Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. Released white paper “Easily Linking Salesforce and Core Systems”

Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Released the white paper “Easily linking Salesforce with core systems” For those in charge of systems who want to easily implement data linkage, download recommended useful materials for free

Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. has released a white paper explaining the know-how that makes it easier to link Salesforce and core systems.
▼ Click here for the white paper “Easy collaboration between Salesforce and core systems” [Image Content introduction
There are actually multiple types of data linkage, and it is important to select the data linkage that is suitable for your company. There is a way to efficiently link the customer information held in the core system to Salesforce. even necessary
Let’s solve problems such as mistakes due to manual input of information and create an environment that is easy for users to use. [1] Benefits of connecting core systems and Salesforce
[2] Comparison of means to connect with Salesforce
[3] What is a data linkage tool?
[4] Features of the Salesforce adapter
[5] Issues and effects of introducing companies
About Panasonic Information Systems
Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. is an IT “service” company that delivers high value-added systems and services to a wide range of customers, including those in the manufacturing industry.
As the core IT company of the Panasonic Group, we support its global business development with various business systems. In addition, as an IT business company, we provide total solutions to customers outside the Panasonic Group by leveraging the experience and know-how we have cultivated during this process.
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