Shijisky Co., Ltd. Providing a new concierge service using AI robots

Shijisky Co., Ltd.
Providing a new concierge service using AI robots
Perfect for DX and inbound correspondence!

Low cost, easy operation, easy operation, reliable support!
Shijisky Co., Ltd. and I・TEC Solutions Co., Ltd. will start selling a new “concierge service” using AI robots.

Developed with the concept of “easy operation”, “easy operation”, “reliable support”, and “low cost” so that it can be introduced and operated without specialized knowledge of AI robots.
The product has a function that allows you to easily create a wide variety of guides and explanation scenarios without specialized knowledge, and a remote support function that eliminates anxiety after installation.
In addition, it can be expected to play an active role in
standardizing guidance and inquiry services and labor-saving operations as DX support, and multilingual support that can respond to the increasing number of inbound tourists and foreign residents, movement in various scenes. It can be used as a signage with In addition, since it is a product that is easy to handle, we have started recruiting partners for sales.
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1. development concept
(1) Easy operation
With a dedicated tool that allows you to intuitively create and edit without specialized knowledge, you can easily create scenarios that correspond to various scenes.
(2) Easy operation
It is possible to manage collectively on the cloud management screen, and it is possible to update scenarios and change settings even from a remote location.
(3) Peace of mind support
As a standard implementation, a specialized support center can be used to remotely grasp problems and respond quickly.
(4) Low cost
Aiming for a selling price that is easy to introduce, it is possible to provide an installation type (initial cost / monthly maintenance fee) and a monthly usage fee that includes maintenance.
The price is from 550,000 yen (excluding tax) for the introductory type 1, and from 20,000 yen (excluding tax) per month for the usage fee type.
*The price includes the robot body, initial settings, and cloud initial settings for the management service.
* A wireless environment that can connect to the Internet is required. (For details, please contact your dealer.)
[Video 2:] 2. Supports various functions at low cost
(1) Multilingual support
 The multilingual guidance and conversation support in 26 languages ​​supports English, Chinese, and Korean, and can be used in a wide range of situations.
(English, Chinese, and Korean conversation functions will be released sequentially in the future)
(2) Built-in dedicated application
For extensibility, it is also possible to incorporate an independently developed dedicated application into the flow of the scenario. (It is possible to link with voice calls, video calls, IOT devices, network connection devices, etc.)
3. Detailed introduction of functions
(1) Easily create scenarios
Create and execute scenarios by connecting pre-prepared blocks. It is a simple operation to insert and upload images, videos, and documents according to the scenario in the block.
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(2) Providing reliable operation through remote support
For troubleshooting, we have a standard implementation of a function that allows the status of the robot to be grasped remotely from the specialized support center through the Internet line, and the version of the installed application and robot can be managed collectively so that customers can operate with peace of mind.
 In addition, the robot management can be operated by the customer themselves. It is possible to collectively manage the addition and change of scenarios from the top.
[Image 3d104129-2-5568011acb55ad32f978-2.png&s3=104129-2-791c93ac0a88986ef7b73e658d1c271f-884x588.png
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