Over 30 types of beer and drinks from around the world! Bread Festival Official Drink Booth Appears! Release of collaboration one-day ticket with Minatomirai Line is also decided! Lots of events “Bread Festival 2023 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick”

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Over 30 types of beer and drinks from around the world! Bread Festival Official Drink Booth Appears! Release of collaboration one-day ticket with Minatomirai Line is also decided! Lots of events “Bread Festival 2023 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick”
“Hospitality boy” Candy Boy’s special live will also be held
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Pia Corporation (President Hiroshi Yanai), which sells leisure and entertainment tickets and plans and manages various events, and Nikka Segmo Co., Ltd. (President Kuniyoshi Yasui), which operates the Pancierge Test, For three days from March 3rd (Friday) to 5th (Sunday), 2023, we will jointly hold “Bread Festival 2023 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick” at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Square. During the period, “Bread Festival Official Drink Booth served by Nippon Beer” will be open in the event area. In addition, we have decided to release a one-day ticket in collaboration with the Minatomirai Line and hold a special live performance by Candy Boy, the “hospitality boy”. We will deliver a lot of events for the 10th anniversary to be held.
Selling more than 30 types of craft beer, cocktails, smoothies, floats, etc. carefully selected from around the world
“Bread Festival Official Drink Booth served by Nippon Beer”
At the Bread Festival Official Drink Booth served by Nippon Beer, we offer a wide variety of beers and soft drinks to enjoy with your bread. We sell more than 30 types of carefully selected craft beers and cocktails from all over the world, as well as smoothies and floats that are great for women and children. The ingredients of beer are wheat and yeast, just like bread. Enjoy the perfect pairing of beer and bread.
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-Recommended pairing of bread and beer-
■ White beer
The gentle taste of white beer is also recommended for those who are resistant to the bitterness of beer. The croissants and side dish bread go well with the fruity white beer.
■ Lager beer
A lager beer with a refreshing and refreshing taste. Pairing with cheese bread and side dish bread is recommended.
■ Dark beer
The dark beer, which uses fragrant dark roasted malt, goes well with sweet bread and hard-baked bread.
■ Fruit beer
A fruit beer with a sweet aroma. We recommend enjoying it as a dessert with hard-baked bread or fruit bread.
A Lipton kitchen truck will also appear in the same booth. In addition to refreshing fruit in tea and chai tea latte using “TAZO Classic Chai Tea Latte Base”, we will prepare tea drinks that are perfect for bread. Also on sale is a flavorful original bread that uses Lipton tea and is fun to look at. Enjoy a cup of fragrant tea to your heart’s content!
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-“Lipton milk tea fragrant Hokkaido milk bread” with a rich flavor like milk tea-
Lipton tea leaves are kneaded into the dough, and milk cream made from Hokkaido milk is added to the bread. You can enjoy the rich taste as if you were eating milk tea.
-“Lipton peach tea bread wrapped in peach bean paste” with a fruity taste that looks cute-
White kneaded red bean paste mixed with Lipton peach tea powder is wrapped in peach paste, and the pink leather is covered to create a cute looking peach bread. A bread that can only be tasted here with the fruity scent of Lipton peach tea.
-“Lipton Tea Melon Bread with Tea Leaves” where you can enjoy the rich aroma of black tea-
A fragrant melon bread with Lipton tea leaves kneaded into both the dough and biscuit dough. It is an irresistible dish for bread lovers and tea lovers.
Collaboration one-day ticket with Minatomirai Line on sale!
In commemoration of the “Bread Festival 2023 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick”, we will release a collaboration one-day ticket with the Minatomirai Line.
If you show the one-day ticket with the “Bread Festival” logo at the entrance of the event venue, you will get a 200 yen discount on the first bakery area entrance fee (electronic money 600 yen / cash 700 yen)!
It will be on sale at Yokohama Station on the Minatomirai Line tomorrow, from Thursday, February 23rd (holiday) to Sunday, March 5th. Bring a collaboration one-day ticket and enjoy the bread festival at a great price!
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-Outline of one-day ticket-
Price: 460 yen for adults
Sales period: February 23 (Thursday/holiday) to March 5 (Sunday) * It will end as soon as it runs out.
Sold at: Minatomirai Line Yokohama Station
*We may put a mark on this ticket when you enter.
*The one-day ticket is valid for one day only from February 23, 2023 to August 22, 2023.
* Admission fee discount is valid only once per person per one day ticket. A total entertainment group “Candy Boy” special live set in a cafe will be held again this year!
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Candy Boy will appear at the bread festival again this year! Candy Boy is a 6-member male group that performs musical-style performances in a real cafe with the motif of a French cafe. Each member has a qualification related to cafes such as coffee, tea, bread, and sweets.
Please enjoy the performance only for this day.
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/11710/table/2572_1_fec5d5c1ecf6ece22cb822c5e0c2e596.jpg ]
Candy Boy official website https://candy-boy.jp/
*The performance may be canceled in case of rain.
“Bread Festival Award 2022” Pre-voting now open
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original sticker
[Implementation overview]
1. January 23 (Monday) to March 2 (Thursday): Voting is being accepted from the official website!
2. March 3 (Friday) to March 5 (Sunday) 14:00 Deadline:
Please vote from the QR code distributed at the bread festival 2023 spring venue *The period of 1. will be counted as 1pt, and the period of 2. will be counted as 3pt.
* Voting from multiple addresses during the same period will be counted as one vote.
In addition, those who voted at the venue will receive a bread festival original sticker!
It is a sticker designed by illustrator momo that you can only get here. *We will check the voting screen.
* First-come, first-served basis each day
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Bread Festival 2022 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick
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https://w.pia.jp/t/pannofes/ size
Body: Approx. W450 x H450 (mm) / Handle: Approx. H550mm
Material: Sheeting cotton 100
Venue-limited bread set of the super popular store “Le Petit Mec” in Kyoto “Bread Festival 2023 Spring Limited Set” released in limited quantities A bread set from Kyoto’s well-known store “Le Petit Mec”, which is known by everyone who loves bread, is now available for the first time. In addition to venue-limited Choco-Mec, which is filled with swirl-shaped couveture chocolate, pain au pomme raisin, which is a perfect balance of apples and raisins, and other popular breads. It is a 5-piece set. This time, the 25th anniversary petit cookie that has not yet been released is specially included, and the set comes in a 25th anniversary limited edition carrying bag with the Le Petit Mec logo, making it an irresistible content for bread lovers.
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https://w.pia.jp/t/pannofes/ The latest information, including event information, will be released on the “Bread Festival” official website.
Please look forward to the memorable 10th “Bread Festival” that will be delivered with a lot of special events.
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/11710/table/2572_2_e47fe2ca944958f0f3677311dcf6fdc1.jpg ]

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