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Re.make Co., Ltd. New common sense of recruitment support “meta recruitment” business, start on February 7 , 2023

Re.make Co., Ltd.
New common sense of recruitment support “meta recruitment” business, start on February 7, 2023
We will hold a seminar on the possibility of new employment created by Metaverse x recruitment!

On February 7, 2023, today, in its second term, Re.make Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Shota Ikejiri), which operates a recruitment support business, will start a “meta-recruitment” business and create a new common sense of recruitment.

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What is meta recruitment
We will start to create a new common sense of new recruitment with the coined word “metaverse x recruitment”. *Trademark acquired
We will remake (re-create) a new form of recruitment, which is a matter of course in recent hiring, “recruiting good people = having to pay high costs”.
What You Can Do with Meta Hiring
From competition to cooperation.
We will realize a new recruitment method in which recruitment activities that were done by each company are conducted in team battles.
・We will shift recruitment from individual competition to team competition by involving other companies as a team rather than doing the population formation in recruitment only by our company. ・From the new common sense of WEB3, we will achieve unprecedented recognition acquisition and create opportunities to meet candidates who have not met before.
・ We will build a new platform where you can consult with HR colleagues who have experienced in the past, which was a matter of course for recruitment consultations at a professional recruitment support company.
・We will establish a mechanism that enables easy information exchange at any time by using a 2D virtual space.
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Briefing session
We will explain the possibility of meta adoption in the following schedule. ・First time: Thursday, February 9, 18:00-19:00
・Second time: February 27 (Monday) 19:00-20:00
*We plan to have a 30-minute explanation, and then have time to actually enjoy the virtual space.
For more information
Please feel free to contact us.
Company Profile
Company name: Re.make Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shota Ikejiri
Established: February 2022
Headquarters: Asahi Plaza Umeda 2F, 4-11 Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Fukuoka branch office: 3-27-25 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City 2nd Okabe Building 8F
Business description:
・Job advertisement business
・ Recruitment agency business
・Employment branding business
Company website:
Meta recruitment:
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