The 2023 version of the “NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test”, which recorded more than 320,000 tests last year, is now available!

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The 2023 version of the “NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test”, which recorded more than 320,000 tests last year, is now available! This year as well, the “English proficiency test” will be released in conjunction with the start of reservations for the April issue of the new NHK English textbook! If you choose a test according to your English learning concerns and take it, you can diagnose the
recommended English learning method!

The NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test 2023 has been released to coincide with the start of accepting reservations for the April issue of the 2023 NHK English Textbook. This test is a popular web content that is released every February, and last year recorded over 320,000 times (total number of times taken)! If you access the site, you can challenge the English test given by talented instructors for free without registration.
This year, we have released three tests: “Basic Ability,” “Dialogue Ability,” and “Reading Ability,” which you can choose according to your concerns about learning English. By taking the test, you can diagnose recommended English learning methods and NHK textbooks. In addition, for a limited time until April 30, a Twitter campaign will be held to win a JTB travel ticket worth 50,000 yen.
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“English proficiency test” provided by NHK Publishing. In 2023, more diagnostic elements will be added.
From those who have already studied English with NHK textbooks to those who are still wondering how to study English, it is a content that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.
Point 1. Release 3 tests at the same time

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At this year’s “NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test 2023” site, a very cute cat character by illustrator Kenta Kitahara welcomes test takers.
▸Click here for more information about Kenta Kitahara
The genre of the test has also been renewed, and it is now possible to select the test according to your concerns and anxieties about learning English. The estimated time required is about 5 minutes at the shortest, and it is a specification that you can try even in the gap time.
-Three tests of the 2023 English proficiency test-
Basic ability test
What this test can measure ・Level: Basic English proficiency learned in junior high school and high school
It measures whether you have the foundation necessary to make use of English. You can check your English proficiency from introductory junior high school to intermediate high school level, which is essential for school English preparation and review and basic level exams.
→Recommended for those who have such troubles
・I want to learn English again, but I can’t reach out because I’m not good at it…
・First of all, I want to check if I have the basics of English! ・I want to help my child study English, but I’m not confident in my English ability…
● Dialogue skill test
What this test can measure ・Level: Practical English skills necessary for communication
We measure the practical English skills necessary for actually conversing with foreigners and watching and listening to conversations in English. It checks your knowledge of everyday English phrases and your ability to compose English sentences.
→Recommended for those who have such troubles
・I’ve studied English, but I’m not confident that I can master it… ・I want to be able to communicate with foreigners!
・I want to be able to enjoy Western movies and music without translation! ● Reading comprehension test
What this test can measure ・Level: High-level English proficiency that can read and comprehend complex English sentences
This test measures the applied English skills necessary for reading English news, communicating and emailing in English in business situations, and taking high-level exams. It tests the ability to read and understand English, which is often required.
→Recommended for those who have such troubles
・I want to test my English skills and gain more confidence!
・I want to study for qualifications related to English in my free time! ・ I want English skills that can be used in business situations! [Image 3d18219-640-2c032b911db3f363563a-2.jpg&s3=18219-640-effbc8024746e01466449a02ddf952b0-1484x1021.jpg

Point 2. You can diagnose the recommended English learning method by taking the test

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“NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test 2023” allows you to diagnose recommended English learning methods. For those who have not started learning English yet, or those who want to move on to the next step of learning English, please use it to solve the problem of “how to learn English.” In addition, you can also diagnose recommended NHK texts, so you can refer to them when choosing NHK texts.
Point 3. There is also a Twitter campaign where you can win luxurious prizes! [Image 5d18219-640-0e64f3e95aa117eba726-5.png&s3=18219-640-ecea08bbff25dd6cd892eb088a1d7fd2-1080x1080.png
From the release date of “NHK Publishing English Proficiency Test 2023”, “Share the test results and win a JTB travel ticket worth 50,000 yen! Twitter campaign”. Applying is easy. Just take the test and share the results on Twitter (*).
4 people will win a JTB travel ticket worth 50,000 yen by lottery from those who shared!
It would be nice to use a travel voucher to go on a trip and feel that you have become able to use English. Please feel free to apply. * When applying, it is a prerequisite that you follow the “NHK Publishing Marketing Department” account (@nhkpb_text) and that the Twitter account you are applying for is set to public.
* The campaign period is from 12:00 on February 14, 2023 to 23:59 on April 30, 2023.
Point 4. A quick and easy test & mini-test will also be released All 8 tests are 4-choice questions, so you can quickly solve them in as little as 5 minutes. After completing the test, the teacher will give you detailed explanations, so please use it for review. In addition, mini-tests will be released after summer on the official NHK Textbook LINE account and the official NHK Textbook Facebook page, Language Cafe. We support English learning throughout the year by taking regular tests to check the growth of your English skills and motivating you to study.
NHK text official LINE account ⇒
NHK Text Official Facebook Page “Language Cafe” ⇒
Reservations for NHK English textbook April issue start

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NHK text web page image
The NHK Publishing official website has started accepting reservations for purchasing English texts and subscriptions from the April 2023 issue. We have also released the new year’s text lineup and general content, so please take a look at it along with the challenge of the English proficiency test.
Details about this release:

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