STORY & Co. Co., Ltd. 100 small steps, beyond 100 pairs of sneakers upcycled by 100 creators. “100 Sneakers 100 New Makers 2023 ‘Journey’ Exhibition”

STORY&Co., Ltd.
[One small step for 100 people, beyond] 100 pairs of sneakers upcycled by 100 creators. “100 Sneakers 100 New Makers 2023 ‘Journey’ Exhibition”

Adidas/ASICS/Allbirds/Descente/NewBalance is a fashion community operated by STORY&Co. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Taku Hosokawa; hereinafter referred to as “STORY&Co.”), which provides experience and community services. We are pleased to announce that we will hold the “100Sneakers100NewMakers 2023“ Journey ”Exhibition (Hundred Sneakers Hundred New Makers 2023 Journey, hereinafter “this project”) with /Puma/Teva.
About 900 creators such as artists, designers, and pattern makers have gathered in about a year and a half since the start of the NewMake project, and items to be discarded from the brand will be collected at NewMake Labo, an upcycling base in Harajuku, Tokyo. are upcycled. During these activities, we received many comments saying, “We were looking for something we could do to help achieve the SDGs.” A project with the theme of “walking” toward environmental problems, with the desire to connect the SDGs activities, which are currently being worked on by some companies and individuals, to actions that take small steps together. “100Sneakers100NewMakers” was held last year. After the great response last year, three new wonderful brands have joined us, and this project will be implemented as a sequel with a new theme.
[Image 1d28449-18-1f0abddf3af9cdf7b5e8-0.jpg&s3=28449-18-adfcc62492949f07d60f411daf941619-1080x1080.jpg
100Sneakers100NewMakers 2023 “Journey”
■ About “100Sneakers100NewMakers 2023“ Journey ”Exhibition”
For this project, we chose the theme of “Journey” in order to visualize the expectations for a new journey by upcycling footwear, which is a “walking partner” now that the pandemic has calmed down. A total of 100 pairs of footwear, mainly items to be discarded, were provided by sponsoring companies, and 100 NewMakers upcycled the footwear with their thoughts.
By having a large number of people see the works, we can feel the thoughts of 100 creators, and through the experience of the workshop, we will create an opportunity for everyone to notice environmental problems that can take a step toward solving them. I will continue. ■ Exhibition works (planned)
[Image 2d28449-18-21d14ad1278ebf883cdf-7.png&s3=28449-18-8b1cd4cd287df90593a54454012ca383-1574x1090.png

[Image 3d28449-18-74ad2d926f5bd35a103b-8.jpg&s3=28449-18-50d5dc48517ac91cf6c2ef84d571b1c5-3900x2925.jpg
Workshop example
■ About workshops during the exhibition
Under the supervision of shoe creator yutaka mizoki, who is also one of the New Makers of this project, you can experience upcycling footwear to be discarded into pass cases, business card holders, key holders, etc. We will hold a shop.
Exhibition period: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 to Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Exhibition venue: Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 3F 111

[Image 4d28449-18-ae19bc06043f5f039d6c-9.jpg&s3=28449-18-b905497cb872d1bfa6b6aca7b0bc786d-2016x1512.jpg
Appearance of NewMake Labo
■ About “New Make Labo”
Opened in July 2021 as an upcycling base for the fashion community “NewMake” aiming to realize recycling-oriented fashion. It is a place where companies and individuals work together to solve the problem of clothing loss, which cannot be solved by a single company alone, by leveraging the creativity of individuals. Inheriting the thoughts of each product and material that will be disposed of, such as surplus inventory, provided free of charge by brands that sympathize with our efforts, community members will work on sustainable manufacturing and upcycling to create new value. increase.
[Image 5d28449-18-8162329b08bed75664bd-10.png&s3=28449-18-c575cfb1ec12779fced9e3cba6ed3ac1-2048x1152.png
NewMaker production scenery
Equipment, materials, and materials required for upcycling can be used free of charge. With the support of our advisors, even those who have no experience in using and producing equipment such as sewing machines can participate with peace of mind. In addition, there is value that NewMake can demonstrate because it is a community, such as community members making use of each other’s areas of expertise to create creations.
◆ “NewMake Labo” facility overview
Location: Harajuku Belpia 104, 6-6-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Transportation: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Fukutoshin Line “Meiji Jingumae” station 3 minutes on foot,
6-minute walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, and Chiyoda Line
Total floor area: 60.39m2
Business hours: Tuesday-Friday 14:00-21:00
Saturday 13:00-19:00
Closed: Sundays and Mondays
Management: STORY & Co., Ltd.
Opening date: July 26 (Mon)
* Due to measures against the new coronavirus, we will be using a complete reservation system for the time being.
Also, since business hours may change, the latest information will be announced on NewMake’s Instagram.
◆ About Story and Company Co., Ltd.
Story and Company Co., Ltd. is a company that provides stories of encounters and changes.
Established: February 2016
Headquarters: 12F Fuji Soft Building, 3 Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Taku Hosokawa
Business description: “AND STORY” where you can meet a small trip of 3 hours
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