Sony Music Labels Inc. Philosophy’s dance “heart funk” new song “Final Answer” released! The first band set one-man live tour under the new system will also be held!

Sony Music Labels Inc.
Philosophy Dance’s “heart funk” new song “Final Answer” released! The first band set one-man live tour under the new system will also be held!

The FUNK/SOUL/DISCO groove, the lyrics that add the essence of philosophy, and the dance of Philosophy, an idol group of five who have wowed many music fans with their comical and unique dance as weapons, is the new song “Final Answer”. ”, and announced the holding of the first band set one-man live tour “Brand New Dance TOUR” under the new system.
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The new song “Final Answer” is the ultimate “heart-pumping (heart) funk” with cute lyrics on top of a groovy sound. The lyrics are written by Aoi Yamazaki, and the phrase “Guess what the cutie is” is an impressive song. The distribution jacket was drawn by Nanako Kayama, a new member who just joined in November last year. It is a discerning work linked to the song, such as using it properly. [Image 2

In addition, the contents of the songs included in the new system’s first single “Netsufu wa Rutousuru”, which also includes “Final Answer”, and the jacket have been released. Contains four songs, including the title song “Netsufu wa Ruten suru” used in the opening of the TV anime “Ayakashi Triangle”. On the jacket, against a red background reminiscent of hot air, the members of Philosophy Dance, which has become a new system, have expressions that make you feel determined. The jacket for the limited-edition edition depicts Kazamaki Matsuri, Hanakana Suzu, and Shirogane from the TV anime “Ayakashi Triangle” with the same background as the background. [Image 3

(C) Kentaro Yabuki/Shueisha/Ayakashi Triangle Production Committee [Image 4

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In addition, it has been decided that the first band set one-man live tour “Brand New Dance TOUR” will be held under the new system. It is a tour that visits the three cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya as a band set, and you can expect to discover new charms of Philosophy’s dance, which has become the strongest quintet. Details will be announced later, so please look forward to the follow-up report. ▼Mariri Okutsu’s comment
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It’s okay to sing such a cute song! ! And while I was a little embarrassed, I did my best to generously pack cute Mari-chan! ! Please listen to the strongest super cute FUNK in history, super cool sound & chorus work and super cute catchy match! !
▼Maria Sato comment
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“Final (Heart) Answer” was written by Aoi Yamazaki! It’s a song that cutely depicts the fresh relationship between two people and the girl’s heart that wants to take a step forward. The development of the song is also finished with a lot of euphoria that makes you feel like you are in a dream. Please enjoy the heart-pounding funk that the philosophy dance sends!
▼ Comment from Haru Hyuga
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Speaking of the final answer, I only had the impression of the quiz $mi ◯ Onea, so I’m grateful to Aoi Yamazaki for teaching me how to give such a cute answer. I’m so happy! Sing it in front of the person you love and make it melt away (heart) (heart)
▼Comment from Nono Koyoshi
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While it’s groovy black music, it’s also a cute and interesting song! I put a cute singing voice that makes me feel embarrassed with the cute lyrics, so please listen to it!
▼ Comment from Nanako Kayama
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March 15 release Philosophy dance “The hot wind flows”
▼ Click here to purchase the CD
・ First Press Limited Edition (CD + BD + Photobook): 9,500 yen (tax included) SRCL-12430-12432
* The BD contains live footage of “Totsuka Otoha Graduation Concert ~Best For Forever~”
* Audio commentary recorded by the members in the sub-audio
*Comes with a deluxe photo book
・ Regular Edition (CD): 2,000 yen (tax included) SRCL-12433
・ Limited edition (CD + BD): 2,500 yen (tax included) SRCL-12434 to 12435 *The BD includes the non-credit opening video of the TV anime “Ayakashi Triangle”.
*Digipack specification
-Recorded songs common to all formats-
・Hot air flows
・Gimme Five!
・Final Answer
・ Posiko and Negano
・The hot air flows (instrumental)
・Gimme Five!
・Final Answer (Instrumental)
・ Posiko to Negano (instrumental)
■ TV animation “Ayakashi Triangle” non-credit opening video | ・URL
・Embedded code

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