Realize cashless by retrofitting a dedicated IoT terminal to the washing machine! “AdvaNceD IoT cashless for laundromat” can now be introduced more easily and inexpensively

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Realize cashless by retrofitting a dedicated IoT terminal to the washing machine! “AdvaNceD IoT cashless for laundromat” can now be introduced more easily and inexpensively

“AdvaNceD IoT cashless for laundromat” developed and sold by Device Agency Co., Ltd. (location: Nishi-ku, Osaka) has become easier to introduce. The equipment required for introduction is only a dedicated IoT terminal, and simply retrofitting it to an existing washing machine will complete the cashless transition. Coin laundry users scan the QR code displayed on each washing machine with their smartphone to select a course and make an online payment.
What is “AdvaNceD IoT Cashless for Laundromat”?
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・Introduce cashless payment to increase the added value of laundromats AdvaNceD IoT Cashless for Laundromat is a system dedicated to laundromats that allows cashless payments to be introduced simply by retrofitting a dedicated IoT terminal to currently installed washing machines and dryers.
All payments are made online, so you can operate unattended. We also accept cash as usual.
By improving convenience for users, we can aim to increase the frequency of visits, and we can also retain customers by introducing a membership point function and distributing campaigns.
・Convenient functions useful for operating a laundromat
In addition to introducing a membership system in conjunction with LINE official accounts, customer information can be checked in a list, and it is also possible to control entry to rooms such as women-only spaces in conjunction with electronic locks. All devices are connected online, so you can check sales management and operating status anytime, anywhere from the management screen.
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All operations can now be performed from the user’s smartphone Until now, “AdvaNceD IoT Cashless for Laundromat” required the installation of a dedicated KIOSK housing in addition to a dedicated IoT terminal, but from this time, it is now possible to use it simply by installing a dedicated IoT terminal.
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*As before, it is also possible to install a dedicated KIOSK cabinet and use it. Until now, you have operated a dedicated KIOSK cabinet to select a course, and finally read the QR code displayed on the tablet in the cabinet to make a payment. With this renewal, the QR code displayed for each washing machine is read with a smartphone, and the course selection and payment are made according to the guidance displayed on the smartphone screen.
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Not only does it have the advantage of reducing initial costs and monthly costs for stores, but it also makes it easier for customers who use laundromats to use their smartphones, as they can perform all operations from course selection to payment on their smartphones. I was.
▼ “AdvaNceD IoT cashless for laundromat” product site
Going cashless at a much lower price than replacing equipment that supports online payments
Normally, if you replace a washing machine with online payment, you will need several million yen or more for the initial cost including the payment terminal, but “AdvaNceD IoT Cashless for Laundromat” You can use the equipment as it is, so there is no need to replace or dispose of the existing equipment.
In addition, the initial cost is only 600,000 yen (excluding tax) for the initial setup registration fee and 80,000 yen (excluding tax) for the IoT terminal registration fee (x number of devices) according to the number of washing machines. Recommended for stores that have not been online. *Additional costs will be incurred when installing a KIOSK cabinet (see the price list below.)
◎Rental fee for IoT terminal and KIOSK cabinet is 100 yen/unit (excluding tax) for the first 500 people.
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*Usage charges are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.
▼With our Anshin Maintenance Service, we will replace or repair product failures (including travel expenses) free of charge, excluding customer negligence.
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▼ “AdvaNceD IoT cashless for laundromat” product site
◎ Please feel free to contact the following for “AdvaNceD IoT cashless for coin laundry”.
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