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Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Easy to attach to bicycles and motorcycles! A special appendix to the latest issue of DIME is a smartphone holder that securely holds a smartphone used as a navigation device! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Easy to attach to bicycles and motorcycles! A special appendix to the latest issue of DIME is a smartphone holder that securely holds a smartphone used as a navigation device! !

The cold winter is over and spring is slowly approaching. Many people may be planning to go cycling or go on a motorcycle touring. Items recommended for such people appear in magazine appendices.
The navigation of the smartphone map application is now a convenient function that many people use. It is indispensable for delivery workers who deliver food by motorcycle or bicycle. The accuracy of map applications and navigation applications has also increased, and convenience is increasing more and more.
[Image 1d13640-2063-54885355f7e6d14fa2e1-0.jpg&s3=13640-2063-ba49475b0f3896e65514fd2229f42cf5-640x426.jpg
■We can attach smartphone of big screen, too! Hold your precious smartphone firmly!
The magazine “DIME”, which will be released on February 16th, will include useful items as an appendix to support such usage. It is a full-fledged smartphone holder “Xtreme” for bicycles/motorcycles that can be equipped with a smartphone with a screen size of 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches.
[Image 2d13640-2063-a4691435996c8d689ce5-1.jpg&s3=13640-2063-00bcfa2a40c49801e7466973b3392712-640x426.jpg
It is possible to install almost all Android smartphones from the iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 14 series, and I am happy that even large screen smartphones can be installed with confidence. You can also change the orientation of your smartphone vertically or horizontally.
[Image 3d13640-2063-72601aea8d3c68713efd-2.jpg&s3=13640-2063-0e491534e26734ff176b311531d54504-640x426.jpg
[Image 4d13640-2063-9ce4a505f38dd466053f-3.jpg&s3=13640-2063-131121f7c8ad42b5c1893d4338305017-640x426.jpg
Attaching the smartphone is really easy. Push the levers on the left and right sides of the holder base to expand the large X-shaped arm. If you place your smartphone on the round switch in the center of the pedestal, the X-shaped arm will tighten and grip your smartphone firmly. The construction is quite solid, so you don’t have to worry about your smartphone falling off easily even if you are riding a bicycle or motorcycle on the road.
*Be sure to check by yourself that it is firmly fixed to the handle each time you use it.
[Image 5d13640-2063-05231a3538a7f1b1072b-4.jpg&s3=13640-2063-62fafe0fe9fdd0b4719e1c18488ba72e-640x426.jpg
■We are attached to steering wheel of stroller!
In addition, since it can be attached to a bar or handle with a diameter of 2 to 3 cm, if you attach it to the handle of a stroller, you can talk on the phone while walking or stop and look at the map application. In addition, if you have furniture and fixtures that can be fixed, such as desks and kitchens, you can install it anywhere you like and check your smartphone, or you can attach it to the headrest of the car seat and use it as a monitor for the back seat. It’s great. [Image 6d13640-2063-fafb4753823b72ac0699-5.jpg&s3=13640-2063-2aa1884a7a27ffd3a939fbca0d0395dc-640x426.jpg
If you attach it to the handle of the stroller, you can talk on the phone while walking.
[Image 7d13640-2063-7e3a2cdbf1c4d14c335e-6.jpg&s3=13640-2063-2455b41e39f12e6c80867d4643d6bedb-640x426.jpg
If you install it around your desk, you can use your smartphone as a monitor. [Image 8d13640-2063-8866b8e300928906d0e4-7.jpg&s3=13640-2063-d61dd0d5688588f0cd9e82fe6fef0930-640x426.jpg
If you install it in the kitchen, you can always check the recipe on your smartphone!
[Image 9d13640-2063-c13930bb02a5be3a864c-8.jpg&s3=13640-2063-405e2a01f21f4b96c81adbd2622ff03c-640x426.jpg
If you fix it to the microphone stand, you can play the instrument while looking at the score.
[Image 10d13640-2063-57ba002ce3d9389d2bba-9.jpg&s3=13640-2063-1e7626f4f655d73e03bd55b8253a4bac-640x426.jpg
When fixed to the headrest of the front seat of the car, the smartphone transforms into a monitor for the rear seat.
■Never operate or watch while riding a bicycle or motorcycle! Never look at your smartphone while riding a bicycle or motorcycle. When operating a smartphone, be sure to check the safety of the surroundings and stop the car on the side before doing so. When driving, you should be able to proceed smoothly on the shortest course just by turning on the voice guidance of the map application or navigation application. When you go out by bicycle or motorcycle, please take advantage of this convenient item.
[Image 11d13640-2063-85c09c47c87210bf1be7-10.jpg&s3=13640-2063-76ad0fe1cbc5d8cd5899a95ea06831c5-640x426.jpg
【watch video】
[Image 12d13640-2063-4f4b08ad4a75cc4ce1f6-11.jpg&s3=13640-2063-611fc3c5f5903eaaaf5a16f5bcd59ae1-471x640.jpg
DIME2/March issue
Special price 1280 yen (tax included)
On sale December 15, 2022
*Appendices are not included in the electronic version.
Click here for detailed information
The latest issue of DIME features “100 Strongest Startups,” “Future Forecast for Home Appliances 2023,” and “The Truth About Lactic Acid Bacteria.”
AI, Space, Medical, Agriculture, Web3, NFT, From University, From Local! All-out coverage of the world’s leading companies!
“I want to invest! “I want to collaborate!” “I want to change jobs!” 』 100 strongest startups
In 5 years it will be commonplace! Thorough explanation of new generation technology!
Home appliance future forecast 2023
You know all about intestinal bacteria that you may not know! The Truth About Lactic Acid Bacteria -Super Preserved Version- ■ ENTERTAINMENT HACKS
BKB corps, university comedians, underground entertainers, etc. Introducing this year’s noteworthy next-break entertainers!
Comedy industry thin power chart
Mortgage, New NISA, lifetime gifts, digital wages, invoice system, An easy-to-understand explanation of the new common sense of money that you lose if you don’t know!
How to use and increase money without regret
city ​​bikes, cross bikes, road bikes,
If you want to buy a new one, this is it!
The latest e-BIKE14 model that makes bicycle commuting comfortable ■ Short-term intensive series
A new series by Dr. Kanae, a popular VTuber and criminology classroom, “#Teach me, Mr. Kanae”
・A dual-sword cooking appliance that evolves in pursuit of cost performance and Taipa
・“Relaxation” is in season at the latest hotels in Tokyo that are opening one after another!
・Hyadain’s old learning new analytics
・Scenes by Koyama Kundo
・Uga Natsumi with her bare face
・Data watching
・Sociology Buzz Word to read with keywords
・ 100 tips for creating a restaurant that attracts customers ・BOOK of month
・Serialization/shortcut work technique
・Serialization / Shion Sawa TOKYO2040
・Serialization / Kurtz Sato’s Sake, Side Dishes, Men and Sauna ・Serialization/Shuichi Ikemori’s Buckwheat Log
・CAR of the DIME Mazda “CX-60” VS Nissan “X-TRAIL”
*Appendices are not included in the electronic version.

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