The 4th anniversary of the release of the Assistance x Travel “Otetsu Tabi” service. Publish infographics. Intro ducing the “connection” with the region where you were born

Otetsutabi Co., Ltd.
The 4th anniversary of the release of the Assistance x Travel “Otetsu Tabi” service. Publish infographics. Introducing the “connection” with the region where you were born
Over 30,000 registered users and over 900 accepting businesses
Otetsutabi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Rina Nagaoka, hereinafter referred to as “Otetsutabi”), which operates the matching site “Otetsutabi” that creates “encounters with the region” with the labor shortage. ”) celebrated its 4th anniversary on January 30th. To commemorate this, we are publishing an infographic. [Image 1

Otetsutabi 4th Anniversary Message from Founder Rina Nagaoka [Image 2

I want to create an opportunity for more people to casually travel to various parts of Japan, get into the local areas, and learn about Japan’s endearingly rich charms! “Otetsu Tabi” is a service that was born from such a thought.
Over the past four years, I have been supported by many people and made many encounters with many people through Otetsu Tabi. I am confident that the world I wanted to create was not wrong.
It’s fun because I’m going to an area I don’t know. Areas that seem empty are more interesting. People who have traveled to Otetsutabi will be able to get into the area through their help, make many wonderful discoveries and experiences, and before they know it, they will return to the area as something special to them. It would be great if you could suggest a shape.
I would like to continue to make it known to more and more people, and create a world where even people who do not have famous tourist attractions like my hometown of Owase City in Mie Prefecture visit as a matter of course. Also, areas that you don’t know or areas that tend to be said to be “somewhere” are also interesting! I would like to create a culture that
Over 30,000 registered users and over 900 accepting businesses [Image 3

The number of registrants doubled due to the corona sickness, and the number of registered users exceeded 30,000.
The number of accepting businesses has expanded to 900 in 47 prefectures nationwide.
・The background to the increase in users is that more people are turning their attention to “domestic” during the period when overseas travel was restricted due to the corona crisis, and telework and online classes allow them to work and take classes while traveling. It is thought that the number of people who use it for the purpose of looking for a place to move from urban areas to rural areas has increased.
・As for the background of the increase in business operators, in addition to the fact that it is becoming difficult to attract human resources only in the neighborhood due to the depopulation and aging of the region, many lodging business operators have slimmed down the number of employees due to the corona crisis, and they are busy. It is conceivable that Tetsutabi matched the need to secure spot human resources only for a certain period.
We carry out Otetsu Tabi in 47 prefectures nationwide!
[Image 4

Otetsu Tabi can be accepted anywhere in the 47 prefectures of Japan. Who are the participants? (Participant attributes)
[Image 5

60% of the participants are in their teens and 20s, mainly college students, but since the corona crisis, freelancers, working people, people who are changing jobs, housewives, seniors, etc. Thank you for your participation.
What is your reason for participating in Otetsutabi?
[Image 6

You can see that many people use Otetsu-Tabi because they are attracted to interacting with local people and chance encounters with places not found in guidebooks.
Changes before and after participating in OtetsuTabi
[Image 7

[Image 8

77.5% of the participants visited “regions they had never been to” (47.7% of them were “regions they did not even know existed”), and more than 90% answered that they “would like to visit the region again”.
Otetsu-Tabi is a trip to enter an unfamiliar area, make many wonderful discoveries and experiences, and before you know it, it has become a “special area” for you. The shape of the new journey that we are aiming for is being created.
* From the “Questionnaire after Otetsu-Tabi” conducted from November 2022 to January 31, 2023
This connection was born
◇Imigration triggered by Otetsu-Tabi!
[Image 9

[Otetsu Tabi] “Abe Farm”, Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
[Image 10

[Destination] Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture “Ryokan Sawaki”:
◇Students who participated in the Tetsutabi in Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture founded the student group “Ookuma Walkers”!
We are working to create more exchanges and related populations in Okuma Town. Okuma Walkers: [Otetsu Tabi] Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture “Okuma Town
Accommodation Hot Spring Facility Hot Okuma”
[Image 11

◇Wedding at the table!
Mr. and Mrs. Oyamada who participated in Otetsutabi as a couple. It seems that the wedding was held at the inn ahead of the hotel, triggered by the encounter with the inn. Wedding ceremony:

[Destination] Hirayama Ryokan, Iki City, Nagasaki
[Image 12

◇Commercialized in the wake of Otetsutabi!
A woman who participated in the Tetsutabi event at “Kazumi Nouen” in Yura, Wakayama introduced Yura’s mandarin oranges to her part-time job in Tokyo. A tart using mandarin oranges from “Kazumi Farm” has been commercialized.
[Destination] Yura-cho, Wakayama “Kazumi Farm”
[Image 13d36175-79-7acc3954183b606c3bee-26.jpg&s3=36175-79-bc4a8ce0b5e877587904d14d030a36d6-1910x1000.jpg
(Photo courtesy of tart specialty store “bateau a tartes”
Creating local fans and cheering squads in addition to resolving labor shortages “Otetsu Tabi” not only solves the labor shortage, but also creates encounters with people and the region. I believe that new
“connections” are born through encounters, which is one of the possibilities of helping.
Even though I don’t live in the area, I go to help only during the busy season, sometimes visit as a customer, and run the economy as a consumer who keeps buying things in the area.
I believe that by having two or three areas that everyone loves and increasing the number of people who are continuously involved with those areas, we can create a future where areas with a declining population can survive.
As we operate the service, we sometimes feel the difficulty of the service we are creating and the world we are aiming for. . Because we are a team with many members who have strong feelings for the region, we would like to work together to create a future where people will naturally visit regions that are often said to be “nowhere”. For those who are in trouble due to labor shortage
At Otetsu Tabi, we are looking for businesses, regions, local governments, JAs, etc. who are in trouble with short-term and seasonal labor shortages.
Regarding acceptance: If you are considering cooperation, please contact us from the following. ■ Local government/third sector:
■ For companies, JAs, and other collaborations:
Company name: Otetsutabi Co., Ltd.
Representative: Rina Nagaoka, CEO
Location: (Tokyo Office) 3-31-12 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 (Shizuoka Office) 1-8-43 Takabayashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0907
Established: July 2018
Capital: 70,286,500 yen
Contact: -Public Relations: Sonoda-

Details about this release:

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