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Started providing Tsumitate NISA, an asset management service “SUSTEN”

Started providing Tsumitate NISA, an asset management service “SUSTEN”
Susten Capital Management Co., Ltd. (Susten Capital Management, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Dai Okano, Masashi ) will provide Tsumitate NISA on February 1 at the omakase asset management service “SUSTEN”. We started from day. Combined with the industry’s first (*1) fully performance-based discretionary investment service, the “Omakase Investment Function,” we offer the industry’s top-class low-cost Tsumitate NISA.
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“Best Mix” of “Omakase Investment Function” + “Tsumitate NISA Function” SUSTEN started with the idea of ​​delivering ideal asset management utilizing the latest financial engineering at low cost to all investors. From February 1st, we will add the “Tsumitate NISA function” that allows you to use the tax-free investment quota to the SUSTEN service, and meet the needs of investors who want to leave the troublesome things to us, from beginners to experienced investors. We are ready to respond to a wide range of Of course, it is also possible to use only the Random Investment function as before.
[Reference] Complementary relationship between “Omakase Investment Function” and “Tsumitate NISA Function” = Best Mix
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And for Tsumitate NISA, SUSTEN has prepared only one exclusive investment trust, which is the most basic and ideally selected stock based on investment theory. You no longer have to wonder what to invest in Tsumitate NISA.
Tsumitate NISA Dedicated Fund = Global Equity Index Portfolio (M) 【point】
1. Broad investment in global stocks (covering about 85% of the world’s investable stocks)
2. Investment allocation based on portfolio theory
3. Low cost (substantial trust fee rate: about 0.3% per annum, tax included) Please click here for the prospectus and other information regarding the Global Equity Index Portfolio (M).
*The government and ruling parties are considering starting a new NISA system in 2024, but we plan to provide a solid service even if the system is updated in the future.
Introduction of SUSTEN points
Along with the launch of Tsumitate NISA, a SUSTEN point system will be introduced.
SUSTEN points are points that can be converted into 1 point = 1 yen, and the entire cost incurred by the Tsumitate NISA function will be converted into points and will be applied to the payment of
performance fees generated by the -Random investment function-. In other words, the amount equivalent to the cost of the Tsumitate NISA function can be recovered virtually 100% by reducing the reward for the -Random investment function-.
No action is required to earn or spend SUSTEN points. The consumption of points is also done automatically so that the system is most advantageous for investors.
In the future, we plan to gradually establish a mechanism that allows you to earn SUSTEN points on various occasions.
“Let’s start Tsumitate NISA” campaign
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To commemorate the start of the new service, all those who enter during the campaign period and open a Tsumitate NISA account and set up transactions will receive a 3,000 yen Amazon gift card and 2,000 yen SUSTEN points.
Make an entry (email address registration) during the campaign period, After that, those who have opened a NISA account and set up savings by April 1st ・ Campaign entry period
December 1, 2022 to April 1, 2023
・Present contents
Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen, SUSTEN points worth 2,000 yen ・Special campaign page
*1: We surveyed all fund wrap and robot advisor businesses among the wrap businesses in the statistics of the Japan Investment Advisers Association ( We have confirmed that there was no complete performance-based service as a fund wrap service that realizes diversified investment.
About susten Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Susten Capital Management Co., Ltd. is a company established under the vision of “realizing a sustainable society where everyone can live with peace of mind”. Reviewing the high-cost structure of Japan’s asset management services, in areas where market principles are difficult to function, especially in areas such as “environment and welfare,” asset managers will take the lead in creating a system where investors can be continuously involved. I think we need to create a system. Our mission is to solve this problem by creating investment management services recommended by family and friends.
Location: Tokyo Toranomon Global Square, 1-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representatives: Dai Okano, Representative Director and CEO, Masafumi , Representative Director and CIO
Established: July 2019
Business description: Provision of investment management services URL:
Main service: Omakase asset management service “SUSTEN”
Registration: Financial Instruments Business Operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No. 3201
Member Associations: The Investment Trusts Association, Japan, Japan Investment Advisers Association
■ Notes
This document describes the discretionary investment service (sometimes referred to as the “Omakase Investment Function”) provided by Susten Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and direct sales of investment trusts (“ Tsumitate NISA function”). All of the products and services we provide are invested in securities that fluctuate in price, so the investment valuation will fluctuate. Therefore, the principal is not guaranteed. This material has been prepared based on information and data that we have determined to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The contents of this document are current as of the time this document was created, and are subject to change without notice. [Related to Discretionary Investment Service]
《Overview of Discretionary Investment Contract》
・In our discretionary investment service, we manage and manage entrusted assets on behalf of our customers based on discretionary investment contracts with our customers. Specifically, with the customer’s prior consent, we will conduct investment management targeting multiple investment trusts established and managed by the Company. When you apply for a discretionary investment contract, we will send you a document to be delivered before concluding the contract, so please be sure to read the contents carefully.
《Expenses related to discretionary investment contracts》
・Basic management fee: None.・Discretionary investment contract performance management fee: The investment valuation amount (excluding the investment principal) at the end of the month for each customer’s individual contract in the account that manages assets based on the discretionary investment contract has reached a record high ( After deducting the performance fee, excluding the investment principal), a portion of the excess (1.1/9 to 1.1/6 (1/9 to 1/6 excluding tax)) will be returned as a result. Management fees will be received from the account. Therefore, if the investment evaluation value (excluding the investment principal) as of the end of the month is below the record high investment evaluation value (excluding the investment principal after deducting the performance fee), no performance management fee will be incurred. plug.
《Costs to be borne indirectly during the holding period of the investee investment trust》
・Management fee (trust fee): Annual rate of 0.022% (tax included) ・Other expenses and fees: Brokerage commissions when trading securities, custody fees for foreign currency denominated assets, audit fees, taxes on trust assets, holdings, etc. There are costs to be borne according to the period of time. Since it fluctuates depending on the operational status, etc., the rate and maximum amount cannot be displayed in advance.
《Risks related to discretionary investment contracts》
・Because investment trusts are mainly invested in securities with price fluctuations (in the case of assets denominated in foreign currencies, exchange rate fluctuations are also included), the unit price will fluctuate. NAV fluctuation factors mainly include stock price fluctuation risk, risk associated with the use of futures trading, interest rate fluctuation risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, foreign exchange fluctuation risk, country risk, and commodity market fluctuation risk. , but not limited to. Therefore, the investment principal of investors (beneficiaries) is not guaranteed, and due to a decline in the NAV, losses may be incurred and the investment principal may fall below the investment principal.
・All profits and losses from the management of investment trusts belong to investors. A mutual fund is different from a savings account. In addition, since the types of investment assets, investment restrictions, trading markets, investment countries, etc. differ for each investment trust, the details and nature of risks differ. Please be sure to check the investment trust explanatory document (delivery memorandum) and documents delivered before concluding a contract before making a transaction.

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