stop).
[Operating route]
Near Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal North Bus Stop (No. 17: Highway Bus Stop) (baggage inspection)
→Domestic/international connecting bus road (to international flights) →International side entrance (security inspection) →Fukuoka Airport →Fire department building →Domestic side entrance
→Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal North Bus Stop (No. 17: Highway bus stop) [Tour fee]
Adults: 3,500 yen Children: 2,720 yen (ages 4 and up to elementary school students) *Tax included
[Participation conditions]
(1) Please apply at least 4 days before the tour date.
(2) On the day of the tour, please present identification documents for all participants (including children) (original only, no copies). Please note that you will not be able to board the train if you forget it.
* Identity verification documents: driver’s license, passport, My Number card, health insurance card, student ID card
(3) Children under the age of 4 are not allowed to ride.
[Reservation method]
Reservation acceptance starts from 8:00 on the same day one month before the tour date
Example) March 18th (Saturday) Start accepting reservations for the tour → February 18th (Saturday) 8:00-
* Reception ends when all seats are filled
WEB: Kyushu Bus Network Portal Site
@ By bus (
Phone: Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation Center (0120-489-939 Reception hours 8:00-19:00)
[Boarding benefits]
(1) You will receive an original pass case limited to this tour (a clear case with a strap that can hold the ticket for this tour). (2) Only on the day of the tour, by presenting this tour ticket, you can board a general route bus from Fukuoka Airport
(domestic/international/in front of Fukuoka Airport) to Hakata Station/Tenjin and within the Fukuoka City Center Free Area. Please take a numbered ticket when boarding the bus, insert the numbered ticket into the fare box when getting off the bus, and show the tour ticket to the driver.
(3) Only on the day you participate in the tour, you can receive benefits such as discounts and gifts at shops in Fukuoka Airport by presenting this tour ticket. In addition, you can receive the same benefits as boarding a regular open-top bus.
[Precautions when boarding]
・In the airport tour, in order to prevent scattering, dropping, and throwing of baggage, please keep valuables, mobile phones, cameras, etc. to a minimum. Other baggage will be checked separately before the airport tour starts. As a general rule, only one piece of checked baggage is allowed per person.
・Please do not use flash photography or photography outside of permitted areas. In particular, please refrain from taking pictures around the US military bases, as they are not facilities owned by Fukuoka International Airport Co., Ltd.
・Those who bring cameras and smartphones must wear a strap that can be hung from the neck. (Smartphone straps will be lent out when tickets are issued.)
・Please note that necessary inspections, etc. will be carried out to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft.
・For other notes,
Details about this release:

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