Resol Holdings Co., Ltd. “Suite Villa Ippekiko”, a rental villa with a hot spring with solarium specific ations using Izu stone, opened on March 3

Resol Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Suite Villa Ippekiko”, a rental villa with a hot spring with a sunroom using Izu stone, opens on March 3 -Resol Real Estate- A superb private space built on a vast site of 360 tsubo, expanding the Resol Stay business with the tailwind of demand for rental villas
Resol Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Resol Real Estate) of the Resol Group (Group Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will open “Suite Villa Izu Ippeki Lake” (Ito City, Shizuoka
Prefecture) on March 3, 2023 (Friday). To do. (Reservations will start from February 3, 2023 (Friday))
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At Resol Real Estate, we have named the style of travel that allows you to enjoy your stay with the concept of “staying like you live.” The newly opened “Suite Villa Ippeki Lake” is located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is a villa with a hot spring built on the site of The feature of this facility is a sunroom-style bathroom made of Izu stone, where you can enjoy Izu’s hot springs privately while watching the scenery of the four seasons from a spacious and open space. It is also adjacent to the “Gold Kawana Country Club”, making it ideal for golf trips.
The living and dining space, which is the center of your stay, is spacious with large windows and an atrium, so it can be used comfortably even when staying with a large number of people. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 Western style room and 2 Japanese style rooms, and can accommodate up to 14 people, so it can be used by multiple families and groups. A kotatsu (Japanese-style table) is also available in the Japanese-style room, so you can spend a warm and friendly time together.
With demand for rental villas increasing due to the tendency to avoid crowds, the spread of holidays, and workcation, Resol Real Estate proposes a one-stop system for villa owners to handle everything from opening to operation and attracting customers. We will promote the development of new villas. At the same time, we will propose new ways to spend time in villas while responding to various accommodation needs, and will continue to expand the “Resol Stay” business. Features of “Suite Villa Ippekiko Izu”
■ Living and dining
The living and dining space is a bright and spacious space with large windows in the atrium.
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The bathroom is a sunroom specification using Izu stone. You can enjoy Izu’s hot spring privately while watching the scenery from an open space.
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■ Bedroom [3 rooms]
There are 3 bedrooms, 1 Western-style room and 2 Japanese-style rooms, and can accommodate up to 14 people.
★ Bedroom (1st floor, Japanese-style room / 4 futons) (2nd floor, Western-style room / 2 single beds) (2nd floor, Japanese-style room / 8 futons)
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■ The view from the second floor
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【Equipment outline】
■Facility name: “Suite Villa Ippekiko Izu”
Location: 1417-4880 Sakihara, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
■ Transportation access
-By car-
・About 125 minutes from Tomei Expressway Tokyo IC via Odawara-Atsugi Road -By train-
・About 72 minutes from “Tokyo Station” to “Izu Kogen Station” via Tokaido Shinkansen “Atami Station”
・Alternatively, take the limited express “Safir Odoriko” to “Izu Kogen Station” (approximately 115 minutes)
・About 15 minutes by taxi from Izu Kogen Station
■Building structure: Two-story wooden structure with a straight roof Number of guest rooms: 1 building [3LDK] Up to 14 people
■ Parking: 2 cars
■Price: From 6,500 yen per person
■ Surrounding information
Lake Ippeki, Mt. Omuro, Sakura no Sato, Gold Kawana Country Club, Izu Kogen Beer Head Office,
Izu Cactus Zoological Park, Izu Granval Park, etc.
【hotel reservation】
■ Reception start date: From February 3, 2023
■ Reservation method: Resol Stay official website ▶
[About Resol Stay Business]
At Resol Real Estate, we have named the style of travel that allows you to enjoy your stay with the concept of “staying like you live.” In addition to operating our own facilities, we have partnered with owners of vacation homes that are infrequently used to provide a one-stop service from opening preparations to operation, management, and attracting guests to turn villas into hotels. We will prevent vacant homes from becoming unoccupied by monetizing the villas effectively and improve the sustainability of the villas.
Resol Stay official website (for rented villa users)
Resol Stay Owners Site (for vacation home owners)
・Resol Holdings Corporate Site
-Inquiries regarding this release-
Resol Holdings Co., Ltd. (RESOL Group) Public Relations Office / Hiroki Takahashi, Kazumasa Nagata
TEL: 03 (3342) 0331 (direct) E-mail: URL: Official Facebook ▶
[The Resol Group promotes the “Three Kinds” of friendly to people, friendly to society, and friendly to the earth. ]
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