Osaka Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation Enables delivery in front of the entrance even for houses with auto locks

Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
It is possible to place and deliver in front of the entrance even in houses with auto locks
Improving convenience with services that utilize smart locks
Osaka Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Chairman: Yu Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as “public corporation”), which provides public rental housing SMALIO in Osaka Prefecture, operates OPH Ishibashi Terrace (Ikeda City) with an auto lock.・From February 2023, both properties of OPH Nagase Sakura Terrace (Higashi-Osaka City) have introduced “Smart Delivery”, a delivery service in front of the entrance that utilizes the smart lock function provided by Rainaf Co., Ltd. To do.
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Exterior of OPH Nagase Sakura Terrace
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Exterior of OPH Ishibashi Terrace
[Background and Future Prospects]
As a highly convenient delivery method that corresponds to the new lifestyle, so-called delivery, which delivers packages to designated locations such as in front of the entrance or a delivery box, has become popular. There is no hassle of redelivery” (*).
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OPH Ishibashi Terrace Entrance
Not only can you receive the parcels at any time without contact, but if you designate the front of the entrance as the delivery location, elderly and child-rearing households can reduce the burden of carrying packages from the delivery box installed at the entrance. In addition, from the “2024 problem”, which is said to affect the logistics industry by setting an upper limit on the working hours of truck drivers under laws related to work style reform, sustainable logistics with an awareness of efficiency and improvement of the working environment has attracted attention, not only logistics companies but also users are becoming more aware of reducing redelivery from the perspective of contributing to work style reform.
However, it was difficult to use the delivery box in front of the entrance due to security issues in the public corporation’s houses with auto-locks.
Therefore, by introducing the above service provided by Rainaf Co., Ltd. and making it possible to place and deliver packages even in auto-locked houses, we will provide an environment where you can receive packages with more peace of mind and improve the convenience of residents. To do.
(*) April 2022 LOCCO Co., Ltd. / T Point Japan Co., Ltd. [Image 4

[Image 5

【Implementation content】
By introducing a “smart delivery” device at the entrance of public corporation’s auto-locking housing, delivery companies registered with the system can unlock the auto-lock only at the time of delivery. You can receive your luggage in front of the entrance.
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Arrangement image
[Implementation location/future schedule]
Target housing: OPH Ishibashi Terrace (Ikeda City)
OPH Nagase Sakura Terrace (Higashi-Osaka City)
      ※House with auto lock
Future plans: Model implementation for about 6 months after installation       After implementing the model, verify the effect through a resident questionnaire
◆Overview of Rainaf Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kiyoshi Takizawa, Representative Director
Head office location: Yushima 1-chome building 2nd floor, 1-6-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Manufacture and sale of smart lock brand “NinjaLock”, development and operation of real estate management solution “Linear Smart Service”, development and operation of “delivery service for auto-lock apartments”
Service overview: “Smart Delivery” ( This is a safe delivery service for auto-lock apartments that utilizes the auto-lock unlocking device provided by a major e-commerce site and our own product “NinjaEntrance”. There are no initial costs or device costs, and it is possible to arrange delivery of properties regardless of whether they are new or existing, and it has been introduced by many real estate companies.
◆Overview of Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
[Image 7d19188-203-2d83321800bcb2b75d49-7.png&s3=19188-203-2b3306d6a6f22e321c91462c96c7fbb9-1000x326.png
Representative: Director Yamamoto Yuzuru
Location: 2-3-21 Imahashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Business description: Management and operation of public rental housing SMALIO, etc.
Public corporation website:
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            We aim to realize the SDGs through various initiatives.

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