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Recruitment of advance users for subsidy support AI using artificial intelligence model GPT has started! Cat-typ e subsidy support AI “Zuba Nyan (β)” started via LINE chat

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Recruitment of advance users for subsidy support AI using artificial intelligence model GPT has started! Cat-type subsidy support AI “Zuba Nyan (β)” started via LINE chat
Equipped with OpenAI’s artificial intelligence model GPT, the subsidy question answer service “Solution Zubatto” powered up as a LINE chat
Solution Zuba started recruiting pre-users of the cat-type subsidy support AI “Zuba Nyan (β)” using chat AI from February 23 (Wednesday). The first step is to support business restructuring subsidies. We are looking for advanced users who can test the three functions of judging the possibility of adopting a business plan, giving advice for adoption, and proposing new businesses using subsidies from existing businesses. The service is provided as a LINE chat type, and you can receive subsidy application support using AI from your smartphone or computer.
The first step corresponds to the business restructuring subsidy [1] Judging the possibility of adopting the business plan Electronic application for the business restructuring subsidy, the outline actually required [subsidized business plan (about 100 characters)] AI assistant (β) advises the possibility of adoption when inputting. You can check whether your business plan is suitable for the screening requirements.
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[2] Proposals and advice for adoption When you enter the outline of the business plan, this function advises you on the elements that are missing and the content that should be added for adoption. Recommended for those who are not confident in their business plans, and those who want to further strengthen their business plans.
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[3] Function to propose new businesses from existing businesses This is a recommended function for those who want to use subsidies but do not know what kind of new business to do. If you enter the outline of an existing business, it will propose three new business proposals that can utilize subsidies.
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[How to apply for early users] As of today, we will provide this tool to early users who can cooperate in development. If you would like to use the service, please apply using the form below. Application form: Application deadline: March 10, 2023 (Friday) 23:59
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About subsidy support AI assistant “Zuba Nyan (β)” Subsidy support AI assistant “Zuba Nyan (β)” is a chatbot released by OpenAI in November 2022 ChatGPT is a language model of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family and has been transfer-learned with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. It was released as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and is attracting attention because it can generate detailed answers to questions in a wide range of fields. This tool, which utilizes GPT, provides a wide range of support for applying for subsidies using AI from your smartphone or computer by providing it via LINE chat. We have started consultations and free interviews for [government offices and local governments] about “approach and examination of subsidies after AI development”. Based on the knowledge cultivated in the development process of subsidy support AI, we provide free
consultation and advice on creating subsidy and subsidy mechanisms and system design that will surely be required to respond to AI in the future. Please contact us separately.
Details about this release:

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