Smart Share Co., Ltd. OWNLY, an SNS marketing tool, now offers a “secret reply function”! Improve the qual ity of communication on Twitter.

Smart Share Co., Ltd.
OWNLY, an SNS marketing tool, has started offering a “secret reply function”! Improve the quality of communication on Twitter.

Smart Share Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward, Representative Director Osamu Nishiyama), which develops and operates the SNS marketing platform OWNLY, has started offering a “secret reply function” to improve the quality of communication on Twitter. i will let you know.
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Development background
Twitter has been selected as the most focused SNS in 2022. (*1) Many companies tend to use it for SNS marketing because it has high diffusion power and can communicate with users immediately. Under such circumstances, we have implemented Twitter’s secret reply function in the SNS marketing tool “OWNLY” so that we can improve the quality of communication on Twitter.
What is Twitter’s secret reply function?
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The secret reply function is a function that does not display the auto reply received when participating in a Twitter campaign in the “Tweet and Reply” and “Media” tabs. The new function makes it easier to see interactions with users, leading to improved quality of communication. Examples of using the “secret reply function”
Twitter Instant Win
hashtag vote
It can be used in two Twitter campaigns with auto-reply function. Instant Win is an immediate lottery, so it tends to be easy to recruit participants. Hashtag voting is a campaign in which voting is completed when participants tweet with mentions and hashtags. Since the information is also delivered to the followers of the
participants, it is also effective when you want to create a trend within Twitter. For example, we are using it in various cases, such as making use of a simple voting function or thinking about new products together with users. In addition, it is possible to select whether or not to use the secret reply function for each campaign.
(*1) 2023 SNS Marketing Trend Survey:
Support all the way through to the secretariat
In Twitter’s instant win, a wide variety of tasks occur as follows. Create a special page
creative production
prize arrangement
Data aggregation
However, there are many situations where a large burden is imposed due to a lack of human resources. Since we have set up a secretariat, we are able to provide end-to-end support, including the above processes. The secretariat has more than 700 management results, so please take advantage of it.
About OWNLY, a 360-degree support for SNS
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■ OWNLY is read as Ownly!
Achieved about 5,000 annual SNS campaigns and 41 million entries per year! (2022)
■ SNS campaign across Twitter / Instagram / LINE / TikTok.
■ UGC can be collected, analyzed, and utilized.
■ The secretariat can be used alone or in combination. We have more than 700 operational results.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Smart Share Co., Ltd.
Representative: Osamu Nishiyama, Representative Director
Location 〒150-0011 3rd floor, Rose Hikawa, 2-22-14 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business DescriptionProvision of the SNS marketing tool “OWNLY”. With the vision of “Japan should be a society that looks good with a smile”, we are exploring to achieve the mission of “realizing comfortable communication on SNS”.
Corporate site:
Service site:
-Contact Us-
Inquiries regarding our services can be made via our website or by telephone. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us first. Web inquiry:
Phone number: 03-5962-6401
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