POPUP store held at LUMINE Yurakucho! Collaboration watch of “Meiji THE Chocolate” and watch brand “KAORU”

Maruzeki Co., Ltd.
POPUP store held at LUMINE Yurakucho! Collaboration watch of “Meiji THE Chocolate” and watch brand “KAORU”
Period: February 15 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday)

We will hold a collaboration watch pop-up store with the theme of “fragrance that adults will enjoy”, packed with the ideas of “Meiji THE Chocolate” that you can enjoy with your five senses and the scented watch brand “KAORU”!
[Image 1d103838-18-5760e12d5af2767ea66a-8.jpg&s3=103838-18-79452d52ba9b65d6f30fb629e6ba30f2-2000x1000.jpg
KAORU × Meiji THE Chocolate pop-up store
Place: Yurakucho LUMINE 1/1F, front entrance, event space
Period: February 15 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023 *Closed on February 20
Hours: 11:00-21:00
During the pop-up period, “Meiji THE Chocolate” will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who purchase the KAORU x Meiji THE Chocolate watch.
* Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. [Image 2d103838-18-4d21906c93a8125a03b5-1.jpg&s3=103838-18-26edb4f9d1387c4f6f76c17bc5356624-2000x1000.jpg
“KAORU” is a fashion watch that allows you to feel refreshed in your daily life, just like you can take a trip to each country where cacao of “Meiji THE Chocolate” grows.
The dial of the watch incorporates the same pattern as the chocolate bar, which has been renewed into bite-sized pieces, to express the joy of eating and the cuteness of chocolate itself.
Please enjoy the scent inspired by four different cacao flavors: nutty, fruity, floral, and spicy.
Click here for details → https://kaoru.watch/meijithechocolate/ KAORU x Meiji THE Chocolate Watch

[Image 3d103838-18-691301af10f43c2f57e5-5.jpg&s3=103838-18-e6f2f8dbe2da6d03c7f535b830bb5e37-2800x1867.jpg
Venezuela Nutty scent
[Image 4d103838-18-52d9728d63e9d8a70003-3.jpg&s3=103838-18-d0c51e75253e640766bf97f954b518ef-2800x1867.jpg
Brazil fruity fragrance
[Image 5d103838-18-3bed21aafe3091254485-2.jpg&s3=103838-18-9bfb4d0d26cfff914559dda0fc3a5442-2800x1867.jpg
Peruvian floral scent
[Image 6d103838-18-4343ecc1ff56bedb76dc-4.jpg&s3=103838-18-d1718ec8235d2d0dd5f4eb8e479f0d4a-2800x1867.jpg
Dominican Republic Spicy scent
Venezuela Nutty scent
Brazil fruity fragrance
Peruvian floral scent
Dominican Republic Spicy scent
6,600 yen each (tax included)
Meiji THE Chocolate
It is a chocolate that allows you to enjoy four different flavors depending on the production area of ​​the cocoa beans, and is a product that is particular about the manufacturing process that matches the cacao beans of each production area, such as the fermentation method developed by Meiji, the selection of beans, and the roasting method. Nutty from Venezuela, fruity from Brazil, floral from Peru, and spicy from the Dominican Republic. In conjunction with the cocoa farmer support activity “Meiji Cacao Support,” which began in 2006, we are using* “Meiji Sustainable Cacao Beans” produced in the four countries we are supporting. “Meiji THE Chocolate” is not only delicious, but also aims for “sustainable circulation” that makes everyone involved with cacao smile. Please enjoy the unique flavor of cacao at “Meiji THE Chocolate”.
*Meiji Sustainable Cocoa Beans are cacao beans produced in areas where farmers are supported.
Meiji sustainable cacao beans from each production area are used for cacao mass. [Image 7d103838-18-c290520bb72a251e90e6-6.jpg&s3=103838-18-29214c7e620560442daf9de1fdd27300-1950x520.jpg

[Image 8d103838-18-d45409c40f5b6bb24c42-7.jpg&s3=103838-18-0b529e4ecfc820ab4588fc7e2265de9f-2000x949.jpg
With the theme of Japanese scents and sweet scents, this wristwatch has a gentle and soft scent that evokes nostalgia and memories. It is a brand that spreads Japanese manufacturing technology and ideas, new watch styles and ways to enjoy them both domestically and internationally.
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