Pioneer Corporation Exhibiting Vehicle Assist at the 5th Nagoya General Affairs Service EXPO

Pioneer Corporation
Exhibited Vehicle Assist at the 5th [Nagoya] General Affairs Service EXPO – Improving the efficiency of operations such as vehicle management, safe driving guidance, and alcohol checks –

February 7, 2023
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Pioneer Corporation will exhibit at the “5th [Nagoya] General Affairs Service EXPO” to be held at Port Messe Nagoya for three days from February 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2023.
This event is an exhibition where products and services for improving the efficiency of general affairs work, such as general affairs BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), office supplies / IT equipment, and vehicle management, will be exhibited under one roof.
At the Pioneer booth, in addition to safe driving support for drivers, the cloud-based operation management service “Vehicle Assist” supports operational efficiency of operation managers and drivers, and reduces the burden of management work, which has increased due to mandatory alcohol checks. Optional service “Three Zero for Vehicle Assist” will be exhibited. In addition, a mini seminar on the operation of alcohol checks will be held in the booth.
-5th [Nagoya] General Affairs Service EXPO-
Date: February 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2023 10:00 to 17:00 Venue: Port Messe Nagoya New Exhibition Hall 1 (Pioneer booth number: 4-6) Official website: [Cloud-based operation management service “Vehicle Assist”]
A cloud-based operation management service that has a track record of introduction to more than 1,000 companies with a lineup of
communication-type drive recorders and car navigation devices. It realizes advanced operation management and support and operational efficiency with simple operation, such as vehicle dynamics management, notification and analysis of dangerous driving, automation of safe driving guidance, and automatic creation of operation courses, daily reports, and business reports. As an optional service, we also offer “Three Zero for Vehicle Assist,” which is compatible with various breathalyzers and streamlines overall vehicle management operations, including alcohol checks.
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