The “Hariko Production Project” has started in Oshima, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture! Collaboration pr oducts with the popular local character “Munakata no Ten-chan” are also on sale.

Local Tourism Co., Ltd.
The “Hariko Production Project” has started in Oshima, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture! Collaboration products with the popular local character “Munakata no Ten-chan” are also on sale.

Munakata Oshima Hariko, a new folk craft and local toy of Munakata Oshima, was born. There is also a collaboration product with the local character “Munakata no Ten-chan” who is active mainly in Munakata City.
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Local Tourism Co., Ltd. (President: Soichiro Kojiya), which aims to support regional development nationwide and establish a regional circular economy, has launched a project to produce and sell Hariko, a Japanese folk craft. As the first product, we released Hariko in collaboration with “Munakata no Ten-chan”, a local character of Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Local tourism is sounding the alarm about the arrival of “industrial disappearance society” caused by problems such as business succession. In fact, in Oshima, Munakata City, where our hotel “MINAWA” is located, we are facing the problem of declining local industries such as fishing in addition to population decline. Therefore, in order to create a new business in Oshima, we will set up a workshop and start producing and selling hariko. The name is “Munakata Oshima Hariko”. This will lead to job creation, promotion of tourism, and the appeal of Oshima.
[Reference article] “In 2023, a premonition of the arrival of an ‘industrial disappearance society'” (Local Tourism Magazine)
Hariko is supervised by the composition writer Takayoshi Saito. Mr. Saito, who has been involved in TV programs such as “Morita Kazuyoshi Hour Warite Iitomo!” Hariwando” is operated.
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Mr. Saito expresses his enthusiasm for this project as follows. “The know-how for making hariko varies from region to region and manufacturer to maker, but my method deviates from existing know-how in order to reproduce the fine details. I participated with the idea that I could create a “new folk craft” using this know-how.Riko artists will grow in Munakata and Oshima.I feel that it would be great if such a new form of folk craft was born. increase”
[Reference article] “What is ‘Hariko’, a new folk craft from Oshima, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture?” The “what” and “why” that the creator talks about” (Local Tourism Magazine)
Munakata no Ten-chan, the first collaboration product, is a local character born in Munakata City in 2018. The kiten, a member of the weasel family that inhabits Kyushu and Shikoku, is used as a motif, and is well-known locally. For example, it is used in the stamp book of Chinkokuji Temple in the city, and it appears on the product package of Hinosato Brewery, which brews craft beer in the local housing complex.
Munakata’s Ten-chan commented on the Hariko project as follows. “Congratulations on the birth of Hariko Oshima. A new traditional craft born from the combination of the World Heritage site, the historical land, the sea breeze of Oshima, the connection between people and the wind of technology. This culture and technology will be passed down to future generations. I hope you go.”
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In addition, Mr. Tomoyo Nishinaga, who lives in Oshima, and Mr. Yunori Takayama of the Munakata City Industrial Promotion Department’s Energetic Island Development Section gave messages of support. “I’m happy to see a new folk art product on Oshima. It’s a very cute and warm hariko that is filled with the passion of the creator. I would like people who visit Oshima to pick it up at least once.” (Nishinaga) Mr. Miss)
“‘Munakata Oshima Hariko’ is filled with the thoughts of everyone involved. I expect that it will play a role in revitalizing Oshima.” (Mr. Takayama)
A set product that includes Munakata’s Ten-chan and her rival “Kuroko’s Squid” is 7,800 yen (tax included). In addition to our online shop (, we plan to sell it at the “Oshima Tourist Shop” and “Roadside Station Munakata” in the Oshima Ferry Terminal. In addition, we also accept custom-made products from customers at any time.
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Operating company overview
■Company name
Local Tourism Co., Ltd.
■Representative Director
Soichiro Kojiya
■ Business content
1. Investigate and analyze the local economic situation
2. Thinking about effective mechanisms by looking at the region from the outside 3. Launching a community development company together with local residents 4. Unearth the appeal of the region and set appropriate prices 5. Connecting “local attractions” to industries with large market scales 6. Hand over the business structure to the community
・Development of regional specialties, development of tourism and activities, development of food menus, styling
・Investment in local areas through area renovation funds
・Support for human resource education ・Human resources who can start a business (training of local elites)
・Consulting ・Data analysis of local economic cycles, business design for accommodation facilities, restaurants, etc.
■ Homepage
■Management Media “Local Tourism Magazine”
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