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SEAM Co., Ltd. A heart-throbbing gift on White Day. Low-alcohol cocktail koyoi, peach cocktail “Peachfull moment” white day set release

SEAM Co., Ltd.
A gift that will make your heart flutter on White Day. Low-alcohol cocktail koyoi, peach cocktail “Peachfull moment” white day set release

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SEAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yurie Iwane, hereinafter: SEAM), which develops the low-alcohol cocktail brand “koyoi” with the mission of “creating an alcoholic culture that fills the heart and is gentle on the body”, will open in 2023. From February 14th (Tuesday), we will start selling a special White Day set that is perfect for gifts for women.
We have prepared 3 types of sets centered on “Peachfull moment”, which is a combination of sweet and sour cranberries and grapefruit, with plenty of peaches as the main.
The concept of koyoi is to “create a moment for those of us who struggle every day to heal ourselves.”
Alc.3%, no artificial sweeteners, colorings, or preservatives are used, and the cocktail is made in a natural way, and is gentle on the body. is.
“koyoi” White Day special site is here
koyoi White Day gift details
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The second most popular fruit among women is the peach*1. The sweet and sour peach cocktail “Peachfull moment” is a cocktail where you can enjoy the balance of three kinds of fruits, mainly peach, cranberry and grapefruit. Alc3% without using flavoring, coloring and artificial sweeteners. You can enjoy a full-fledged fruit cocktail even though it is low alcohol and gentle on your body.
▼ Perfect for gifts, box set with original wrapping
We have prepared three types of box sets to suit your needs. [Image 3

3 piece set
A set of 3 cocktails: peach cocktail, raspberry cocktail, and passion fruit cocktail. Enjoy comparing the gorgeous fruit-scented koyoi, which is popular with women and is perfect for White Day.
Price: 5,150 yen (tax included)
Contents: 3 koyoi (Peachfull moment, Brillant berry, Passion night view) [Image 4

pair glass set
A peach cocktail and a special pair glass set. We purposely prepared a small wine glass so that you can enjoy your time slowly while enjoying peach cocktail in one hand.
Price: 4,346 yen (tax included)
Contents: 1 Peachfull moment, pair glass set
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1 set
Single peach cocktail. Pour into a small glass, top with ice and enjoy. Price: 2,480 yen (tax included)
Contents: 1 Peachfull moment
▼ All sets come with original wrapping
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All White Day sets are wrapped in original wrapping paper and arranged for shipping cardboard.
When you open the cardboard, a wonderful world spreads out.
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We have prepared a single gift bag that can be used as a gift for colleagues and multiple friends.
An original message card can also be included.
(1 bag x 3 for souvenirs, original message card is charged.) ■White day set details
・ Sales period: February 14 (Tue)-March 20 (Mon)
・Main sales locations
koyoi brand HP
*Sold at stores during White Day and at some malls.
■ What is “koyoi”?
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koyoi is a low-alcohol craft cocktail that allows you to enjoy authentic cocktails with Alc.3% at home.
[A rich and comfortable intoxication achieved with Alc.3%
Koyoi has a low alcohol content, centered on 3%, so that people who are sensitive to alcohol and those who are concerned about their physical condition the next day can drink it with peace of mind. We offer 15 original cocktails, including fruity cocktails, dessert cocktails, and toast cocktails. Alc.3% even though it is a complex and harmonious cocktail like BAR. People who are not good at drinking alcohol or who are worried about their physical condition the next day can enjoy a comfortable time with a moderate amount of “light drunkenness”.
[Natural manufacturing method that is gentle on the body]
No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or colorings. 40 kinds of a wide variety of fruits and herbs are tightly bottled with freshness. We are particular about the natural manufacturing method that is gentle on the body.
[Diagnose the koyoi that suits you]
From a wide range of lineups, we offer a personalized diagnosis that asks questions about your current mood, favorite taste, etc., and proposes a koyoi that suits you.
[Scene pairing]
Scene pairing is a new way of drinking that allows you to choose your favorite scene according to your mood. For each type of koyoi, we create flavors and packages that depict the scenes of excitement, relaxation, and healing that make you want to spend time with alcohol in one hand. Please experience the fun of entering the scene with koyoi in one hand according to your mood.
Brand site:
*1 See “myvoice” internet survey
■ Overview of SEAM
Company name: SEAM Co., Ltd.
Established: March 2017
Location: Sigma Royal Heights A 306, 3-5-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yurie Iwane, Representative Director
Capital: 57 million yen
Business description: Food D2C business
inquiry (Contact: Takase)

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