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Notion Officially Releases Notion AI

Notion Labs Japan LLC
Notion Officially Releases Notion AI
By using AI in the workspace, work efficiency and productivity can be improved. All plans can be used up to 20 times for free.

(San Francisco, USA – announced on February 22, 2023) Notion Labs Inc., which provides collaboration software “Notion” (Headquarters: San Francisco, USA, Co-Founder and CEO: Ivan Zhao, Co-Founder and CTO) : Simon Last) officially released “Notion AI” (hereafter, Notion AI) on February 22, 2023, US Pacific Standard Time (February 23, 2023 Japan time). Available in all languages ​​supported by Notion, including Japanese.
(*This document is an abridged version of the content announced in San Francisco, USA on February 22, 2023. The original text takes precedence for content and interpretation.)
 Notion AI is an AI service that can be used on the Notion workspace. You can use AI in the workspace you use every day without launching a separate AI tool, improving work efficiency and productivity. In addition, since the knowledge and information that has been
accumulated on Notion can be used as is, the value of AI can be maximized. Users can spend more time on value-added, creative tasks.  Notion AI can be accessed immediately by entering a space or slash command on the workspace, or by selecting a range of sentences to be edited. The main functions and how to use them are as follows. Organizing and summarizing information: You can organize the information on the entire page or selected text, and create and translate meeting minutes and project summaries.
Efficiency of sentence creation: You can improve sentences, correct spelling and sentences, adjust the amount of sentences, change the tone, etc. for the selected sentences.
Get inspired for new ideas: Help brainstorm ideas, draft pros/cons lists, blogs, press releases, conference agendas and more for a variety of topics.
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Since Notion released the private alpha version of Notion AI on an invitation-only basis in November 2022, approximately 1 million of the approximately 2 million people on the waitlist have used it. At Notion, we analyzed how Notion AI was actually used for the official release. Initially, we expected that it would be used mostly for creating new texts such as blogs, press releases, and emails, but in reality, it was used only slightly, and the majority of applications were for editing created texts. I was. It can be said that many users created their own sentences and positioned Notion AI as their thought partner and editor. Based on this usage situation, the design of Notion AI has been completely reviewed, and updates such as displaying follow-up prompts many times and making the UI more interactive have been added, leading to the official version.
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                 -Image of follow-up prompt-
The price plan for Notion AI is US$10 per person per month, and there is no limit to the number of times it can be used. You can try Notion AI features for free up to 20 times per workspace member.
*20% discount is applied to annual payment users, and the monthly fee is US$8. Check here for pricing details:
 Notion will continue to update the product based on user feedback even after the official release of Notion AI. We will also continue to expand the capabilities of Notion AI so that it can be used for all Notion use cases, such as project management and wikis.

Upon the official release of Notion AI, we received comments from companies that tried the private alpha version.
Masatake Yamoto, Founder and CEO of 10X Co., Ltd.
Since our founding, we have strived to foster an open corporate culture that facilitates the creation, integration and sharing of information. Among them, Notion plays a central role as a place to write and store all meeting minutes, internal processes, and master documents. I was able to participate in the Notion AI test this time, and felt the potential especially in the area of ​​”re-editing existing information through AI.” Specifically, after writing a document, it is active in scenes such as entrusting the summary description to AI and simultaneous translation into multiple languages. In the future, I am looking forward to an evolution in which AI can understand the information of the entire workspace, and anyone can easily reach information from the vast sea already built on Notion.
PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd. Representative Director Katsuya Uenoyama When I met Ivan a few years ago, I had little idea that Notion would have AI capabilities. I am very happy with the launch. I’m looking forward to future Notion augmented by AI.
[Comment from Ivan Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Notion Labs Inc.] [Image 3

Notion’s mission is “Making software toolmaking ubiquitous.” It is to create a world where anyone can freely assemble the software they envisioned, and the release of Notion AI is a big step toward that goal.
Many AI tools already exist in the world, and many new tools will appear in the future. The beauty of Notion AI is that it is embedded within the workspaces your team uses every day. By being able to use AI as it is on the tools we use every day, AI will demonstrate its capabilities even more.
In conversations with users, I have heard from people in all types of occupations that “the work to do the work is longer than the work itself.” What used to take 30 minutes can now be completed in seconds, freeing up time to hone your skills or focus on important projects. We hope that you will experience the new value that Notion AI provides. [Comment from Katsukiyo Nishi, General Manager, Notion Labs Japan LLC] [Image 4

AI can be used effectively only when technology and user interface are well integrated. In that respect, I think that Notion, which can be used as a base for organizing information and thinking, and can be freely incorporated in blocks, is the best tool for AI to demonstrate its capabilities. You can use AI right out of the box in Notion, where you use it every day, so you can tap into the power of AI without the distraction of switching tools and no user training required. In addition, you can use the team’s knowledge and information accumulated on Notion to produce high-quality output.
Since the release of the private alpha version in November of last year, we have seen how users are enthusiastic about using it, with many people posting how to use it on SNS and holding study sessions in the community. rice field. We are looking forward to further development while incorporating the unique usage methods of Japanese users.

The announcement is also published in detail on the Notion blog. You can read the blog here.
( For the Japanese version of Notion and many other resources and guides, please visit our Japanese website.
[About Notion]
Notion is a connected workspace where you can create and share documents, manage projects, organize knowledge – all in one place. Users can create and customize beautiful documents, roadmaps, knowledge bases, and more to improve team productivity, facilitate and enhance collaboration, and accelerate team work innovation. Notion is trusted and used by individuals and companies around the world such as Pixar, Headspace, Codeacademy, Loom and more.

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