Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. Permanent preservation version of the fastest publication! All members of Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation appear in the magazine for the first time!! The “B.L.T. April issue”, featuring the cover and opening page, will be

Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.
Permanent preservation version of the fastest posting! All members of Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation appear in the magazine for the first time!! The “B.L.T. April issue”, featuring the cover and opening page, will be released on March 3rd (Friday).
“B.L.T. April 2023” released on Friday, March 3

Tokyo News Service will release the entertainment magazine “B.L.T. April 2023”, which introduces female idols, actresses, and voice actors with high-quality gravure and long interviews on March 3 (Friday). You can make reservations at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide.

In the “B.L.T. April issue” released on 3/3 (Fri.), Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation will appear on the cover and the beginning of the magazine for the first time!
Over 45,000 people applied for the “Sakurazaka46 New Member Audition” that started in June last year. Currently, nine people have been announced who passed through that narrow gate: Rika Ishimori, Riko Endo, Rena Odakura, Nagisa Kojima, Aiki Taniguchi, Yuzuki Nakajima, Miao Matono, Junha Mukai, and Miu Murayama. All 11 people, including two unpublished people, gathered in this magazine. With a large volume of 40 pages, we will approach the charm of 11 girls faster than anywhere else.
In addition, the 11 people were divided into 3 groups and a roundtable discussion was held. We asked them to talk about their thoughts, who have just joined the group. In addition, about the Sakurazaka46 3rd generation documentary “We are Sakurazaka46 3rd generation students”, which depicts the trajectory from the training camp for 4 nights and 5 days to the decision to produce the MV for the 3rd generation’s first original song “Natsu no Shortcut”, she talked about her at the time. While looking back on our feelings, we approach the back side. Okamoto Himena appears in Nogizaka46 5th generation serialization! The theme of Nogizaka 46’s 5th generation is changed every time, and the series “Gravure Kaizen Committee ~gravure a la mode~”, which takes pictures of Nogizaka46’s 5th generation, this time, Himena Okamoto is taken down with the theme of “secret”. The shooting was carried out in a situation of secretly living with a certain animal, giving off a mysterious atmosphere. Please check the full story in the magazine! STU48 Sayaka Takao goes to Mt. Takao for her first solo gravure! From STU48, whose 9th single “Breathing Heart” is scheduled to be released on March 15 (Wednesday), the unit consisting of the top 7 members selected by fan votes, STU48 Setouchi PR Team Season 2, will tour 5 locations nationwide. Delivering the first solo gravure of Sayaka Takao, who was on a nationwide tour. The memorable theme of this time is “To Takao-san and Mt. Takao♪”. You can see a variety of expressions, such as climbing happily in colorful costumes, and changing the atmosphere completely at the hotel to show an adult appearance.
Fuka Kumazawa goes to Kyoto in heavy snow for the winter edition of her quarterly series!
Quarterly series “Fuka” by Task have Fun and Fuka Kumazawa. The seasons come and go, and at last this is the final winter edition. When I headed to Kyoto in winter, I encountered a record-breaking heavy snowfall. Photographer Kojiro Hosoi captures the image of Kumazawa, which can only be seen because he has been with Kumazawa for a year, such as playing innocently in the snow and growing into an adult woman at the hotel. Spell it with a documentary touch with a photo.
This issue’s swimsuit gravure is super HOT and you can’t miss it! Ai Tanino from Hokkaido idol title undecided, and Momoko Oshiro from Shizuoka idol fishbowl are miraculous collaborations in their first swimsuit gravure! On February 15th (Wednesday), the split single “Rokka / Fuuka” will be released in two formats, Hokkaido version and Shizuoka version. lined up. In addition, Risa Tsuji, who has perfect proportions such as a plump bust, a constricted waist line, and a slender style, will appear in this magazine for the first time! Putting stickers directly on the body and wearing a swimsuit that glows with neon, Tsuji’s personality explodes and breaks new ground. 17-year-old Suzuhara, who appeared like a comet, also appeared in this magazine for the first time! Suzuhara has a small body like a small animal, but has a voluminous bust. Soon after her debut, she will show off her highly anticipated swimsuit gravure.
○ Popular serialization
・ Private Ebisu Junior High School “A.B.-Club ~Shrimp Club~” Yuno Kokubo & Ema Sakurai & Yuna Nakamura
・Hello! Project “Hello Lab!!” Kisora ​​Niinuma, Shiori Yagi, Marin Fukuda (Tsubaki Factory)
・#Babababambi “#Horse and deer”
・FRUITS ZIPPER “Frupper world”
・ now (ExWHYZ) “Yamitsuki Girl”
・ Aika Sawaguchi “Life in Sawaguchi”
・Announcer series “ANA-LOG” Eriko Komuro (Fuji TV announcer) ・Voice actor/artist series “Real Voice” Yoshino Aoyama (album “la valigia” released on 3/8 (Wed.))
Purchaser benefits, decided!
■ Lawson Entertainment (*WEB only)
Sakurazaka46 3rd generation A4 size clear file 1 sheet
■ Seven Net Shopping
You can choose from the following 7 types and purchase.
1. Himena Okamoto (Nogizaka46) 1 postcard
2. Sayaka Takao (STU48) 1 postcard
3. Ai Tanino (title undecided) 1 postcard
4. Momoko Oshiro (fishbowl) 1 postcard
5. Suzuhara Suzu postcard 1 sheet
6. Risa Tsuji 1 postcard
7. 1 FRUITS ZIPPER postcard
*As of February 20
* The reservation start date and time may differ depending on the store. For details, please check each company’s website.
* Sales with benefits will end as soon as the stock runs out. *Stores with benefits may be added.
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“B.L.T. April 2023 issue”
Release date: March 3, 2023 (Friday) *Some regions have different release dates ●Special price: 1,150 yen
-Cover: Sakurazaka 46 3rd generation
– Separate volume appendix: Sakurazaka 46 3rd generation double-sided poster You can make reservations at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. For details, please check TOKYO NEWS magazine &
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