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Ritomaru Co., Ltd. (Departure) Ritomaru Co., Ltd. takes over the business of Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin, an old folk house that boasts local cuisine, a well-known restaurant on Iki Island-Spinning the owner’s “feelings” and “dedication” , Contribution t

Ritomaru Co., Ltd. (departure)
Ritomaru Co., Ltd. takes over the business of Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin, a well-known restaurant on Iki Island and an old folk house that boasts local cuisine. contribute to
Reopened as a place where you can enjoy meals that make use of island ingredients such as Iki Island’s local cuisine “Hikiotoshi Nabe”. For the first time on the island, you can bring your dog with you, get islander card discounts, and plan with half-price hot spring tickets to attract customers from both the local area and sightseeing.
Ritomaru Co., Ltd. (Location: Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoko Okumura) is a living thing with the philosophy of “valuing what you have now and creating new value on a remote island.” We are a group that delivers smiles and excitement, and realizes the joy of living on the island. In order to revitalize Japan from the edge, we are developing resort accommodation facilities on Iki Island in Nagasaki Prefecture and Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture. This time, we will take over the business of “Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin” (Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture), a famous restaurant on Iki Island that is cherished by the owner and boasts local cuisine, and will start operation from March 1, 2023.
We operate Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin as a restaurant where you can experience life on an island rich in nature, blending in with the townscape of a remote island based on our concept while inheriting the “feelings” and “dedications” that the owner has cherished. We will brush up the whole and contribute to the regional revitalization of Iki. In commemoration of the reopening, from March 1, 2023, you can bring your dog in the store without a cage for the first time on the island, a plan with a half-price ticket for Yunokawa Onsen in the adjacent area, present an islander card, or get a discount for guests staying at ritomaru resorts. We sell plans. The store is fully equipped with free WIFI, and PC work is also possible during tea time. ■ Details of “Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin”
70 minutes by Jetfoil from Fukuoka/Hakata Port, 5 minutes by taxi from Gonoura Port. Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin is located in an area on a small hill where the officers who once supported the lord of Iki lived. It is a relaxing building with a nostalgic and warm atmosphere. The owner has a hobby of collecting antiques and antique furniture, and due to his work, he traveled around the country to display the collected items in the store, and even set up an exhibition room in the next building.
(*) Hikitooshi nabe is characterized by the soup stock that is carefully extracted from the local chicken “Iki Ajidori” over a long period of time. It is a signboard dish that repeaters from all over the country come in search of it.
[Image 1

Hikiotoshi hot pot
■ Business succession that spins thoughts and commitments
While valuing what we have now, we will create new value and seamlessly succeed the business.
The building, staff, business partners, etc. have been handed over, and the owner’s “local cuisine that makes use of local ingredients” and “antiques” that have been cherished by the owner will continue to be close to the owner’s “feelings” and “dedication”. increase. At our company, “business succession that spins thoughts and commitment” is one of the pillars of our future business, and this “Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin” will be the first project. On remote islands and across the country, there are many commercial facilities such as restaurants and lodging facilities that are soundly managed but lack successors. While drawing out the owner’s “feelings” and “stickiness” for the operation of such a commercial facility, we carefully hold repeated meetings about what to take over and to what extent. In addition to full management outsourcing, we also offer partial management outsourcing, such as reservation management, sales management, and cleaning management only. As a result, we succeeded seamlessly in the operation, and introduced management methods that create new value in the area while protecting the parts that the owner has cherished. We are willing to contribute.
[Image 2

Appearance 1
■ “Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin” store information
-A restaurant where you can enjoy the warm atmosphere of an old private house and local cuisine-
Menu (partial excerpt)
・Hikitoshi hot pot 2,600 yen
・Obanzai set meal 850 yen
・Iki beef sirloin steak set meal 3,000 yen
・Sukiyaki set meal 2,280 yen
・Hand-kneaded hamburger set meal 1,100 yen
・Saku thick pork cutlet set meal 960 yen
・Hokuhoku handmade croquette set meal 850 yen
・Nostalgic Neapolitan 800 yen
・ Burdock tempura udon 600 yen
・ Hokkori Zenzai 480 yen
・Iki ancient rice ice cream 360 yen
*Discounts are available upon presentation of the islander card. ritomaru resorts There is also a discount for staying guests. [Image 3

Obanzai set meal
■ Facility overview
Name: Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin
Location: 〒811-5136 412-1 Katahara, Gonouracho, Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture Number of seats: 33 seats
Business hours: 10:00-18:00 (L.O 17:30)
Closed: Every Thursday (open if Thursday is a holiday)
Building area: 30 square meters
Free Wi-Fi available
Access: 5 minutes by car from Gonoura Port, making it an ideal place to drop by after sightseeing.
[Image 4

inside of shop
[Accompanied by a pet dog]
You can have lunch and tea time with your pet dog, the first of its kind on Iki Island. It is a shop that fulfills the desire to casually go out with your dog and have a meal. There is also a small garden seat on the premises, so you can relax and enjoy your dog.
[Discounts on all items when presenting an islander card or staying at ritomaru resorts]
Present Iki Island’s first border remote island islander discount card, or ritomaru resorts guests will receive a discount of around 20% on all food and drink.
As a group that realizes the joy of living on the island, we hope that the islander card will be used in various commercial facilities. [Renewal open commemorative Yukawa Onsen bathing plan with half-price ticket sales start]
Sales start: From March 1, 2023
Customers who purchase food or drinks at Ajidokoro Ichishu Honjin will receive a half-price ticket for bathing in the adjacent area of ​​Yunokawa Onsen. *Valid only on the day.
If you follow the official Instagram and LINE and use the food or drinks at “Ajidokoro Ishu Honjin”, you will receive a half-price ticket for bathing in Yukawa Onsen with a LINE coupon.
■ Official Instagram
■Official LINE
■ Official TikTok
If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact the following e-mail address or LINE
■ About Iki Island ■
Iki Island has a historical background that appears in Gishiwajinden, and many ruins and ancient tombs that represent Iki and Japan remain on the island, prospering as a place of exchange and trade between Japan and East Asia. It is a charming island where you can catch a glimpse of its history. There are said to be about 1,000 shrines on the island, and the traditional kagura that has been preserved and passed down over generations is still performed at each shrine, making it an island where sacred gods reside. The tranquil countryside and barley fields spread out, reminiscent of the original scenery of Japan, and the beautiful ocean views that can be seen from various parts of the island soothe the hearts of visitors. There are many agricultural products, marine products, and processed products that have been preserved by the people living on the island, including fresh vegetables, seafood such as sea urchin and abalone, Iki beef, and Iki shochu, which has been designated as a geographical
indication. It is a self-sufficient island where you can enjoy delicious food such as
■ Access to Iki Island ■
Iki Island is a convenient island that can be accessed from various directions such as Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Saga.
30 minutes by plane from Nagasaki Airport (Oriental Air Bridge) 70 minutes by high-speed boat from Fukuoka Hakata Port, 2 hours 20 minutes by ferry (Kyushu Yusen)
1 hour and 40 minutes by ferry from Saga Karatsu East Port (Kyushu Yusen) – Our company Ritomaru Co., Ltd. | About leaving –
Ritomaru Co., Ltd. | Rihuku is a group that creates new value on remote islands, valuing existing things and creating new value on remote islands. We are a group that brings smiles and excitement to living things and realizes the joy of living on the island. We will revitalize Japan from the edge.
Company name: Ritomaru Co., Ltd. |
Representative: Hiroyuki Okumura, President and Representative Director Established: November 27, 2020
Location: 26 Yumotoura, Katsumotocho, Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture Business description: Accommodation business, restaurant business, consulting business, town development and regional revitalization business
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Transaction financial institution: Eighteen Shinwa Bank
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