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Taro Gomi’s latest book “Tondeyasude Kangaete…” released & the first e-book released at once!

Kaiseisha Co., Ltd.
Taro Gomi’s latest book “Tondeyasude Kangaete…” released & the first e-book released at once!
A cheering song for children from Taro Gomi! “Fly and think about it…” will be released on January 18th. In addition, 22 picture books by Mr. Gomi, including new ones, are now available as e-books.
Kaiseisha Co., Ltd. (publisher, head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, president: Masaki Imamura) published “Fly and think about it…” (written and illustrated by Taro Gomi) on January 18, 2023.
Furthermore, along with the release, we released e-books of 22 picture books by Taro Gomi, including new ones.
[Image 1d26693-134-eda6346928a4f71f7b1e-0.jpg&s3=26693-134-a886a46799f78ae3439322fc63deb137-1070x1181.jpg
“Fly and think about it…” Kaiseisha website bibliographic information ▼
“Fly and think about it…” Synopsis
A little bird flying in the forest. Birds are still small and cannot fly very long. It flies away, takes a rest, eats nuts, flies again, takes a rest, and so on, little by little. Just when you think you’ve passed through the forest… ah! ! “The vast ocean stretched out as far as the bird’s eye could see.” How do you cross an ocean that has nowhere to rest and no fruit on the way? Little birds think hard. [Image 2d26693-134-1321ed4113c8b437ef27-2.jpg&s3=26693-134-368594241e110a0be571d77569d7ef7f-1181x652.jpg
[Image 3d26693-134-a5ec8f157e888f48268f-1.jpg&s3=26693-134-b30168570383f5ad1ecfef5cd833b7ac-1181x649.jpg
Mr. Taro Gomi has created many picture books with free ideas that are not bound by “ordinary”. The main character of this work is a small bird that seems to have inherited Gomi’s soul. A little bird that hits the wall of not being able to cross the sea, thinks freely, “Why don’t you try it like this?” It reminds me of Taro Gomi.
You can decide when to take the first step. Of course, you don’t have to step out. It is a picture book that makes you feel refreshed after reading it, as if someone was pompoming your back.
Gomi Taro’s picture book all digitized!
Along with the publication of “Fly and think about it…”, 22 picture books (including new ones) by Taro Gomi have become e-books! We will digitize Taro Gomi’s picture books several times in the future. [Image 4d26693-134-b6ac6bb5d6b9602e2565-3.jpg&s3=26693-134-07b248d4ce68dd131909c41b23c280c5-1817x815.jpg
Kaiseisha New e-book▼
About the author
Written and illustrated by Taro Gomi
Born in Tokyo in 1945. Entered the creative activity of picture books from the world of industrial design, and presented many unique works. From children to adults, it has a wide range of fans. He has written nearly 400 books, and many picture books have been translated around the world. Major works include “Gingyo ga Escape”, “Everyone’s Poop”, “Gift from the Window”, the “Word Encyclopedia” series, and “Saru Rururu”.
Book details
[Image 5d26693-134-eda6346928a4f71f7b1e-0.jpg&s3=26693-134-a886a46799f78ae3439322fc63deb137-1070x1181.jpg
Book title: Thinking about Tondayasude…
Written and illustrated by Taro Gomi
List price: 1,300 yen + tax
Target: From 3 years old
Size: 25cm x 23cm
Number of pages: 32 pages
ISBN code: 978-4-03-350280-9
Release date: January 18, 2023
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