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Shimotsuke Shimbun Co., Ltd. For all strawberry lovers… (probably) Japan’s first metaverse “Ichimetaverse” where you can forever go through the pulp of “Tochiaika” in Tochigi Prefecture, which boasts the largest strawberry production in Japan. Bo

Shimono Shimbun Co., Ltd.
For all strawberry lovers… (probably) Japan’s first metaverse “Ichimetaverse” born from Shimotsuke Shimbun where you can go forever inside the pulp of “Tochiaika” in Tochigi Prefecture, which boasts the largest strawberry production in Japan.
(Probably) Japan’s first metaverse newspaper “Newspaper version Ichimetaverse”, where you can enjoy wearing a newspaper full of “Tochiaika” on your head, will also appear in the Shimotsuke Shimbun on February 23rd.

Changed the main variety to heart-shaped strawberries. The news is not known … (crying). A local newspaper company in Tochigi, which has the largest production volume in Japan, started up and developed a WEB and newspaper page, “Two Tochiaika Experience Metaverses”.
Tochigi Prefecture has been the number one producer of strawberries in Japan for 54 consecutive years. It was announced that the main variety will be replaced with a cute strawberry “Tochiaika” with a
heart-shaped cross section. However, the news is not well known to the citizens of the prefecture and the whole country. Therefore, the local Shimotsuke Shimbun decided to create two “Tochiaika” Metaverse experiences so that people could experience “Tochiaika” more deeply. 1. Metaverse space where you can go forever inside the flesh of Tochiaika Enthusiastic Metaverse “Ichimetaverse”
Access from the campaign site ( “Tochiaika” with a heart-shaped cross section
You can go inside and go through the pulp forever. You can’t see the surroundings, but you can enjoy the 360-degree flesh of the fruit, a dream space that enthuses maniacs.
[Image 1d77069-7-28811b3ed94759dfaf11-0.png&s3=77069-7-b7346a44ea2c9864216fcd96ad14d413-426x338.png
2. By wearing a newspaper on your head, you can experience “Tochiaika” wherever you look around 360 degrees.
(Probably) Japan’s first Metaverse experience newspaper “Newspaper Ichimetaverse”
For the Shimotsuke Shimbun morning edition on February 23, we created a spread page with a large amount of “Tochiaika” printed. By putting it on your head, fixing the ends with staples, and illuminating it from the outside with the light of your smartphone, you can experience the 360-degree dream space “Newspaper version Ichimetaverse” full of “Tochiaika”.
[Image 2d77069-7-82d0ef783b48532f7bec-1.png&s3=77069-7-cef76c177fc0b187eac0a8f946ff925a-515x338.png
Newspaper Ichimetaverse
●The Metaverse site also provides three downloadable contents exclusively for Tochigi citizens.
*Actually, it can be used by non-Tochigi residents as well.
1. The round icons of Twitter and Instagram can be made into a heart-shaped cross section of Tochiaika
“SNS icon heart frame for Tochigi citizens”
[Image 3d77069-7-9f60555876af4903b866-5.png&s3=77069-7-ce6794df5633fcb667a700157fb57bd5-1378x257.png
Example of use
2. You can use it immediately by downloading it to your own or company PC. “Strawberry font” for Tochigi residents
Negotiations to introduce the system to local governments in Tochigi Prefecture are also scheduled to begin.
[Image 4d77069-7-05dadbce2fa8d10ed637-4.png&s3=77069-7-81463347a3e40b07ea8367f3d54889a6-1439x638.png
strawberry font
3. A message app balloon-style stamp image that can be attached to the head to easily cut out any topic “Tochigi citizens exclusive universal conversation stamp”
*Please post as an image
[Image 5d77069-7-c16cb91e0c9b51b619da-3.png&s3=77069-7-ca0201a91d0d3d4913cd176764cdbc29-806x164.png
Conversation stamp
-Comment from the person in charge-I was interested in the Metaverse and wanted to try it once.
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