Outdoor Confirmed to be in the starting lineup! A palm-sized “hand light type universal light” will be rel eased in February. ’23 spring Montagna new product lineup added.

Hack Co., Ltd.
[Outdoor] Confirmed to be in the starting lineup! A palm-sized “hand light type universal light” will be released in February. ’23 spring Montagna new product lineup added.
Customization is also free with attached parts!

The outdoor brand “Montagna” operated by Huck Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Tetsuya Ariyama) will start from January 2023 with a palm-sized but stepless dimming function. We will release a new “Multi Camping Light” equipped with two modes and a “Outdoor Light” with a cologne and a cute appearance. Make your camping life more comfortable with a versatile light that can be used according to the environment!
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Product Details
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*Sequential release at dealers
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Product Name: Multi Camping Light
Features: A multi-light that supports various scenes by combining the attached parts. Equipped with a red flashing function that can be used in an emergency in addition to a white hand light with a stepless dimming function and a warm lantern mode. The removable bottom has a magnet and can be fixed to steel. It can be used repeatedly by USB charging.
[Size] About φ4.2 x H11cm (body)
[Weight] about 135g (body)
[Charging] Power supply: USB-C rechargeable/Charging time: About 3 hours [Continuous lighting time] Hand light: Approximately 5 to 55 hours / Lantern: Approximately 7 to 100 hours / Red lighting: Approximately 10 hours
[Brightness] Hand light: about 20-100 lumens / lantern: maximum about 30-150 lumens / red light: about 40 lumens
*Varies depending on usage conditions
Product page: https://montagna.co.jp/item/multi_camp_light/
* Reference retail price: ¥ 3,480 (tax included)
*Sequential release from February
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Product Name: Outdoor Light
Features: Excellent usability for camping and leisure! Can be used both hanging and standing! Cologne and cute appearance, gentle warm color light specification. You can adjust the brightness in 3 steps. remarks:
[Power supply] Uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
[Continuous lighting time]: Approximately 24/15/5 hours
(weak/medium/strong lighting)
[Brightness]: Approximately 46/88/140 lm (weak/medium/strong lighting) Product page: https://montagna.co.jp/item/outdoor_light-2/
*Reference retail price: ¥980 (tax included)
*Sequential release from January
What is Montagna
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Inquiries regarding this release
Company name: Hack Co., Ltd. Outdoor Division
Location: 5-9-10 Hishie, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 578-0984 Person in charge: Public Relations Department Tachibana
URL: https://montagna.co.jp/contact
Email: info_pr@hac72.com
▼ “Montagna” related page
Official website: https://montagna.co.jp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/montagna_enjoy_outdoor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MontagnaOutdoor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montagnaoutdoor
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrR0p-XrX4NN_itIyoxYEFQ ▼Available stores
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