The second WEBTOON work by Number Nine, “Hareten no Delta Buoy”, will be exclusively distributed on LINE Manga and ebookjapan from February 7 (Tuesday).

Number Nine Co., Ltd.
The second WEBTOON work by Number Nine, “Hareten no Delta Buoy”, will be exclusively distributed on LINE Manga and ebookjapan from February 7 (Tuesday).
On February 8 (Wednesday), voice actors Lansbury Arthur, Kappi (original), and Fuwai (name) will be invited as special guests to hold a reading session on the Twitter space.

Number Nine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Kobayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Number Nine”) produces WEBTOON (vertical full-color manga) production studio “Studio No.9” and its parent company NCLUSIVE Inc. ( Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Makoto Fujita, hereinafter referred to as “INCLUSIVE”), the two companies collaborated to produce a WEBTOON (vertical reading manga for smartphones) “Hareten no Delta Bui” will be exclusively distributed on LINE Manga and ebookjapan from February 7, 2023 (Thursday).
Also, on February 8 (Wednesday), a distribution commemorative space will be held on Twitter with popular voice actors and original authors. Anyone can participate, so please feel free to watch it. – Synopsis of “Hareten no Delta Buoy” –
Unexplored Challenge Real rocket development ensemble drama! Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, the city of rockets. College student Sora Amano is nearing the end of his job search, and he is about to give up on his longing for rockets since childhood. On the day of the launch of the plastic bottle rocket at the end of her university life, an encounter with a certain man changes her destiny. This is a story based on a true story.
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ebookjapan: Distributed on the app
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The original is Mr. Kappi, who is known as the author of “Left Handed Ellen”. Set in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, a private venture rocket company develops a rocket and depicts the eventful journey until it reaches space as an ensemble drama of setbacks and challenges.
“Hareten no Delta Buoy” is being developed by Interstellar
Technologies Co., Ltd. (head office: Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido; President: Takahiro Inagawa; hereinafter “IST”), which develops private rockets in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, and Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido; President and CEO: Yoshinori Odagiri), which promotes the space port “Hokkaido Spaceport”, is producing it with full cooperation. ■ Credits (titles omitted)
Original: Kappi
Name: Fuwai
Line drawing: Kamotomo
Coloring: Shishamo
Background: Studio Attu
Production: INCLUSIVE Co., Ltd., Number Nine Co., Ltd.
Supervision: Interstella Technologies Inc.
Cooperation: Taiki Town, Hokkaido, SPACE COTAN Co., Ltd.
“Hareten no delta buoy” production project opens up
“Synthfiction” WEBTOON
WEBTOON is a comic style that originated in South Korea and is optimized for reading on smartphones, but recently, the debut of an original Japanese work has been attracting attention. Among them, the pioneer of WEBTOON in the “synth fiction” genre that Kappi is good at is “Seite no Delta Buoy”.
“Synthetic” is a “synthetic” of “fiction” and “non-fiction”, and it is not a complete reproduction of reality, but a setting based on facts. A new interpretation of the story. Characters modeled after real people create a more dramatic world view. Mr. Kappi and Number Nine are good at this method, and we would like to apply it to WEBTOON and make “synthefiction” a new hit category in the WEBTOON area. -Comment from original author Kappi-
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if WEBTOON’s “work stuff” would be successful, but I thought it might be possible to convey the passion of rocket production because it’s a WEBTOON that involves a lot of professionals. We hope that our rocket will reach many people. – Comment from Mr. Fuwai, who is in charge of naming –
In April 2022, when I actually interviewed Interstella Technologies Inc., my impression was, “It’s already a story like a cartoon.” Passion, growth, failure and success… A hot drama exists as a solid history of the company. thought. I hope that you will see the challenges of the heavens who challenge their big dreams.
– Comment from Mr. Inagawa, President of Interstella Technologies Inc. – Until now, science fiction has been the mainstream of space
entertainment. I believe that this gave many people a dream, and that it had a great significance in promoting the realization of space development. On the other hand, the present point is that the space industry as a real industry will emerge more and more in the future. I would be happy if many people could enjoy and learn about the challenging and exciting environment of the rocket development site. – Comment from Mr. Fujita, CEO of INCLUSIVE Co., Ltd. –
This project was started with the desire that everyone at Interstellar Technologies was moved by the passion of Taiki-cho, aiming for space, and wanted many people to know about it. Feel the new Japanese manufacturing through this hot story!
– Comment from Kobayashi, President of Number Nine Co., Ltd. – The rocket development WEBTOON “Hareten no Delta Buoy”, based on the original work by Kappi, the author of my favorite “Left-Handed Ellen”, has finally started! Interstellar Technologies, Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, and SPACE COTAN backed up the behind the scenes of rocket development, which is not well known! Please take a look at the realistic rocket development ensemble drama that has never existed before!
– A Twitter space will be held to commemorate the start of distribution! – On February 8th (Wednesday), the day after the distribution, a distribution commemorative space will be held on Twitter with popular voice actors and original authors. Please feel free to watch it. Date: Wednesday, February 8, 20:00-21:00
Space URL:
Moderator: Shumpei Ida (Editor of Number Nine “Delta buoy in the clear sky”), Hiroyuki Endo (Editor of Number Nine WEBTOON)
Guest speaker (titles omitted):
Lansbury Arthur (voice actor)
[Image 2d27584-73-07d9518d6ef475c82726-2.jpg&s3=27584-73-96f037ff8822a33b35105fb9c95c0fab-850x1142.jpg
Kappi (original work) Author of “Left Handed Ellen”
[Image 3d27584-73-d392a6cfe84b07c5b636-1.jpg&s3=27584-73-3beb11db198b109aedabfc54dd3bea2b-400x400.jpg
Fuwai (name charge) “Soukyu Boys” original
[Image 4d27584-73-cd27c4fe28126e433a55-3.png&s3=27584-73-bec377d3c51279045ea3f0c68ff10bb5-1500x1500.png
– About Interstellar Technologies (IST) Co., Ltd. –
IST is a rocket development startup founded in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido in 2013 under the vision of “creating a future where everyone can reach space.” We have a comprehensive system that handles everything from rocket design and development to launch in-house, and we also have a dedicated rocket launch site (launch site) and test site in
Taiki-cho’s space port “Hokkaido Space Port (HOSPO)”. We have all the cycles related to development, experiments, rocket launches and space development. In the observation rocket “MOMO” series, No. 3, which was launched on May 4, 2019, reached outer space for the first time as a rocket by a single private company in Japan. In July 2021, two rockets will successfully reach outer space, and within the next few years, we plan to promote the development, manufacture, and launch of the rocket “ZERO” to launch microsatellites by utilizing this development technology. increase. In January 2023, we won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 9th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, and our technological capabilities have been highly evaluated as a company that leads the development of private rockets in Japan. Corporate site:
– About INCLUSIVE Co., Ltd. –
INCLUSIVE Co., Ltd. is a business development company that promotes DX for creators and operating companies centered on media companies, with the vision of “creating new value with the power of DX and planning.” In addition to the advertising-related business, we are developing a personal billing business, SaaS for media-related services, and regional revitalization-related services. Recently, as a new business initiative, we are promoting “SX” (Space Transformation), which uses satellites to improve the efficiency of all industries.
Corporate site:
– About Number Nine Co., Ltd. –
A digital comic agency founded in November 2016 with a mission of “All comics, for everyone.” We support manga artists who are active in the digital domain with various businesses to expand the range of their activities, such as the digital distribution service “Number Nine”, the tax return agency service “no9tax”, and the editing planning of WEBTOON.
Corporate site:
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