Seigakusha Co., Ltd. English skills are subdivided into four areas. Conducted “University Entrance Examination English Status Judgment Test” that shows compatibility with difficult private universities and detailed measures.

Seigakusha Co., Ltd.
Divide your English skills into four areas. Conducted “University Entrance Examination English Status Judgment Test” that shows compatibility with difficult private universities and detailed measures.

In recent years, the number of reading comprehension questions that test the ability to think and make judgments has increased in university entrance exams, and the skills required are wide-ranging. In order to grasp the skills that students lack and prepare for the exam efficiently, the individualized tutoring school Freestep, which is strong in improving scores and taking university entrance exams, has introduced the “University Entrance Examination English Status Judgment Test” that can measure English ability by subdividing it. implement. This test, which subdivides and measures the ability that forms the basis of English learning, not only allows you to pinpoint the necessary measures without waste, but also allows you to grasp the appropriate applicants from the viewpoint of entrance examination problems.

■ Reasons for accurately judging English proficiency
With the start of the Common Test for University Admissions, the number of long reading comprehension questions is increasing. Complex English proficiency is required to solve the long reading
comprehension problem, so it is difficult to subdivide and confirm and understand the results of the mock test alone. Also, at the difficult private universities in the Kanto region, it is difficult to apply for multiple applications because the tendency of questions differs not only from university to university but also from department to department. Under these circumstances, FreeStep thoroughly analyzes university entrance exams and English problems of famous private universities. We captured the characteristics and quantified the level required there. Over 100 problems have been analyzed per year. By applying abundant data to test results, it has become possible to accurately judge English proficiency.
■ The four areas of “English ability” that serve as the foundation In the “University Entrance Examination English Status Determination Test,” four areas narrowed down based on analysis, “Vocabulary,” “Grammar,” “Intensive Reading,” and “Speed ​​Reading,” are scored. Evaluate English proficiency by subdividing it.
Furthermore, in the free step, from the analysis of the English problems of all faculties of difficult private universities in Kanto and Kansai, it is classified into 4 systems. Standards are set in four fields for each university/faculty entrance examination so that students can clearly understand what is required of them. Since it is possible to determine the entrance exam questions that are compatible with each system, it is now possible to know the “co-apply
destination” that suits you from the perspective of the entrance exam questions.
■ Free-step English instruction that does not end with a test Based on the results of the “University Entrance Examination English Status Determination Test”, input and output will be performed in classes using Free Step’s original teaching material “Light Path”. By asking questions, students will be able to explain why grammatical items are interpreted in this way and why this is the correct answer during class, thereby achieving essential understanding. In addition, in learning words, the newly introduced learning app “Monoxer” is used to reinforce the skills that are lacking. In addition, since it also supports Eiken measures, we will strengthen support for various examination formats.
The fact that the lack of skills can be identified in detail through the test will enable more specific and efficient measures to be taken. The results of the test will be used to develop solid abilities in each of the four English skills.
■ Event overview
[Name] University entrance examination English status determination test [Eligibility] Applicants from difficult private universities (Waseda University, GMARCH, Sekiseki Joint School, Nitto Komasen, Sankin Koryu) /
National and public applicants who are planning to apply for Seki private university at the same time
[Target grade] 1st new high school third graders
      Second to 4th high school third-year graduates
[Date and time] 1st 3/4 (Sat) 13:00-14:00
      Second 5/13 (Sat) 13:00-14:00
3rd 7/29 (Sat) 13:00-14:00
4th 10/7 (Sat) 13:00-14:00
[Application period] 1st 1/30 (Mon) – 2/25 (Sat)
      Second 4/3 (Mon) – 5/1 (Mon)
      3rd 6/26 (Mon) – 7/22 (Sat)
4th 9/4 (Mon) – 9/30 (Sat)
[Venue] Enrolled classrooms for Keio students, application classrooms for non-Keio students
[Fee] free
[Results]Scheduled to be returned at the examination room about 2 weeks after the examination
     Conducting a career interview based on individual performance for applicants (free)
■ About the Free Step at the Individualized Educational Institute The free step program, which is strong enough to improve regular test scores and prepare for university entrance exams, is based on three elements: instructors carefully selected for individual guidance, a system that allows students to interact with students and their parents, and a scientific guidance system that makes full use of the data held by the entire group. This is a private tutoring cram school that takes advantage of its strengths and uses a custom-made curriculum.
[Inquiries regarding admission and curriculum]
Seigakusha Co., Ltd./Individualized Educational Institute Free Step Inquiry form: TEL: 0120-88-0656 (9:00-22:00)
* Contact information for inquiries regarding coverage and this release is as follows.
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