Support for re-challenge! ! “Subsidy pilots” who are familiar with SME support such as “9th business recon struction subsidy” and “14th manufacturing subsidy” have started accepting application support!

Rudders Co., Ltd.
Support for re-challenge! ! “Subsidy pilots” who are familiar with SME support such as “9th business reconstruction subsidy” and “14th manufacturing subsidy” have started accepting application support! Please contact us if you have been turned down by other support organizations. [Available nationwide, accepting free online

RUDDERS Co., Ltd. (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director Masahiro Hiraoka), which supports the promotion of DX and financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, has experienced small and medium-sized enterprise diagnosticians and IT engineers who provide consultation on the use of subsidies and We have a track record of funding totaling 300 million yen, including application support. We have started consultation and acceptance of application support for the “9th business restructuring subsidy” and “14th manufacturing subsidy”. A small and medium enterprise management consultant with a high selection record will support the creation of a business plan that maximizes the possibility of adoption.
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▼ What is “business restructuring subsidy”?
In the With-Corona/Post-Corona era, in order to respond to changes in the economy and society due to the spread of COVID-19 and soaring crude oil and commodity prices, we will implement bold “business restructuring” such as expansion of new fields such as small and medium-sized enterprises and conversion of business types, businesses, and industries. It is a subsidy that supports construction. In the 8th public offering, there are 6 frames: -Regular frame-, -Large-scale wage increase frame-, -Recovery/revitalization support frame-, -Minimum wage frame-, -Green growth frame-, -Emergency measure frame- can be applied for, and we have started accepting application support for all industries and business categories.
Business reconstruction subsidy official page
*The application deadline for the 9th public offering is until 18:00 on Friday, March 24, 2023.
▼ What is “manufacturing subsidy”?
It supports capital investment, etc. for the improvement of innovative service development, prototype development, and production processes that SMEs and small businesses are working on. From the 10th call for applications, in addition to the regular quota, -recovery-type wage increase/employment expansion quota-, -digital quota-, and -green quota- have been newly established.
Especially in the digital frame, it is possible to apply for system development etc. necessary for improving production processes (improving operational efficiency) and service provision methods using digital technology. We also have IT engineers, so please feel free to contact us.
Manufacturing subsidy official page ( *The application deadline for the 14th public offering is until 17:00 on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.
[Features of subsidy support for subsidy pilots]
1. Support by a nationally qualified “Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant”
As a management consultant, the only national qualification “Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant” provides full support from business plan creation to application.
Our experts, who boast a high acceptance rate, will support you in creating a business plan that includes the main points of the screening process.
2. Supporting SMEs Nationwide
We use e-mail and web conferencing systems (Zoom, etc.) to support nationwide. So far, we have a track record of support regardless of region, Tohoku, Kanto, Kinki, Kyushu.
3. Support regardless of industry
We support any type of business, including manufacturing, logistics, information and communications, retail, wholesale, construction, and restaurants.
4. Support for utilization of IT and digital technology
Business restructuring subsidies require the use of digital technology when implementing new businesses or streamlining operations. We have the face of an IT engineer, and at the stage of creating a business plan, we can propose IT suitable for your company and incorporate it into the business plan.
[Examples of support recipients]
-Business restructuring subsidy-
・ Construction industry (Kanto): Gardening cafe where you can consult on remodeling
・Design business (Kanto): Rental photography studio business ・Therapeutic business (Kansai): Foot care salon business
・ Restaurant business (Kanto): Day camp workation business
-Manufacturing subsidy-
・Logistics industry (Kanto): Introduction of a logistics management system to improve operational efficiency
・Manufacturing (Kanto): Introduction of “NC machine tools” for wood processing [Image 2d101674-5-f1d03522ca7bccfd4221-1.png&s3=101674-5-001291c6c551e566e87b0850b3723d67-1339x366.png
Consultation from business operators who have worries and doubts such as “Is it possible to apply for a business in the first place, is it a capital investment?”, “What are the points to note when applying?” We accept
Please contact us using the “Contact Us” form on the site below.
▼ About RUDDERS Co., Ltd.
We are developing services that focus on sales expansion, cost reduction, and cash management, which are management issues for many companies. Advances in IT technology have created an environment that makes it easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce new businesses and work efficiency systems. In Japan, there are many subsidy systems that support corporate management.
We make full use of the latest technology and a wealth of fundraising achievements to face these management challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. We help small and medium-sized businesses around the world thrive.
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