Panasonic Corporation Event Report Doctor x Femtech brand entrepreneur explains mental and physical care during the cold season! “Winter Well-Being Seminar” held ~Introducing products that enhance beauty from inside and outside~

Panasonic Corporation
[Event Report] Doctor x Femtech Brand Entrepreneur Explains Mental and Physical Care in Cold Season! “Winter Well-Being Seminar” held ~Introducing products that enhance beauty from inside and outside~
Panasonic Corporation held a “Winter Well-Being Seminar” for the media on Friday, January 27th.
After the cold weather, it is a time when physical and mental fatigue tends to build up, such as extreme temperature differences and full-scale work after the end of the year-end and New Year holidays. Therefore, in this seminar, Ms. Nina Ishihara, Deputy Director of Ishihara Clinic, will explain about “winter mental and physical care”, and Ms. Rina Ishii, CEO of BLAST Co., Ltd., which develops the femtech brand “Nagi”. As a guest, a talk session was held to ask how to spend relaxing time to enhance work and private life while busy.
At the venue, Panasonic’s face care products such as “Steamer NanoCare” and “Vitalift Kassa” were introduced in a touch-and-try format, as well as juice tastings that appeared in the talk session, an introduction to the “low-speed juicer”, and more.
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Contents of “Winter Well-Being Seminar”
◇Doctor’s commentary “About discomfort and care unique to winter” In the first part of the seminar, Ms. Nina Ishihara, deputy director of the Ishihara Clinic, which conducts internal medicine, explained “winter mental and physical care”.
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Dr. Ishihara mentions, “Many people suffer from skin and body problems in winter, and their minds become dull.” Due to the dryness and low temperatures in winter, energy metabolism is about 10% higher than in summer, so vitamin B and vitamin C, which are involved in metabolism, tend to be deficient. As a result, physical disorders such as sluggishness, insomnia, stiff shoulders, headaches, and constipation are likely to occur, and antidepressant tendencies are related to temperature and sunlight hours, so it is easy to feel depressed during the cold season.
“It is important to be conscious of ‘refining beauty from the inside and outside and raising the mind as well’ in the winter when you are worried about your physical condition,” he warned.
As for mental and physical care, 1. add vitamins to meals, 2. add moisture to dry skin, train facial muscles to release mask life, 3. moderate exercise, 4. We recommended taking a relaxing time. ◇Femtech brand entrepreneur talks about “The secret to fulfilling work and private life! How to spend relaxing time”
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Next, in a talk session, Ms. Rina Ishii, CEO of BLAST Co., Ltd., which develops the femtech brand “Nagi” that handles sanitary products, was the guest, and talked about how to spend relaxing time to enhance both work and private life. I talked with Mr. Ishihara.
Mr. Ishii says that no matter how busy he is in his busy days, as a way to relieve stress, “Because I tend to worry, I immerse myself in watching videos after work and am conscious of not thinking too much. I usually just take a shower in the morning, but in the winter I try to soak in the bath slowly at night. I was told how I’m making a habit of it. For this, Mr. Ishihara also gave a compliment! “You can continue to do what you’re already doing, but if you take a break from your smartphone before going to bed and use indirect lighting, you’ll be able to take care of your mind and body more slowly!” . In addition, Dr. Ishihara himself showed a surprising daily routine, saying, “After the clinic, I run 5 kilometers every day, and then I enter the sauna at a nearby public bath.” “There are days when I am tired and don’t want to run, but I have experienced many times that running makes me feel refreshed physically and mentally, so in the end I will go running.” We were able to hear the secrets of Dr. Ishihara, who is active, and the talk session was lively.
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Doctor Ishihara Clinic Deputy Director Dr. Nina Ishihara
1980 Born in Nagasaki City. After spending his childhood in
Switzerland, he grew up in the lush green environment of Izu after returning to Japan.
From the time he was a medical student, he visited the Gerson Hospital in Mexico, the Naturopathy Department of the Municipal Hospital in Munich, and the Bristol Cancer Help Center in the UK with his father Yumi Ishihara, who was a doctor of medicine, and nurtured the basics of natural medicine. .
Currently, while providing medical care centered on herbal medicine prescriptions at the clinic run by his father, he also actively participates in TV and radio appearances, writing, and giving lectures. Efforts are being made to spread the effects of promotion. As a mother of two children and as a woman, she has a good reputation for giving advice.
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BLAST Inc. CEO Rina Ishii
Joined an IT advertising agency as a new graduate and engaged in digital marketing support for companies. Founded BLAST Inc. in 2018. Launched and operated femtech brand “Nagi” and empowerment media “BLAST”. In 2019, he won the “Forbes 30 Under 30” influencer category, which recognizes 30 people under the age of 30 who have the vision and talent to represent Japan.
In the second part, in addition to making the juice that was a hot topic in the talk session with a low-speed juicer, a concept room was prepared in the venue, where each person’s desired beauty was refined with the power of technology and science, and it was a relaxing time. We conducted a touch and try of face care products that can also be used.
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This seminar was held at “HOTEL K5” in Nihonbashi Kabutocho. Since the Meiji period, Nihonbashi Kabutocho was home to Eiichi Shibusawa’s mansion and was the first bank and stock exchange in Japan to open. It is a land with a geographical history as The hotel was renovated to take advantage of the dignified and majestic atmosphere of a historic building completed in 1923, and was inspired by the nature itself scattered throughout Tokyo under the theme of “coexistence with nature in the city.” The concept is timeless design.
Panasonic products that enhance beauty from the inside out
 Panasonic develops products that enhance beauty from the inside out. 《Low speed juicer MJ-L600》
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Nutritious cold-pressed juice, strained juice, and frozen sweets all in one! You can enjoy three different textures: smooth cold-pressed juice, coarsely-brewed juice, and frozen juice. A low-speed
compression squeezing method is used, and the squeezing is done slowly and carefully at a low speed of 45 rpm*1. A delicious morning routine that supports beauty from the inside out.
Product URL: *1: According to our research. Depends on variety, season and freshness. 《Steamer Nanocare EH-SA70》
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The popular steamer nano care is equipped with aroma and light functions. Nano size dense double steam x skin care with your favorite aroma and light. Every time you use it, it will improve your skin with increased moisture, leading to various skin effects such as firmness and texture. You can use it properly according to your purpose such as moisturizing and deep cleansing. In a luxurious relaxing time, relax your mood and condition your skin.
Product URL: 《Lift Care Facial Device*2 Vitalift Kassa EH-SP85》
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Efficient training of facial muscles with our proprietary dual dynamic EMS*3. This is a product that allows you to approach the complex muscles that create facial expressions, which are difficult to train by yourself, in order to free you from the long-lasting mask life. It can also be used in the bath, so it is also recommended for slow care during bath time.
Product URL: *2: Move to pull up
*3: Transmitting electrical stimulation to muscles to cause them to contract. 《Eye Esthetic EH-SW68》
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Equipped with a high temperature setting of about 42 ° C. Moisturize and refresh your hard-working eyes with a gentle hot steam. You can choose from 3 courses according to your usage scene, and if you attach an aroma tablet (sold separately), you can enjoy a relaxing time with an aroma.
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