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Plaid SmartHR, the No. 1 market share (*1) cloud personnel management software, introduced KARTE Signals

SmartHR, the cloud-based personnel and labor management software with the No. 1 market share (*1), introduced KARTE Signals
The latest lead status information is automatically linked to advertising media to reduce man-hours and improve the acquisition of prospective customers with high affinity.

Plaid Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: Kenta Kurahashi, CEO) announced that “KARTE Signals”, which optimizes ad distribution by utilizing first-party customer data, has become SmartHR Co., Ltd. (Tokyo). Minato-ku: We are pleased to announce that it has been introduced into the No. 1 share (* 1) cloud personnel labor software “SmartHR” operated by CEO Masato Serizawa.
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SmartHR introduced the CX (customer experience) platform “KARTE” in 2018, and it is mainly used in the area of ​​customer success for client companies. KARTE understands customers and develops measures based on it, such as promoting self-onboarding and introducing new functions.
In order to expand the use of first party customer data analyzed by KARTE to the marketing field, we decided to introduce KARTE Signals. Through the use of KARTE Signals, SmartHR aims to realize a consistent customer experience not only within the service but also inside and outside the service, and to optimize the delivery of advertisements to prospective customers who are highly compatible with SmartHR. *1: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mick Economic Research Institute, “HRTech Cloud Market Status and Outlook 2021,” Labor Management Cloud Market Share Utilization and performance of KARTE Signals in SmartHR marketing In SmartHR, in order to acquire leads from prospective customers who are highly compatible with our company’s services through digital advertising, similar delivery (*2) was performed based on online behavioral information such as document requests and inquiries. , had issues with its targeting accuracy.
In addition, although it was assumed that offline behavior information (lead status information) managed by marketing automation (MA) tools would be linked to advertising media on a regular basis and used for distribution, manual handling required man-hours to process and link data. I was also worried about getting caught.
In response to these challenges, SmartHR integrates MA tools and KARTE to build an environment that can distinguish between existing customers and new customers by lead status, create a customer list by lead status with KARTE Signals, and use multiple advertising media. We are automating the connection to It is now possible to exclude existing customers and prospective customers who have already acquired leads in digital advertising targeting, and achieve similar delivery of prospective customers with high affinity without spending man-hours.
[Image 2d10620-241-76cb21e92284293fb156-1.png&s3=10620-241-325e17604ff6d64b437fca4d575fc418-876x670.png
By utilizing KARTE Signals, CVR for acquiring prospective customers with high affinity improved by 9.9% and CPA by -18.3% compared to similar distribution of online behavioral information that had been implemented so far (*3). By excluding existing customers and potential customers who have already acquired leads, we have also contributed to reducing advertising costs.
*2: Based on past conversion user data and customer information owned by the company, new users similar to the target demographic are searched for in any advertising medium and advertisements are distributed.
*3: Survey period: January 1, 2023 to January 31, 2023
Comment from Chiharu Araki, Lead Generation Digital Unit, Marketing Group, SmartHR Co., Ltd.
From February 2023, we have moved programmatic advertising in-house. We have been using KARTE for a long time, so we introduced KARTE Signals because we needed to improve not only the results of advertising but also the efficiency of our operations.
In my department, we track MQL (*4) and SQL (*5) as KPIs. and SQL can now be acquired. Especially with display ads, it’s quite difficult to acquire SQL, but by distributing to similar users of MQL and SQL, we are able to acquire more SQL, so I’m glad we introduced it.
In addition to targeting for ad distribution, KARTE Signals also has a conversion completion function and a function to improve the optimization accuracy of automatic bidding, so I am making full use of them.
*4: MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) is a prospective customer with a high affinity acquired through marketing activities.
*5: SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) is a prospective customer who has reached business negotiations.
About the CX platform “KARTE”
“KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and apps in real time, visualizes each customer, and realizes free communication tailored to each individual customer. The service started in March 2015. It has high scalability and can be used not only on-site but also in various scenes to meet marketing issues and needs. KARTE enables an
overwhelming understanding of customers by integrating and analyzing all kinds of data on an individual customer basis, and improves the experience value (CX) for end users.
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