Survey results What is your husband’s unforgivable place? The first place is “I don’t do housework”!

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[Survey results] What is your husband’s unforgivable place? The first place is “I don’t do housework”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. We conducted a
questionnaire survey on Mr. We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (teens: 0, 20s: 30, 30s: 92, 40s: 50, 50s: 23, 60s and over: 5)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: January 17, 2023
Survey report: Announcement date: February 19, 2023
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Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “What is your husband’s unforgivable place?”
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1st place: no housework
・A place where you pretend to do only the outside and don’t help much. ・When my husband is not at work, I take care of childcare and housework by myself. I’m here. And I can’t forgive you for having a triumphant look and attitude that you’ve raised a child.
・My husband has a long work schedule and few days off, so it may be unavoidable, but he no longer does most of the housework, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, and throwing away garbage. After the birth of my child, I recently started working myself, and I fell asleep with him when I put him to bed, so I couldn’t cook for him. I’m happy. ・I work, and when I come home, I am busy with housework and raising children. My husband watches TV leisurely, so I think it’s unfair. ・Even if I ask for simple help, I can’t do anything.
・I don’t really do anything about the house.
2nd place: don’t listen
・I get angry because I sometimes say that I didn’t hear what I was talking about.
・I don’t listen to stories that I’m not interested in, so I feel like it’s troublesome because I have to repeat the same story and check things over and over again.
・Even if I try hard to talk or explain, I just nod and mostly watch TV. ・Do not listen to people with age, and be ignored at worst.
・Because I pretend to listen.
・Anyway, he won’t listen to me. He always says what he wants to say, and his story is cut off with one word, “I don’t care.” But
persistent. If I keep silent, I will say sarcasm endlessly. It’s a troublesome morata husband.
3rd place: Spending money roughly or stingy
-I can’t stand what I want without any prospect of payment.
・I’m a heavy drinker, and I spend a lot of money on alcohol both outside and at home.
・When my husband eats out, he only asks for the cheapest menu item. I would like to order a set menu of about 1,000 yen, but it is difficult to order if I am told first, “I will have water and mini chashu rice bowl (about 300 yen).” I think you should ask for a higher price. ・Because I’m starting to suffer.
・Although they spend money on their own hobbies, they are reluctant to spend money on family events.
・Because I buy things without worrying about it.
4th place: I live the same life as when I was single
・Basically, I am the center and it is not a plan or life rhythm that takes into account my schedule and convenience. Even when I ask them for their opinions, they only talk about me, so I always tell them, “It’s about the two of us!”
・It’s strange to say that you don’t have enough pocket money to buy sweets and juice at a convenience store, just like you did when you were single.
・I want you to focus more on your family.
・Because I act at my own pace, not at my child’s pace, if I don’t match it, it won’t work and I get frustrated, but it’s hard to say that I’m getting paid, and I feel like I’m cheating.
・I want to save on utility bills such as water heaters, but I’m worried about the timing of taking a bath at my own pace.
5th: Prioritize your hobbies over your family
・I don’t have money and I’m having a hard time cutting food expenses, but I spend a lot on golf.
・Priority is given to what I want to do, so my convenience is irrelevant. ・Even if I can’t go out for my family, if it’s my hobby, I’ll go out even if I’m on vacation or tired.
・Because I go out alone on weekends.
・ Even if you have a child, you will get frustrated if your actions are the top priority, and the relationship between your husband and wife will not go well.
・I feel like I can’t forgive the fact that my hobby is the best and I’m enjoying my time.
6th place: Work all the time
・Since I am too busy, I sometimes think that work is important, but I also want each other’s time.
・There is only one day off a week, and various burdens come here. ・I work every day except New Year’s.
・I work all the time, so thanks to this, I have one operation 365 days a year. ・Because I work late at night and on my days off.
7th place: Do not cooperate with child care
・Because it’s irritating to act in the same way as when I was single. ・Even though we have two children, we think that raising children should be done by the mother.
[Summary] What part of this questionnaire can’t you forgive your husband? 1st place was “I don’t do housework”
It makes me want to shout, “I have a lot to do every day, so do a little!” Even though I don’t cooperate, I’m going to get irritated if I complain more. I want you to understand how much I appreciate my wife’s existence.
Once you’ve come this far, it may be difficult to change people, but don’t give up!
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