Tenma Released “MiteCare”, a men’s home checker that lets you anonymously check the condition of your sperm with a smartphone.

Tenma Co., Ltd.
Released “MiteCare”, a men’s home checker that lets you anonymously check the condition of your sperm with a smartphone
~ Supporting fertility for men and couples suffering from infertility with health tech ~

Tenma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President: Hirohiko Hirono) will enter the solution business, aiming to solve social issues using technology as part of promoting new businesses. As the first step, we will start selling the health tech service “MiteCare” from February 1, 2023, which allows you to easily check the condition of your sperm with your smartphone and use it for fertility. [Image 1d72178-4-eaa5436d5b5d66a26b01-0.jpg&s3=72178-4-94f3b2b6e80189b68b0fd7e03c1761d9-744x597.jpg
MiteCare is a sperm checker to support couples who are facing infertility concerns, and is a home kit and online service that supports the first step towards male fertility.
Service to support men’s fertility
While Japan has a major social issue of declining birthrate, there are also many people who are suffering from infertility.
In particular, while it is said that men are less likely to take an active interest in the issue of infertility, according to a WHO survey, about 48% of the causes of infertility are attributable to men as well.
 The reasons why men are unable to be proactive about infertility are mainly due to time constraints and mental constraints. In addition to time constraints due to work, it is said that there are such things as “embarrassed to go to a gynecologist or women’s clinic”, “reluctant to have an examination on the spot”, and “overconfidence that I am okay”. With MiteCare, by attaching a special lens to your smartphone, you can easily take a video of your own sperm condition at home, and anonymously send the video file from the dedicated site to a certified incubator. Using the WHO standard value as a reference value, the certified culturist will send a report on the condition of the sperm in the video file taken, making it easier for men and couples who are suffering from infertility to take the first step toward getting pregnant. This will encourage early infertility treatment.
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Features of MiteCare
1. By attaching the dedicated lens to the camera part of the smartphone, it is possible to easily shoot a video of the sperm sample.
2. The captured video can be uploaded anonymously to the dedicated site “Cloud Incubation Room”, and after uploading, the video will be checked by a “cultivator” who is an expert in reproductive technology, and will be referred to the WHO standard value. Report as value. A culturist is a specialist who handles embryos (fertilized eggs). He is deeply involved in infertility treatment and is a medical practitioner responsible for assisted reproductive medicine such as in vitro fertilization.
3. Up to 3 videos can be uploaded to the cloud culture room, so variations in sperm condition due to poor physical condition or stress can be analyzed on average and comprehensively by videos taken on different days. A visual check is performed, and the cultivator reports. (*Answer report will be sent once.)
*This service is a simple check tool for semen status and is not a medical diagnosis. We recommend that you seek medical attention if necessary.
-Product introduction-
Product name: MiteCare
Scheduled release date: Starting from February 1, 2023
Dimensions: Approx. 126 (W) x 130 (D) x 18 (H) mm
Contents: Observation loupe, serial code for report application, measurement tube with memory (for semen volume observation), sampling cup, sampling stick, double-sided sticker
JAN code: 4904746141507
Reference price: 5,980 yen (tax included)
-Package design-
[Image 4d72178-4-2348e4dcf5385c88f665-3.jpg&s3=72178-4-48dd89254dd748a175319860f8ecd26b-1378x993.jpg
-About Tenma Co., Ltd.-
 Tenma is a general daily necessities manufacturer that has continued to provide various hit products in the plastic daily necessities industry for 73 years since its founding. Fits Case, which has been developed since the 1980s, is a leading manufacturer of daily necessities that sets the standard for storage cases in Japan and pursues “rich lives for people” by providing excellent products and services.
MiteCare brand site
URL: https://mitecare.net/
Online shop (Amazon)
URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0BSV1SQXN
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