Offering “Parlor Iwai” where you can enjoy reward time with your loved ones, and “Strawberry Parfait” fi nished with 24 kinds of parts

Offering “Parlor Iwai” where you can enjoy reward time with your loved ones, and “Strawberry Parfait” finished with 24 kinds of parts Despite being held on weekdays, tickets sell out immediately every time, and more than 100 people attend

CRAZY Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President Kazuhiko Moriyama), which operates IWAI OMOTESANDO (IWAI), will open “Parlor Iwai” on March 9, 2023 (Thursday), where you can enjoy a parfait with your loved ones. It will be held.
This time, we will offer a new sensation strawberry parfait finished with 24 kinds of parts, such as the classic shortcake, strawberry jelly and marinade, with a focus on seasonal strawberries.
Reservation site: [Image 1d30858-32-46b2b4d583898df99160-0.jpg&s3=30858-32-ebd9c37faeb66557ea4d45abc6c50274-3900x2595.jpg
What is “Parlor Iwai”?
“Parlor Iwai” is an event that celebrates various milestones such as weddings and anniversaries with the concept of “celebrating life”, and you can enjoy seasonal parfaits as a daily reward.
We would like to provide an opportunity to deepen relationships with important people such as partners, family members, and friends, so we are limiting visits to pairs. We have held three events in each season in the past, but despite the restrictions of being held on weekdays and limited to pairs, tickets sold out immediately. More than 100 people visit each time.
A new type of strawberry parfait made up of 24 different parts [Image 2d30858-32-949359b1ce066b66e96b-1.jpg&s3=30858-32-6009a558b46a7c96ca9630350e69d6d6-1251x751.jpg
The main character this time is strawberries. It is a cup that you can fully enjoy, from the standard taste of royal road strawberries to the unexpected side. Starting from the shortcake on the top, it consists of 24 different parts such as strawberry jelly and marinade. The scent of strawberries and ingredients such as maple, artichoke tea, and mascarpone have been carefully finished to create a marriage. We hope that you can feel the arrival of spring with this one cup that overturns the image of “strawberry parfait”.
A pairing drink that brings out the flavor of the parfait
[Image 3d30858-32-553954cda8f9b8635bdb-2.jpg&s3=30858-32-af66570cc6593c3a8b457a1c82b91e9d-3900x2595.jpg
At Parlor Iwai, you can enjoy pairing drinks with seasonal parfaits. ・Hot mocktail (roasted
tea/hibiscus/rooibos/elderflower/ginger/apple/blackberry/chardonnay grape juice)
・Ice coffee (Costa Rica decaf dark roast)
Experience deepening relationships with loved ones in a space that “celebrates life”
[Image 4d30858-32-a63f50ccf08ff5548cf2-3.jpg&s3=30858-32-a07cb0d285041f27c76674c8c183fb91-3900x2601.jpg
With the concept of “celebrating life”, IWAI has a 25m approach that will lift your spirits before entering the venue, and a simple space with no corners that allows you to concentrate on conversation. You can enjoy reward time with your loved ones.
[Image 5d30858-32-f35daeb969db9e6e200c-6.jpg&s3=30858-32-087a51ef1c36d9f3b99a26feb101443e-3900x2595.jpg
In addition, there is also a talk theme where you can deepen your relationship with your loved ones while enjoying the parfait. detail
◇ Schedule
Thursday, March 9, 2023
8 times (15:00-/15:20-/16:40-/17:00-/18:20-/18:40-/20:00-/20:20-) * Limited to 6 groups each time, 1 hour and 20 minutes, complete replacement system
5-6-15 Jingumae, Shibuya City, 150-0001
◇Provided contents
・ Parlor Iwai limited seasonal parfait
・Pairing drink
* Allergic items (out of 27 specific items): Wheat, eggs, milk, gelatin, almonds (buckwheat, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, sesame, peaches, apples are not used, but are manufactured in the same factory as products containing them) product is used)
*We cannot accommodate allergies. Thank you for your understanding. Please check in advance before applying.
◇Application date/number of groups
Application deadline: Until 12:00 on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 Number of groups: Limited first 43 groups
*Information for a group of 2 people
3,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
*One ticket includes tax (6,600 yen) for a group of two people. *Please note that refunds cannot be made for cancellations made 8 days before the event (February 28th).
◇ Reservation site
◇Production cooperation
[Image 6d30858-32-804cd38ec6fbf956e765-8.jpg&s3=30858-32-54c1ba17171e78dac1ae306844c8cbdc-733x284.jpg
3 minutes walk from Nakameguro station. A modern Australian restaurant opened by Chef Kuriwaki, who worked as head chef at a Michelin-starred French restaurant, and was fascinated by the free food culture of Australia. The menu consists only of an omakase course that changes twice seasonally. Alcohol pairings centered on natural wines from around the world are popular.
[Image 7d30858-32-5d22803736ef6d86acf3-7.jpg&s3=30858-32-aaa734e57982a848fdbc73ed4925cab3-1920x1080.jpg
The first company-owned venue that opened in 2019, making use of the know-how that the wedding brand “CRAZY WEDDING” has become the number one custom-made wedding construction in Japan. Masaki Kato,
representative of Puddle Co., Ltd., who worked on “DANDELION CHOCOLATE” and “sequence MIYASHITA PARK”, is in charge of the architecture. We provide a new style of “guest-centered” weddings that enjoy time together, instead of a “two-centered” reception style, and won first place in the Tokyo area on the major industry review site “Wedding Park”. Received the D&I Award (startup company category) at the “D&I AWARD 2021” sponsored by JobRainbow Co., Ltd., in recognition of its consistent organization and branding centered on purpose. Official website:
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