Okura Co., Ltd. Talent GENKING has been appointed as HESTA’s official ambassador!

Okura Co., Ltd.
Talent GENKING has been appointed as HESTA’s official ambassador! “HESTA” aims to make Japan a place where everyone can live comfortably and with peace of mind.

Okura Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO and COO: Shizuo Kiyotaki, hereinafter Okura) welcomed talent GENKING as the official ambassador of HESTA. As a company that provides IoT home services, we will contribute not only to the HESTA products and services developed by Okura, but also to the promotional activities of the entire Okura Group, and contribute to nation-building in Japan, where everyone can live comfortably and safely. I will come.
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Mr. GENKING who was appointed as HESTA Ambassador
Profile of GENKING
Real name: Sana Tanaka
He is a pioneer who created the trend of “advancing from SNS to the entertainment world”, attracting attention as a “too beautiful handsome man” on Instagram. He suddenly became a person of the moment after appearing on NTV’s “Legal Counseling Center for Gyoretsu”. In 2017, he saves entertainment activities and undergoes the biggest decision of his life, gender reassignment surgery. Finally, the sex of the heart and the sex of the body matched, and the family register was also able to become a “true woman”. “GENKING” started his third life from male to unisex to female. I want to be an opportunity for all people who have the same worries as me in the past, such as
appearance, sexuality, and relationships, to live happily in their own way. She (= GENKING Chapter 2) who thinks so will transmit her own culture centered on beauty, cooking, and fashion.
GENKING, who is currently active as a popular Instagrammer with a total of 1.35 million SNS followers, focuses on disseminating information centered on beauty and health, such as serum soap “Honoakari” and pesticide-free vegetables “Prolabo Farm”. is included. In the future, we will work to realize a lifestyle platform connected by IoT, with your help in a wide range of fields, including
discussions on the reform of lifestyles as a whole.
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Mr. GENKING who was appointed as HESTA Ambassador
HESTA products recommended by GENKING
Together with GENKING, we have come up with the crime prevention measures that are required in the world today, and this is the “HESTA Crime Prevention Monitoring Plan” that could only have been created by GENKING and HESTA, which provides IoT home services.
To commemorate this appointment as an ambassador, we will carry out a campaign where you can use the “HESTA HOME App”, which is ideal for your home’s smart home, for “3 months free” (1,078 yen per month including tax).
(Target: Those who purchased by the end of February 2023)
Among the many HESTA products, he really liked the “HESTA Crime Prevention Plan” and would like to introduce it as a product that he would definitely recommend.
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Features of “HESTA Crime Prevention Monitoring Plan”
1. When motion is detected by the window sensor or motion sensor, it will be notified to the smartphone.
2. You can start recording in conjunction with an indoor camera and leave the video as “evidence”.
3. “Intimidate” with voice through the built-in speaker of the indoor camera. You can take preventative measures.
4. Even if you are away, you can prevent a collision by checking the video in real time from outside.
5. No construction required. Anyone can easily start because the installation is just to put and paste.
The ability to “intimidate” with voice through the built-in speaker of the indoor camera is a major differentiating factor from other companies’ products. In addition, we have prepared an installation plan that can be started with a simple installation that does not require construction work as a “crime prevention measure that you can do yourself” instead of “leave it to others” to prevent crime damage that you often hear about.
In the “era of buying peace of mind”, HESTA Home Security will provide “reasonable” and “secure crime prevention” services.
▼ Click here for details: “HESTA Crime Prevention Plan” 19,800 yen (tax included)
■ About Okura Co., Ltd. ■
Okura, a housing manufacturer founded 60 years ago, has launched the HESTA Smart City, a regional revitalization project that uses AI and IoT technology to solve regional issues and realize regional development under the slogan of “Revitalize Japan from the Region.” ” is being worked on. With the IoT home service developed under the brand name “HESTA”, which incorporates the desire to “be like a guardian deity who protects and supports people’s lives,” we provide a more convenient, secure, and comfortable life. increase.
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HESTA logo
-Okura Co., Ltd.-
Representative: Shizuo Kiyotaki, CEO and COO
Established: January 1964
Headquarters: Kasumigaseki Building 6F, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Capital: 3 billion yen
Business: Real estate business, construction business, membership resort business
URL: https://okura.co.jp/renewal/
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