Portopia Hotel ‘Opening Commemorative Fair’ to express gratitude for the 42nd anniversary of its opening

Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd.
Portopia Hotel ‘Opening Commemorative Fair’ to express gratitude for the 42nd anniversary of its opening

Kobe Portopia Hotel will hold the “Opening Commemorative Lunch Fair” from March 1st (Wednesday) to May 2nd (Tuesday), 2023, to express our gratitude for the 42nd anniversary of the opening of the Portopia Hotel. At the 9 stores in the building, we will prepare a special menu with gratitude.
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Kobe Portopia Hotel (Chuo-ku, Kobe, General Manager Tsuyoshi Ito) will hold the “Opening Commemorative Lunch Fair” from March 1st (Wednesday) to May 2nd (Tuesday), 2023. We will deliver a special menu with gratitude for your daily patronage. Kobe Portopia Hotel will celebrate its 42nd anniversary in March 2023. The chefs of the 9 restaurants in the hotel use spring ingredients to create elaborate menus that are suitable for celebrations. Please enjoy our hearty dishes along with the breath of spring.
Details are below.
■Fair name: “Opening Memorial Thanksgiving Fair Lunch”
■Period; March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to May 2, 2023 (Tuesday)
[4,200 yen lunch course] All 7 stores
・Main building 31F French restaurant Trantean
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A special course full of seasonal flavors with a choice of main dishes A value course with colorful seasonal ingredients. The appetizer is “marinated smoked sea bream” with cherry blossom-flavored lemon dressing. For the main dish, you can choose from the [Seasonal Fish and Shellfish Poche with Sea Urchin Butter Sauce], which is full of the deliciousness of seafood, or the [Duck Confit and Colorful Potato Parmentier], where you can enjoy the deliciousness of duck. please. ・Main building 29F Chinese restaurant Shukeien
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Popular spring outfits such as dim sum, sakura sea bream and shark fin! A great value Chinese course in full spring. Following the
Chinese-style carpaccio of cherry blossom sea bream with plenty of spring vegetables, three popular dim sums of xiao long bao, Awaji onion shumai, and steamed shrimp gyoza dumplings will appear in a spring outfit. Please look forward to the light and elegant shark’s fin and yellow chive soup with hard shellfish, stewed pork belly with skin, and fried rice with squid nails.
・Main Building 2F Teppanyaki Tajima
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Steak burger lunch overwhelmed by power and taste
Main is 180g Angus beef rib steak burger. The firm texture of the meat combined with fresh vegetables such as avocado and tomato, and the soft buns made by the hotel make for an impactful taste. Lyon-style salad with grilled vegetables and fresh-squeezed orange juice as a sign of gratitude are also included in this lunch course that is sure to satisfy.
・Main Building 1F Oden Kyowada
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Oden filled with the tastes of spring in auspicious items
Appetizers include abalone, a lucky charm for longevity, which is the original form of Noshi. Softly cooked with the shop’s specialty oden, along with rape blossoms and small sweet potatoes. Thin sashimi of sea bream with a refreshing homemade ponzu sauce. The specialty oden is full of spring ingredients such as tilefish, sprouts, bamboo shoots, and butterbur. Please enjoy the concentration of rich flavors that are carefully cooked for each ingredient with a focus on texture and aroma.
・South Building 4F Japanese Cuisine Kobe Tamura
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At a reasonable price, you can enjoy gorgeous vermilion sake cups and sea bream shabu-shabu.
Lunch course with gratitude. First of all, 5 kinds of rich flavors that the store is proud of, such as seasonal fish sashimi, roast beef, and deep-fried sweet shrimp, are served in a glossy red cup. The main dish is “Kotobuki sea bream shabu-shabu” with homemade ponzu sauce and sesame sauce. Please enjoy the elegant taste of sea bream caught in the nearby sea. Enjoy a lunch set that is pleasing to the eyes, tongue, and pocket, with sea bream minced rice and black honey soybean flour warabi mochi.
・South Building 4F Sushi Sushiman
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The popular set of nigiri, pressed sushi, and rice bowl is back! The bargain menu, which was popular at last year’s fair, comes back with seasonal fish nigiri, Sushiman’s specialty pressed sushi, and mini bowls! There are five types of hand-rolled sushi such as fatty tuna and sea bream, two types of pressed sushi: mackerel “Iso-maki” and boiled conger eel “Anako-sushi”, and a mini salmon roe bowl. Take this opportunity to enjoy a value-for-money taste that comes with seasonal small bowls and desserts.
・South Building 4F Kobe Kushiage SAKU
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Highly creative kushiage and dishes with spring arrangements The main skewers include Ezo abalone with liver sauce, Kobe pork rape rolls, Domyoji-steamed tilefish, and sea bream pickled in Shaoxing sake. All of them will captivate you with highly creative tastes that bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients. Please also pay attention to spring-like items such as roast beef with strawberry dressing and red and white tofu with cherry blossom jelly.
Main Building 2F Dining Cafe SOCO
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A popular western dish with the scent of spring
Thank you fair lunch
Minatojima hamburger, Minatojima cream croquette
3,000 yen each (*weekdays only)
*Served with salad, soup, rice or bread, and coffee

・Main Building 30F Sky Grill Buffet GOCOCU
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