STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS ×︎ ESTNATION first collaboration event held

STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS ×︎ ESTNATION first collaboration event held A STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS event will be held at ESTNATION Roppongi Hills for 4 days from 2/23 (Thursday) to 2/26 (Sunday).

Event overview
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023-Sunday, February 26, 2023 11:00-20:00 ■ Venue: Estnation Roppongi Hills [Image 1d91834-7-02d8f80b9394643011fb-2.jpg&s3=91834-7-38dbcf0424a26f42b97f145e51adb562-2032x1524.jpg
SBCP traveling through Zagreb, the capital of Croatia
The event will consist of the following four items.
1, Traveling SBCP art (free)
SAYURI USHIO, contemporary artist and inventor of STEP BONE CUT (small face correction three-dimensional haircut), wears a white kimono in the sense of conveying Japanese culture by entering the lives of people he met on his travels. By sketching the design with a brush and performing a haircut as a ritual ceremony to purify the mind, we are carrying out “art expression of life by hair design” by drawing the words that dwell in the reborn mind with a brush.
In addition, while traveling, he photographed the STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS that he produced.
At this event, we filmed the project held in New york. Yamagata Oishida (December 2021), Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Berlin (February 2023), as well as STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS standing on the land. Art works will be exhibited for the first time as digital contents.
Please enjoy the appearance of STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS that blends into the land and changes its expression.
[Image 2d91834-7-d31e584f724ae64a787c-3.jpg&s3=91834-7-f149fa0d65d53548b906f8f962a95f7f-2048x1365.jpg
Ritual of art expression of life through hair design
2, Small face counseling & small face lecture experience (free) Small face counseling by SAYURI USHIO. SAYURI is the inventor of STEP BONE CUT, a cutting technique that corrects the flat bones of Asians and makes them look three-dimensional and small.
This event will be a valuable opportunity to receive small face counseling directly from SAYURII, who has been exploring small faces for many years.
[Image 3d91834-7-1e3fa889305acc739eb9-0.jpg&s3=91834-7-ef326ea038a1baee6512f4698a4fb3c6-2000x1333.jpg
SAYURI doing hair make & photo shooting in Croatia
3, Limited to 30 ESTNATION events (reservation sales)
SBCP raw mineral mist +80ml (SAYURI USHIO design bottle)
Cosmetics containing raw minerals, fulvic acid, and amber extract as the main ingredients, along with high-grade natural esthetic ingredients intended to increase moisture instead of oil. Moisturizes hair and skin.
SBCP travel set (shampoo, treatment, mist set)
A minimalist set that allows you to take care of your hair and skin with SBCP while traveling.
4, Present (reservation required)
For those who purchase one or more products, we will present SAYURI USHIO author “The magic of hair that changes your life” or a limited original bag.
■ Reservation method
*︎We will make a reservation for 2.3. The product will be handed over only at the Estnation store.
1. Search for LINE official account @sbcp or access 2. If you would like to experience the small face of Estnation, please write your name, desired date and time (between 11:00 and 19:00), etc., and send a message to the official LINE account please give me.
SAYURI USHIO official website
[Image 4d91834-7-7d345e69b34a8986983c-4.jpg&s3=91834-7-2c7f96246400af58f986cfcdc2f89bb4-3900x2925.jpg
SBCP at a hostel in Prague

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