No age, no experience, no work history We will hold a short-term programming camp “Sparta Camp in Tokyo” starting from scratch!

[No age, no experience, no work history] We will hold a short-term programming camp “Sparta Camp in Tokyo” starting from scratch! I want to try programming! If so, please come to Sparta Camp.
The short-term intensive programming training camp “Sparta Camp” held in Hachimantai City and Hiraizumi Town, Iwate Prefecture, will be held in Tokyo. With the motto of leaving no one behind, aim to become a self-propelled web engineer and have fun learning with serious friends!
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■ What is Sparta Camp?
No age, no experience, no work history. This is a short-term intensive programming training camp event for those who have a “strong desire” to learn programming. We provide opportunities to acquire skills in earnest in a short period of time. It is also effective as a place to find like-minded friends.
An active engineer will be in charge of the lecturer, and he will introduce the methods and tools that he thought would be good during normal development. In addition, since the theme is “learning programming in a fun way”, we have devised various ways to have fun during the lectures.
Many people have moved to Hachimantai City or Hiraizumi Town because of the Sparta Camp. Also, in Hachimantai City, some people have started businesses, and employment is being created.
■ You can meet like-minded friends
Those who participate in the Spartan camp often want to learn something and want to change the current situation. As participants communicate with each other and talk about what they want to do with each other, a sense of camaraderie develops. It is difficult to study alone, but it is also possible to overcome obstacles by studying together.
Work together with your peers to achieve similar goals.
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■ Camp Overview
[Main learning content]
1. Environment construction for executing programming
2. Basic Grammar of HTML and CSS
3. Basic PHP Grammar
4. Web technology basics (HTTP, HTTPS, etc.)
5. Development methods using Git and GitHub
6. Database basics
7. How to create a web application using Laravel
[Date and time]
1. Environmental construction and pre-study (online self-study) 2023/3/1 (Wed) – 3/17 (Fri)
2. Offline training camp
3/18 (Sat), 3/19 (Sun), 3/25 (Sat), 3/26 (Sun), 4/15 (Sat), 4/16 (Sun), 4/22 (Sat), 4 /The 23rd)
10:00 ~ 19:00 each (with a break)
3. Learning Laravel (online self-study)
4/24 (Mon) – 5/31 (Wed)
*From March 1st to May 31st, you can use the chat tool to ask questions every day.
Meeting room in Tokyo
[Number of recruits]
15 people each (in order of entry)
【Qualification requirements】
High school students and above with a strong desire to learn programming [Participation fee]
198,000 yen (tax included)
*Transportation and accommodation fees are not included. Please make your own arrangements.
[Entry Deadline]
Until 8:00 on Saturday, February 25, 2023
[How to enter]
For details and entry for Sparta Camp in Tokyo, please visit the official website.
■ Sparta Camp Official Homepage
■ Official blog
■Operating company website
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