Released “Discoveries Digital Academy”, an all-round educational service from Microsoft 365 utilization to citizen development for the development of digital human resources

Discoveries Co., Ltd.
Released “Discoveries Digital Academy”, an all-round educational service from Microsoft 365 utilization to citizen development for the development of digital human resources
-Activate citizen development with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, promote the development of digital human resources who can solve on-site issues and improve digital maturity-

Discoveries Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Shimada, hereinafter “Discoveries”) is an omnidirectional training service that aims to develop digital human resources and strengthen reskilling, “Discoveries Digital Academy” (hereinafter “Digital Academy) will be available from February 1, 2023.
In October 2022, in order to promote DX and strengthen reskilling (re-learning), the government announced new comprehensive economic measures, such as expanding the package of “1 trillion yen in 5 years” as an investment policy for people. rice field.
In this way, compared to other countries in the world, Japan lags far behind other countries in areas such as “cultivating digital human resources,” “promoting DX in the world,” and “improving the DX literacy of each and every citizen.” I’m here.
At DISCOVERIES, we use digital tools that are useful for improving productivity, such as Microsoft 365 and the low-code app Power Platform, which are used on a daily basis, to develop digital human resources who can solve on-site issues and improve digital maturity. We have developed a service menu for “DISCOVERIES DIGITAL ACADEMY” as an omnidirectional training service.
What is DISCOVERIES Digital Academy?
An all-round training service provided by Discoveries to improve the digital maturity of employees.
We provide support for developing digital human resources and increasing the digital maturity of the entire company through various content that we provide according to customer needs.
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Service content and features
Monthly subscription format that includes articles that explain how to use Microsoft 365 products such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook in an easy-to-understand manner, tips videos that introduce how to use them immediately, and group training academies that can be taken online. can be serviced by
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[Specific service contents]
・ Providing tips videos and tips articles for Microsoft 365 products ・ Online participation in group training (live distribution) ・ On-demand viewing of collective training
・ Browsing training materials
・ Q&A (How to use Microsoft 365 services and functions)
・ Programs that support citizen development through low-coding, such as Microsoft Power Platform
As an option, the standard plan can be customized and added, such as hands-on training exclusively for contracted companies and the construction and operation of internal sites. We will provide it to you.
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Customer Success Stories Initiatives at a Leading Company -Kirin Business System Co., Ltd.-
“It has been very well received and the total number of real-time participants has exceeded 3,400.”
An online course is held once a month to introduce how to use Microsoft 365 and tips for using it in business. We have improved ICT literacy, which we felt was an issue, and are making steady progress toward achieving our management plan goals.
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Communities Connected by DISCOVERIES Digital Academy
Guests with a Standard or higher plan can participate in the online community provided by DISCOVERIES. We provide a place where users of contracted companies can interact with each other with peace of mind, and where participating companies can help each other on themes of interest, come up with ideas on how to use them, and exchange best practices.
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Discoveries engauge with Digital Academy content
Endorsement from Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Partner Business Headquarters ISV Business Management Headquarters General Manager ISV Partner Headquarters Yutaka Shimizu
We sincerely welcome the release of “DISCOVERIES Digital Academy” by DISCOVERIES, Inc.
Discoveries Co., Ltd. has been highly evaluated for its citizen development support using Power Platform, which realizes low-code application development, and consulting to increase productivity using Microsoft 365. We are confident that this service release will be a clue to solve the common problem of digital human resource development faced by companies aiming for DX. Going forward, Microsoft Japan will continue to contribute to the promotion of customers’ digital transformation through strong collaboration with Discoveries Co., Ltd. Various links
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With the mission of “creating a world where all working people can bring about innovation”, we will redesign organizational communication and collaboration, and realize DX (Digital Transformation) aimed at organizational transformation that facilitates the creation of new value (= innovation). We provide cloud services and consulting services for
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