Please tell us the skin diagnosis app you use. 1st place “Hada Pasha”!

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-Survey results-What skin diagnosis app do you use?
research report

The beauty review site “mellow-mellow-” ( operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. by 18 women in their 20s to 50s is for people over the age of 18 all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey asking, “Please tell us which skin diagnosis app you use.” We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (teens: 5, 20s: 65, 30s: 77, 40s: 37, 50s: 16, 60s and over: 0)
Investigator: ARINA Co., Ltd., mellow
Survey period: January 10, 2022
Survey report:
Announcement date: February 10, 2023
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Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey asking “Please tell me which skin diagnosis app you use”, the first place was “Hada Pasha”. [Image 2

1st place: Skin Pasha
・It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand app.
・I’m using it because my wife recommends that I want to stay young forever. ・I use Shiseido’s mail order site to purchase products, so I know about Hada Pasha through that site and use it.
・It was easy to use.
・Because naming is easy.
2nd place: YouCam makeup
・I use it because my friend is doing it and it was recommended. ・Because it is accurate.
・Because it came out first in the app store.
3rd place: Lemon8
・Originally, I used the lemon8 app and did a skin diagnosis from there. I wrote about my skin type in detail, and it was very helpful as to what kind of makeup I should apply.
・Because the design is cute and it is easy to understand how to use it. ・I’m used to it.
・When you watch TikTok, you will see the most advertisements. ・I used to use the app to know clothes and the latest information, but I learned that it has a skin diagnosis function and used it. Because I don’t have confidence in my skin, I decided that the clothes I wanted wouldn’t suit me. After doing a skin diagnosis, I learned a lot from the detailed explanations of skin quality and skin color, as well as what kind of skin care products I should use.
・Because it came out at the top in the application search column. 4th place: Other
・”ORBIS in-app menu” Because I use ORBIS cosmetics, it was in the app when I downloaded it to earn points.
“I have never used it. I have never used it, so I don’t know. ・”HADABON” had a large number of stars in word of mouth.
・Because I have subscribed to Shiseido’s point service and can now use this service.
・Because my previous job was an esthetician and my colleague at that time told me that it was good.
・”FANCL AI skin diagnosis” Because I use FANCL cosmetics and will tell you the recommended skin care.
5th place: Mirror
・Because it is good to be able to simulate the finish in advance. ·cheap.
– Good operability.
・It was easy to use after being taught by an acquaintance.
5th place: skin id
・I decided because it was a manufacturer I knew.
・Because I thought skin diagnosis was the most suitable.
・Simple and easy to use.
・Because I use Sofina IP.
・It was on when I registered for the cosmetics manufacturer’s line. 7th place: MIRA
・It seemed to be easy to use, and there are many interesting articles. ・Because word of mouth is good and you can find out the beauty method that suits you in 1 minute.
・I saw it being recommended on Instagram.
·user friendly. Because it’s simple.
・Because it is accurate.
8th place: viewty
・I really like the fact that viewty is different from other products in that it teaches you cosmetics that suit your skin type.
・I use it because I can easily check items such as wrinkles and pores. I am grateful that the selection of recommended items based on my skin is a reference for purchasing.
・I chose it because it was recommended on SNS and the reviews were good. ・Because I thought it would be good to have an AI that learned the opinions of professionals from Japan.
[Summary] Please tell us about the skin diagnosis app you use in this survey. The first place was “Hada Pasha”
It’s nice to be able to analyze your skin on your smartphone. You can find out what kind of skin you have and what kind of skin care you should use, so it can be a reference for your daily care. You don’t have to go to the store and have them look at it, but if you want to know more about your skin, it’s worth a try.
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