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S-Pool Co., Ltd. S-Pool Glocal raises the wages of local part-time workers by an average of 5%

S-Pool Co., Ltd.
S-Pool Glocal raises wages of local part-time workers by an average of 5%
S-Pool Glocal Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/President and CEO: Yusuke Sakuma/hereafter referred to as “S-Pool Glocal”), a subsidiary of the Company that provides wide-area government BPO services, will start part-time work from April 1, 2023. We will increase base pay by an average of 5.0% for employees.
1. Background of implementation
S-Pool Glocal has 14 shared-type BPO centers nationwide, mainly in regional cities, that consolidate and outsource multiple operations from multiple local governments. Most of the approximately 300 employees working at the center are locally hired, contributing to regional revitalization through job creation.
The company plans to increase the number of BPO centers to 25 by 2023 and hire about 300 new employees. , we have decided to raise the base pay of part-time and part-time employees at regional bases by an average of 5.0%.
2. Base up overview
[Target] Part-time employees working at regional bases
[Details of implementation] Raise the wages of eligible employees by an average of 5.0%
[Implementation period] From April 2023
3. Subsidiary overview
The work that S-Pool Glocal is entrusted with is wide-ranging, including responding to inquiries about vaccines, application support for My Number cards, and back-office work related to hometown tax payments. In addition, we have installed about 100 online contact points nationwide, where online terminals are installed in local commercial facilities, etc., and support for administrative procedures can be received even outside office hours, such as weekends and weekday evenings, through video calls with dedicated operators. increase. These efforts are attracting attention as a new form of efficient wide-area government outsourcing that transcends city boundaries and promotes DX in wide-area municipalities.
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S-Pool Glocal Co., Ltd.
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