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Sawako Fujima will appear in the late 2023 TV novel “Boogie Woogie”! ! Selected to play the role of Taiko, Suzuko’s best friend played by Shuri! “I want to draw powerfully”

It has been decided that actor Sawako Fujima (28) will play the role of Taiko, the best friend of Suzuko Hanada, played by the main character Shuri, in the 2023 late-period TV novel “Boogie Woogie”. [Image

This will be Fujima’s third appearance in a TV drama series, following “Hiyokko” and “Chimu Dondon.” Taiko, played by Fujima, is the daughter of a geisha from Osaka and Fukushima, and she is in the same elementary school as Suzuko. He first talked to Suzuko, who had transferred to another school, and since then, they’ve been best friends. Fujima said, “Ever since I took the audition, I was terrified and had an unfounded confidence, and I was hoping that ‘I definitely want to be involved in this work!’ I am revealing my joy. In addition, when playing Taiko, she commented enthusiastically, “I want to powerfully portray the strong women who have survived the postwar period.”
Regarding the appointment of Fujima, Toshitake Fukuoka, who is in charge of production, said, “I approached Suzuko’s childhood friend, Taiko Fujima Sawako, because I thought she would be able to express the core strength that lies within her calmness. As the role of the daughter of a geisha. , I have high expectations for the Japanese dance scene,” revealing her expectations for Taiko, who will be played by Fujima.
Sawako Fujima Appearances in serial TV novels “Hiyokko” and “Chimu Dondon” Suzuko’s childhood friend/Taiko
The daughter of a geisha from Osaka and Fukushima. The same elementary school as Suzuko. He first talked to Suzuko, who had just transferred to another school, and since then, he’s been his best friend. [Comment from Sawako Fujima]
I will be playing the role of Suzuko’s childhood friend and best friend Taiko. From the moment I received the audition, I was terrified and unfounded in my confidence, and I wanted to be involved in this production! Taiko is the exact opposite of Suzuko and has a shy personality, but she is actually a very strong and strong woman. In addition, there is also the background that the home environment is a little complicated. I want to powerfully depict the strong women who have survived the postwar period. Please look forward to it.
[On appointment / production manager Toshitake Fukuoka]
I am even more excited and excited to be able to welcome new people with unique personalities.
Suzuko’s childhood friend, Sawako Fujima, who is Taiko, approached me thinking that she would be able to express the core strength that lies within her quietness. As the daughter of a geisha, I have high expectations for the Japanese dance scene.
Around the end of the Taisho era, Suzuko Hanada, the poster girl of a small sento in downtown Osaka, is an innocent girl who loves to sing and dance. After graduating from elementary school, Suzuko began to think, “I want to make everyone smile with my singing and dancing,” and joined a new opera company in Dotonbori. Suzuko, who has been desperately practicing, will grow and stand out with her outstanding singing ability.
In 1938, Suzuko moved to Tokyo. There, he meets a popular composer, and his destiny changes greatly. Under the guidance of a composer, Suzuko became a popular singer known as the Queen of Swing.
However, when the war began, Suzuko’s situation changed completely. The song that Suzuko was singing became “enemy music”, and Suzuko’s singing and dancing on stage were strictly restricted. Furthermore, Suzuko’s younger brother goes to war. Around that time, Suzuko’s mother also died of illness.
A young man appears in front of Suzuko, who is suffering from a series of misfortunes. The two fall in love and eventually vow to marry. However, the young man’s family strongly opposes it, and the marriage does not materialize. Eventually, the war ended, and Suzuko became pregnant with a young man’s child. However, young people fall ill. The days we couldn’t see each other continued, and it was the young man’s obituary that reached Suzuko, who was pregnant. Parting without being able to meet death and not being able to get married. A few days later, Suzuko gave birth to a daughter by herself.
Suzuko sings on stage while raising her daughter alone. In the midst of this, “Tokyo Boogie Woogie” was born. Suzuko’s true value is bright, unadorned, and sings with her whole body. The song resounds in Japan, which was wounded after the war. With Suzuko’s singing voice, people all over Japan were smiling and singing and dancing. Suzuko came to be called the “Boogie Queen” and ran up the stairs to become a big star singer.
[Outline of work]
Second half of 2023 TV series 109th work “Boogie Woogie” <4K production> [Production] Shin Adachi, Tsuyoshi Sakurai
[Music] Takayuki Hattori
[Cast] Shuri, Tsuneji Mizukami, Rinko Kikuchi, Asami Mizukawa, Toshiro Yanagiba and others
[Staff] Production Supervisor: Toshitake Fukuoka, Soichi Sakurai / Producer: Kuniomi Hashizume
Director: Mitsuhiro Fukui, Wataru Suzuki, Daisuke Futami, Keima Izuminami, Makoto Bonkohara, and others
[Recording schedule] Spring 2023 crank-in scheduled
[Broadcast schedule] Scheduled to start broadcasting in the fall of 2023 [Profile of Sawako Fujima]
Debuted in 2017 with the serial TV novel “Hiyokko”. In 2018, he made his first stage appearance and starred in “Hanjin” (script: Hideki Noda, director: Norihito Nakayashiki). After that, he belonged to the theater company “Asagaya Spiders”, and has expanded his range of activities mainly on stage and video. Major appearances include the TBS Sunday theater frame “My Family”, the continuous TV novel “Chimu Dondon”, and the Fuji TV Thursday theater “silent”. Playing the role of heroine Ophelia in the Setagaya Public Theater performance “Hamlet” (directed by Mansai Nomura), which will be performed from March 6, 2023. She is also active as a Japanese dance performer, and has the name Murasaki Fujima, the third head of the Murasaki school Fujima school.
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