Okayama University Successful remote automatic measurement demonstration experiment for juvenile salmon -Spatial measurement technology using AI enables automatic measurement of swimming fish-

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] Successful remote automatic measurement demonstration experiment for juvenile salmon -Spatial measurement technology using AI enables automatic measurement of swimming fish-
February 19, 2023
National University Corporation Okayama University
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-Points of announcement-
Salmon brood catching, artificial hatching, rearing, and release have been carried out for the purpose of resource conservation for more than half a century. The release of healthy seedlings is essential to increase the number of return visits, and confirmation of the degree of obesity, which is one of the judgments of healthy seedlings, depends on anesthesia of fry and measurement using vernier calipers and electronic balances. Therefore, there is a demand for automatic measurement technology for juvenile salmon while swimming.
Salmon juveniles raised in hatcheries are small, 30-40 mm in length, and it is difficult to automatically measure the size of juveniles while they are swimming. At Okayama University, as a result of advancing research on automatic dimension measurement by applying spatial measurement technology using parallax of a compound eye camera to the dimension measurement of swimming salmon, we succeeded in a demonstration experiment of dimension measurement of juvenile salmon raised and managed at a salmon trout hatchery. Did.
Specially Appointed Professor Mamoru Minami and part-time researcher Renya Takahashi of Okayama University (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Okayama City; President: Hiroshi Makino) conduct research on spatial measurement using stereo vision, We have succeeded in constructing a computer vision that measures the position and orientation.
 Because it is possible to measure the 3D position and orientation of swimming fish, the distance between the camera and the fish can be calculated, and the dimensions of the fish can be accurately measured. Therefore, we rented a part of the facility of a certain private hatchery as a research test site, and with the cooperation of Tsutomu Abe, the CEO of Avia Corporation, a limited company that develops and sells fishery-related equipment in Hokkaido, February 2023. From the 6th to February 8th, we conducted an experiment to automatically measure the size of swimming juvenile salmon at a private hatchery. [Image 2

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The experiments consisted of measurements taken in the air using a tank during the day (the image above shows the measurement and the computer screen) and measurements taken underwater using an underwater camera in the breeding pond at night. It is to prove that body length measurement is possible.
In my previous research, I had successfully measured medaka and sea bream. Demonstration experiments to measure the target fish are essential because the properties differ depending on the species. As a result of measurement experiments, it was demonstrated that the size of juvenile salmon can be measured using a new method using a compound-eye camera.
◆Contents of research results
Specially Appointed Professor Mamoru Minami invented a position and orientation measurement method that uses the stereo vision function, and launched a venture company, Visual Servo Co., Ltd., to advance the social implementation of this technology. We are looking for a partner who can cooperate in the field of fish measurement. A demonstration video that instantly measures the position and orientation of an arbitrary 3D object in a moving image is introduced on the Visual Servo website.
◆ Detailed research content
 Successful demonstration experiment for remote automatic measurement of juvenile salmon-spatial measurement technology using AI enables automatic measurement of swimming fish-
 https://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/up_load_files/press_r4/press20230217-1.pdf ◆ Reference
・Graduate School of Science and Technology, Okayama University  https://www.gnst.okayama-u.ac.jp/
・Visual Servo Co., Ltd.
◆ Reference information
・[Okayama University] Succeeded in measuring swimming fish with stereo vision space measurement technology using AI -Non-contact dimension measurement of medaka swimming in an aquarium is possible-
・[Okayama University] Released a spatial recognition device that detects and follows an arbitrary object and measures its position and orientation -Achieving animal spatial recognition intelligence using stereo vision with AI-
・[Okayama University] 2021 Okayama University Venture Award Ceremony  https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000491.000072793.html
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