-The 1st anniversary of “Urukamo”, evolving with the implementation of DM functions, etc.-The progress and achievements of a year of aiming to match those who want to sell and those who want to buy are released in infographics

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
-The 1st anniversary of “Urukamo”, evolving with the implementation of DM functions, etc.-The progress and achievements of a year of aiming to match those who want to sell and those who want to buy are released in infographics
1st anniversary & 3000 member registration thank you campaign will start from 2/9

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroki Murakami, hereinafter “Tsukuruba”), a matching service for people who want to sell and buy a house “Urukamo” (https://cowcamo.jp/) urucamo) will be one year old on February 10, 2023.
On February 10, 2022, Urukamo will start providing services with minimal functions in a short period of three months from planning, with the policy of “creating a co-creative real estate platform with users”. For the past year, we have been working on improving the service and adding functions while interacting with users.
As a result, nearly 90% of users rated it as a “new experience in buying and selling homes.” By adding a DM function that allows prospective buyers to directly send questions and requests for previews to prospective sellers, matching on the web has been strengthened, and previews have already occurred through direct exchanges between users. doing. The number of registered members is more than 3,400, and the cumulative number of posted properties is more than 280 without using any advertising expenses, and the pace of increase in the number of members is about the same as the first year of Kaukamo, a sister service.
[Image 1d43247-116-58e152cbe09c5e549318-7.jpg&s3=43247-116-0cc26fb9627889c6b589e328714de746-1910x1000.jpg
In commemoration of the 1st anniversary, we will publish an
infographic that looks back on the progress and achievements of the past year, and will also start the “1st Anniversary & 3,000 Member Registration Thank You Campaign” for a limited time. (Campaign details https://note.com/urucamo/n/nbb33b29fce6f)

User experience: Nearly 90% of those considering purchasing and selling evaluated it as a “new experience”

On Urukamo, prospective buyers of owned homes can post information about their homes on Urukamo, and prospective buyers can add reactions with stamps and send questions and requests for previews via DM. When we asked 108 people considering purchasing and 52 people considering selling using Urukamo, 88.9% of those considering purchasing and 88.5% of those considering selling evaluated that “Urucamo’s experience is new.”
The top reasons why prospective buyers feel that the property is new are “the owner (seller) has registered the property information themselves” (66.7%) and “the property is posted before the sale” (63.5%). was. The top reasons why prospective buyers felt that the product was new were “getting direct feedback from prospective buyers” (78.3%) and “being able to collect information to decide whether to sell” (50.0%).
[Image 2d43247-116-327fcc0a4596e056086e-2.jpg&s3=43247-116-239005df6d7fefdd86b99a64282b940e-1500x1222.jpg

[Image 3d43247-116-50e7705b38680ebd16ef-0.jpg&s3=43247-116-a16359a9b90995468b359432ad23ac9f-1500x825.jpg
[Image 4d43247-116-eea4c95fda9056702f84-1.jpg&s3=43247-116-d1921af7a7ea8adee6dc778a8cc4f220-1500x969.jpg
The total number of reactions over the past year was over 7,600, with a maximum of 219 reactions per property and an average of 27. As a result of considering selling using Urukamo, more than 50 properties were actually put up for sale (transferred to sale).
[Image 5d43247-116-5fddecf626b447dc5aba-3.jpg&s3=43247-116-931c62e339ddb0e4d50a92148e725df9-1500x962.jpg

Evolution of the service: Enhancement of matching by implementing the DM function

Urukamo began providing services on February 10, 2022 with minimal functions, and has added one or more functions every month while repeating user surveys and UX research.
Among them, the DM function added in December 2022 greatly changed the user experience in real estate transactions between individuals. With the DM function, prospective purchasers can directly send questions and requests for previews to prospective sellers (house owners and contributors), enabling more realistic exchanges of buying and selling intentions. became. Since adding the DM function on December 5th, more than one DM has been exchanged between users a day, and there have already been previews born from direct exchanges between users. [Image 6d43247-116-de1a61d32e590c9a9ad7-4.jpg&s3=43247-116-e704fab6b1e92120d03043a8a37c64f4-1500x1265.jpg

Registered members/property postings: Steady progress

Urukamo can register as a member for those who are considering selling their home or looking for a home, and the number of registered members has exceeded 3,400. In addition, the cumulative total of properties under consideration for sale posted by registered users exceeded 280 without attracting customers through advertising.
[Image 7d43247-116-d16399486a44b4979e6f-5.jpg&s3=43247-116-f5deaacd8b120e9aebd6cfae3acb43ac-1500x636.jpg
Based on the trend of posted properties, Urukamo has a lineup that is easy to use for those who are looking for a renovated apartment in Tokyo and want to find a bargain (a property that has not yet been put up for sale).
・More than 85% of properties in Tokyo
・In terms of price range, the 50-60 million yen range is the most common, accounting for about 23%, and the 30-60 million yen range accounts for about 60%.
・40% of apartments are 50-70 square meters, and 70 square meters or more and less than 50 square meters are about the same.
・Renovated properties exceed 80%.
[Image 8d43247-116-de18673f7a997c50d55c-6.jpg&s3=43247-116-b682735064fad9ffdf650bc1a6b88c31-1500x1732.jpg

Overview of “1st Anniversary & 3,000 Member Registration Thank You Campaign”

To celebrate the first anniversary, a login campaign will be held from February 9th, where 100 people will receive an Amazon gift card of 3,000 yen by lottery.
[Image 9d43247-116-ef8149d65c45018d27e4-8.png&s3=43247-116-e052349fc50c125ea3f0ae8b4c8c1198-1280x670.png
From those who log in between February 9 (Thursday) and March 13 (Monday), 2023 and access the Urukamo official website, 100 people will receive a gift certificate by lottery. If you are not a member, you need to register as a member and then log in. Please take this opportunity to use Urukamo, which is rated as a “new experience” by nearly 90% of users.
Campaign details https://note.com/urucamo/n/nbb33b29fce6f
-About Urukamo-
Urukamo (service launch on February 10, 2022) is a service for people who are considering selling their homes to easily post information and meet people who are looking for a home, and people who want to sell and buy homes. is a matching service. If you are considering selling your home, you can search for buyers by posting information about your home, and you can proceed with the sale at your own pace. If you are looking for a home, you can directly send questions or purchase intentions to the owner. https://cowcamo.jp/urucamo
-Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
An invention company that continues to create businesses that will eventually become culture. Under the mission of “creating the desired future through ‘place invention'”, we are inventing places that combine design, business, and technology.
Company name: Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth Securities Code: 2978) Location: Second Ikura Building 2F, 1-1-5 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Established: August 2011
Representative: Hiroki Murakami, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Business description: Planning, development, and operation of the used housing marketplace “cowcamo”
(https://cowcamo.jp/), matching service “Urucamo” for people who want to sell and buy homes ( https://cowcamo.jp/urucamo/), real estate planning and design business including shared workplace “co-ba” (https://co-ba.net/) and space production
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