Sutekina Jikan Co., Ltd. I’ve been waiting for this! Everything is “just right” Affordable coffee petit gift. Introducing a new assortment box of 4 types of 4 cups of “Panjikan” that you will want to give to sophisticated people ♪

Tsujimoto Coffee
I’ve been waiting for this! Everything is “just right” Affordable coffee petit gift. Introducing a new assortment box of 4 types of 4 cups of “Panjikan” that you will want to give to sophisticated people ♪
For a little return. Thank you for your daily gratitude. A
high-quality coffee assortment box made with 100% specialty coffee that can be used for any occasion. Would you like to present the marriage of bread and coffee?

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Sutekina Jikan Co., Ltd. (located in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Tomohisa Tsujimoto), which operates the coffee shop “TSUJIMOTO coffee” that delivers discerning coffee and smiles, will start selling drip coffee “Pan” from February 8 (Wednesday). Jikan” assorted box sales have started.

What is “panjikan”?
[Image 2d20927-27-14c3709e66caf50af176-6.jpg&s3=20927-27-7196292a27e8db598e1ece8770379321-1200x800.jpg
Coffee that is perfect for bread with the theme of “a wonderful time starting with bread and coffee”.
Q grader Tsujimoto considers the marriage of each of the four types of “croissant, cream bread, baguette, and jam toast”, selects specialty coffee, and carefully roasts it to create a proud drip coffee. Freshly roasted and ground, each cup is made into a drip bag coffee. [Image 3d20927-27-dfba106facaea4e1839a-17.jpg&s3=20927-27-4b36f361b2950f2c75a84089a5a35c47-1200x450.jpg

A cute package that is simple and sophisticated yet has an impact. The design was handled by “Hikosaka Woodblock Studio”, which is widely active in food packaging, advertisements, miscellaneous goods illustrations, etc.
[Image 4d20927-27-3d24b5fcb4bfc573649b-24.jpg&s3=20927-27-033ad8acebacfb3d8134c53648cdf805-1770x788.jpg
(Photo left: Mr. Yuki Hikosaka, Photo right: Mr. Mori and Izumi) In 2021, he won the invitation-only design award “TOP AWARDS ASIA 2021”, which is judged by prominent creators from Asian countries. Selected as one of 12 unique packages.
[Image 5d20927-27-6f042c11c95d9752a068-25.jpg&s3=20927-27-4f521bc2491910ae644041f18d2abf5a-800x229.jpg

From the high quality and delicious coffee and the gorgeousness of the package, “Panjikan” is popular as a sophisticated drip coffee that is known to those in the know.
This time, an assorted box of “Panjikan” was born ♪

Everything is “just right”.
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Handy size.
Portable weight.
And the price is easy on your wallet.
Everything is “just right” assorted box♪
[Image 7d20927-27-97abcbac19cb58d46b4e-19.jpg&s3=20927-27-017b4a7bd43bfef2f53d3142d0d6ac4f-1200x800.jpg
● For any occasion♪
A birthday present for those who like bread and coffee.
A little thank you in return.
Of course, as a reward for yourself.
Drip bag coffee that does not require special equipment will match any occasion. [Image 8d20927-27-13e03d031d7649333ccc-7.jpg&s3=20927-27-4cb85a7e24919449a762aedfd5b7c686-1200x800.jpg
● With sincerity in the assembly kit.
In online sales, there are “assembly kits” that you assemble yourself, and pre-assembled set sales.
With the assembly kit, you can also put a letter in the box for a pleasant surprise!
Receiving is easy because it arrives by mail.

In a corner of the wonderful dining table
[Image 9d20927-27-9adcc8c639d0e2ca28af-8.jpg&s3=20927-27-8f9dc5997917e002d1822e9547989586-3900x2600.jpg
A wonderful coffee life that begins on the day you receive it. Arrange your favorite bread and “Panjikan” on the usual dining table, and imagine your face as the giver, a “nice time”.
We hope that it will be a gift that makes you happy to give and happy to receive.
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[Image 10d20927-27-7d4778ef1a399127b960-15.jpg&s3=20927-27-26d2c723d6d2dbcceff1f972321b0074-750x750.jpg
special drip coffee
“Panjikan” 4 types 4 bowls Assorted Box Assembly Kit
¥1,188 (tax included)
Official online shop:
Rakuten Ichiba:

[Image 11d20927-27-176311f18d2a6bcfb4bd-16.jpg&s3=20927-27-3657e52380b9d90230e066d6f29c10b3-750x750.jpg
special drip coffee
“Panjikan” 4 kinds 4 cups Assorted box Assembly kit x 2 pieces ¥2,160 (tax included)
Official online shop: Rakuten Market:

[Image 12d20927-27-0de17b6e3a980151b20b-12.jpg&s3=20927-27-b6762e83c7e7b16b2607d6754b5b9e25-400x400.jpg
special drip coffee
“Panjikan” 4 kinds 4 bowls Assorted box 20 pieces
¥17,280 (tax included)
Official online shop: Rakuten Market:

If you are considering wholesale sales, such as craft bakeries and select shops nationwide, please contact us using the form below.
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-Reference URL-
■ Hikosaka Woodcut Studio
Official website:
Panjikan Award Page: ■ TSUJIMOTO coffee Co., Ltd.
1156-1 Harukicho, Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture 594-1141
Official website:
Official online shop:
Panjikan Official Page: [Image 14d20927-27-fa74926a80a77122671b-9.png&s3=20927-27-f404dd3e151ea2fedfddf3dcd9358003-756x285.png

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