Sagamihara City Starting an EV car sharing service-Anyone can use it on days when the office is closed-

Sagamihara City
[Sagamihara City] Starting an EV car sharing service-Anyone can use it on days when the office is closed-
Would you like to take a short ride in an EV car?

Sagamihara City and DeNA SOMPO Mobility Co., Ltd., which operates the car-sharing platform “Anyca”, will start from February 18, 2023 in order to promote a decarbonized society and reduce the burden of maintaining public vehicles. , We will start a car sharing service by EV using “Anyca Official Share Car”.
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In this initiative, one parking lot of the Minami Ward Joint Government Building will be provided to the business operator for a fee, and the installed EV will be used by the city as an official vehicle from Monday to Friday, ) will be used as a means of
transportation that citizens can easily use.
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Outline of car sharing service
[Start date of use] Saturday, February 18, 2023
[Available days] All day of Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd of the following year)
[Installation location] Minami Ward Joint Government Building No. 1 parking lot (5-31-1 Sagamiono, Minami Ward, Sagamihara City) [Vehicle type and number] Nissan Leaf 1 unit
[Fee] 800 yen/hour; discounts for long-term reservations such as 6- and 12-hour packages available
【How to Use】
(1) Free membership registration for the car sharing app “Anyca” (2) Reserve a vehicle with the app [Image 3d72959-169-795f11fb3d5698f2ac84-2.jpg&s3=72959-169-f6579b6044580684b1238ec4f470c304-1000x707.jpg
After making a reservation on the app, you can get on board in as little as 15 minutes!
(3) Touch your driver’s license to the card reader installed on the vehicle [Image 4d72959-169-e1d905366c7e519b8e9b-3.jpg&s3=72959-169-87a97395bc15f9945ca567f6e56572df-750x500.jpg
*Your driver’s license is the key.
▼ For other details, please refer to the following website.
Feel free to go out with a car share vehicle! Recommended spots for short rides Sagamihara Asamizo Park About 5 km (15 minutes) from Minami Ward Government Building
[Image 5d72959-169-3e8012b9d71464049def-4.jpg&s3=72959-169-9c71a91c7374c4aae1830b82a4defab4-3484x2332.jpg
The symbol of the park is the observatory “Green Tower Sagamihara” In the park, there is a 55m high observation tower “Green Tower Sagamihara”, and on a sunny day you can see a large panorama of Tanzawa, Tama Hills, Yokohama and Shonan. Also famous are the clematis (about 230 species, 8,000 plants), which begin to bloom around May, and the hydrangea (about 200 species, 7,400 plants), which is also the city flower. In addition, there is a petting animal square that is free to enter, making it a popular spot for families.
Address: 2317-1 Asamizodai, Minami Ward, Sagamihara City
Phone: 042-777-3451 (Sagamihara Asamizo Park Management Office)    042-778-3900 (Sagamihara Asamizo Park Animal Square Management Office) Sagami no Kite Center (inside Renge no Sato Araiso) About 7 km (20 minutes) from Minami Ward Joint Government Building
[Image 6d72959-169-c3a0902fc35c54959356-5.jpg&s3=72959-169-b37d15db2c5bda0624782209336d0e46-3744x2104.jpg
Giant kite
A traditional event that has been passed down since the Tenpo era (1830-1844) in the late Edo period, “Sagami’s big kite flying”. At the Sagami Big Kite Center, in addition to the powerful Sagami big kites that are displayed on the ceiling, there are also kites from all over Japan and the world on display. There is also an exhibition of materials related to kites and a video showing the process of making a large kite.
[Image 7d72959-169-dce1712ffe2c09ddf983-6.jpg&s3=72959-169-003bfe34fb7b7e480ff7cf52e8caae41-1600x1200.jpg
Inside the large kite center
Address: 2268-1 Shinto, Minami Ward, Sagamihara City
Phone: 046-255-1311 (Renge no Sato Araiso)
About the car sharing platform “Anyca” (
“Anyca” is a platform that allows car sharing of cars owned by individuals and corporations. Car owners can expect to reduce their maintenance costs by car sharing while they are not using their cars. Drivers can choose the car of their choice from a wide range of models. Based on a joint use agreement, we provide car sharing between individuals and non-face-to-face car sharing (rental car format) that can be used in units of one hour. Service started in 2015, cumulative registered members over 500,000, registered car models over 1,000, cumulative registered vehicles over 20,000 (as of June 2021). [Image 8d72959-169-21b1db0f2cbaff01c07b-7.jpg&s3=72959-169-1dd334c215cced3b3b27d4ce820fd241-923x484.jpg

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