StrategIT Released “Dropbox to DX Suite” for automatic API linkage of document data stored in Dropbox

Released “Dropbox to DX Suite” for automatic API linkage of document data stored in Dropbox

Strategit, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Fumie Kato, hereinafter “our company”) announced today that Dropbox Japan Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Seiji Umeda, hereinafter “Dropbox”) and our company has released “Dropbox to DX Suite”, which was planned and designed and developed by us.
This application is API-linked with cloud storage “Dropbox” and AI inside’s digital data conversion application “DX Suite” through our Master Hub.
This application is operated independently by our company in order to promote the spread of SaaS.
Image of Dropbox to DX Suite linkage
[Image 1d54025-98-78e11c0730f1526bb655-0.jpg&s3=54025-98-e432fc9d8a12b7cf335efaefa3104691-1200x675.jpg
■ Service background
Customers using DX Suite and Dropbox have the following issues. ・When data management is done with Dropbox, it is necessary to operate DX Suite each time to read the document file.
・Registration work was postponed due to busy schedule
・If the person in charge of handling DX Suite is different from the person in charge of storing document files, it is difficult to manage information appropriately due to differences in recognition of storage folders.
“Dropbox to DX Suite” will solve these problems as follows.
・Achieves linking document files to DX Suite when stored in Dropbox ・Because the relevant data is uploaded automatically, it reduces the time and effort required for uploading and improves work efficiency. ・It is possible to prevent miscommunication when the person in charge is different, and it is possible to manage information appropriately ■ Function overview of “Dropbox to DX Suite”
Document files stored in the specified folder of Dropbox can be linked to DX Suite and read by AI-OCR. You can also automatically save the read data (CSV file) to Dropbox.
・Document file linkage function
– Link the document files stored in the specified folder of Dropbox to DX Suite. – Document files that have been read are automatically moved to the “Linked” folder.
・Data output function
– Scan based on the workflow set in DX Suite, and automatically save the scanned data (CSV file) to Dropbox.
■How to use
It can be used from the app store “SaaStainer” operated by Strategit Co., Ltd. Usage fee: 30 days trial free 11,000 yen (tax included) / month SaaStainer “Dropbox to DX Suite” page:
For more information, please visit this URL: ■ About Dropbox
Dropbox is an important place to keep your life’s content organized and your work moving forward. With over 700 million registered users in 180 countries, Dropbox is on a mission to “design a smarter way to work”. Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, with offices around the world. Learn more about Dropbox’s mission and products at
■ Dropbox endorsement
Seiji Umeda, President and CEO of Dropbox Japan Co., Ltd.
“We welcome the release of the Dropbox to DX Suite through the efforts of Strategit. We are confident that the link between DX Suite, which converts paper documents into highly accurate data using AI-OCR technology, and Dropbox will greatly contribute to improving the operational efficiency of DX Suite and Dropbox users.
At Dropbox, we are actively promoting API linkages so that companies using our products can seamlessly use various cloud products. Going forward, we will continue to support the realization of secure content management in the optimal cloud environment for our users.”
■ About DX Suite
“DX Suite” is an application that digitizes all kinds of information, equipped with “Intelligent OCR” equipped with AI inside’s proprietary “character recognition AI” and “Elastic Sorter” function that sorts large amounts of forms by the same format. is. Supports Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Thai, and Vietnamese with standard reading, non-standard reading, and full-text reading. Handwritten characters, which were difficult to read with conventional OCR, can be read with high accuracy, automating data conversion work that was previously manually input by humans, contributing to the promotion of DX and productivity improvement for all companies and organizations. doing.
■ AI inside Endorsement Co., Ltd.
AI inside Co., Ltd. Representative Director, CEO and CPO Tokuchi Tadashi We are very pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dropbox, a wonderful product that is used by many users around the world, and to contribute to improving the convenience of many users. We will continue to openly provide AI infrastructure and technology so that our technology can be used in various services, and transform the lifestyles of more people through the realization of a world where people can benefit from AI without being conscious of it. I will come. ■Overview of our services
[Image 2d54025-98-81043b81961ff29fa93d-1.png&s3=54025-98-4b1c307c3184acefc486bc81fbb60257-2295x940.png
・Master Hub *Patented
Master Hub is a development platform that aggregates the know-how necessary for collaboration.
Development by Master Hub realizes high-quality system integration at less than half the cost compared to general outsourced development, and enables stable operation.
[Image 3d54025-98-55323dab52eaf42d4a32-2.png&s3=54025-98-cf7c8f1bcbd98ca60eb33eb2d43916bc-3023x472.png
SaaStainer is a collaborative app store that realizes data linkage with no code. Even if you don’t have know-how about API linkage, you can easily link with the linked applications listed on the app store.
Automate various tasks, draw out the original power of SaaS, and use it to improve your business.
SaaStainer official page:
SaaStainer Official Twitter:
■ Strategit Co., Ltd.
As a presence that fills the gaps that are issues in the
spread/promotion of SaaS, SaaS-linked service Master Hub
( and SaaS-linked app store SaaStainer ( /) is provided.
Through SaaS API linkage, it is possible to support solving business problems and providing value to users.
At Strategit, we have the know-how and achievements that enable us to understand solutions, aim to improve user operations and services, and take responsibility for everything from planning, design, development, and operation.
■Company profile
Location: 7F PMO Tamachi, 5-31-17 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Fumie Kato, President and Representative Director Established: July 2, 2019
Business: SaaS collaborative development, SaaS introduction consulting URL:
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*Information is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that information is subject to change without notice.
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