Tokyo Skytree Town February 22nd is “Cat Day”! Tokyo Solamachi (R) Cat Day Selection

Dear members of the press,
Tokyo Skytree Town
February 22nd is “Cat Day”! Tokyo Solamachi (R) Cat Day Selection February 15th (Wednesday) to 28th (Tuesday), 2023

At Tokyo Solamachi, we will hold the “Tokyo Solamachi Cat Day Selection” from February 15 (Wednesday) to 28 (Tuesday), 2023, in line with the Cat Day on February 22nd.
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In addition to selling recommended cat items and cat sweets at each store in Tokyo Solamachi, we will open a limited-time shop that sells cat goods, and hold a photo exhibition by Mr. Kenta Igarashi, a photographer famous for cat photography, at the Postal Museum. Also, on February 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun), the event “Nyan Nyan Land” will be held for the first time where you can interact with cute cats up close.
In addition, continuing from last year, we are collaborating with Asakusa Imado Shrine, which is famous as a power spot for fulfilling love and is said to be the birthplace of the manekineko. carry out. Please enjoy this year’s Cat Day at Tokyo Solamachi.
It’s a waste to eat! cat sweets
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Neko Neko Cheesecake ¥1,990
-Pastel- (East Yard Basement 3rd floor special venue) *Limited time shop Sale period: From Wednesday, February 15 to 28th (Tue)
An authentic cat-shaped cheesecake with a rich, smooth texture of cheese and a sweet and sour accent of homemade apricot jam that spreads in your mouth.
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En Matin a Paris Mini Can ¥1,242 / Thin Can ¥2,808 / Round Can ¥4,590 -La Subresienne- (East Yard Basement 3rd floor special venue) *Limited time shop Sale period: From Wednesday, February 15 to 28th (Tue)
A sable in a can with a cute cat design. Using fermented butter and local ingredients from the Loire region of France, the sable is made using a traditional method of using a copper mold, baking it on an iron plate, and then removing it from the iron plate by hitting it with a mallet.
[Image 4

Neko candy with charm ¥810
-Nippon no Ame Project by nanaco plus+- (East Yard 4F)
*Products sold all year round
White cat and black cat patterned candies are in a palm-sized bottle. Comes with a cute cat paw pattern charm.
[Image 5

Cat Out! Confectionery ¥1,620
-Katanukiya- (Tower Yard 2nd Floor)
Sales period: February 16th (Thursday) to 22nd (Wednesday)
A set of 3 types of Baumkuchen with 3 types of cat motifs: Kuro Cat (Strawberry Flavor), Buchi Cat (Caramel Salé Flavor), and Bengal Cat (Plain Flavor).
Get cat goods at the shop for a limited time!
■Limited time SHOP “Felissimo Nekobu”
The “Felissimo Neko Club”, which was a hot topic on TV and SNS and was well received in last year’s Cat Day selection, will be open again this year for a limited time! From cute pouches, towels and
handkerchiefs with cat illustrations, to stationery, we have a lot of cat items that will make your life at home fun.
Period: February 9th (Thursday) to 28th (Tuesday), 2023
Place: Tower Yard 3rd Floor Special Venue
[Image 6

The cat station staff will support you every day! IC pass case that can hold coins
If you stretch it out, you can smoothly touch the card at the ticket gate. It can also be locked, so it won’t get stuck at the front door. The zipper pocket is convenient for storing coins, and it satisfies both ease of use and cat love.
[Image 7

Hyokkori Help Kitten Peeping File Book
An 8-pocket clear file book that can hold A4 size paper. On top of the file, there are four kittens, brown tiger, mackerel tiger, black cat, and Hachiware. When you open the file book, a kitten with a belly button appears.
Irresistible for cat lovers! Recommended cat items from Solamachi stores [Image 8

(Clockwise from top left) Stuffed toy Mike ¥6,050 Cat mini bag Tora ¥6,380 Hand towel Tora/Mike ¥1,430 each
-Kyototo- (East Yard 4F) *Sold all year round
Cat goods of “Mike”, a calico cat aiming for prey, and “Tora”, which sticks out its red tongue. The one-handle mini bag with cute embroidery is recommended as a lunch bag or a secondary bag. [Image 9

Overseas Distribution Limited Nano Block Brown Tiger ¥935
-Nanoblock Store- (East Yard 4F)
Sales period: February 11 (Sat/holiday) ~
A tea tiger with a spoiled personality that is friendly even to people you meet for the first time. The characteristic striped pattern is also expressed, and it is a nano block that can be assembled in a cute cat-specific pose with its tail raised.
[Image 10

(From top left) Cat earrings ¥13,200 Cat necklace ¥20,900 Cat ring ¥19,800 (From bottom left) Paw bangle ¥24,200 Paw ring ¥11,000
-Moolah Vert- (East Yard 4th Floor) *Available all year round Handmade silver accessories with a cat motif. The bangle and ring are designed with the image of a meat ball.
[Image 11

Water buffalo horn cat hairpin (brown cat/black cat/white cat) ¥3,520 each -Kanzashiya Wargo- (East Yard 4F) *Sold all year round
A hairpin with a slightly sitting design that captures the hearts of cat lovers. Each kanzashi is made of buffalo horn and has a unique pattern, making it fun to choose.
[Image 12

(Left) Original Tensoge Cat Chopsticks ¥1,320 each (Right) Tin cat chopstick rest ¥1,650 each
-Ginza Natsuno- (4th floor of East Yard) *Products sold all year round Chopsticks with a cute cat and footprint design, and chopstick rests with cute cats in various poses. You can engrave your name on the chopsticks for an additional ¥440.
[Image 13

(Clockwise from top left) Clear file ¥220 Memo notebook ¥242 Mouse pad ¥1,100 Nail clipper ¥4,290
-Aranji Aronzo- (East Yard 4F) *Sold all year round
It is a product with a “Meow Meow” pattern designed by various cats such as white cats, black cats, and tabby cats.
look! touch! Please! Special event to be healed by cats
(1) Nyan Nyan Land
[Image 14

Solamachi will hold a special event “Nyan Nyan Land” where you can interact with cats for the first time! This is an irresistible event for cat lovers, where you can get up close and personal with cute cats in a space equipped with cat playground equipment. We also have a viewing area where you can see the cats for free.
Period: February 18th (Sat) to 19th (Sun), 2023
Time: 1.10:00-14:00 (Last entry 13:30) 2.15:00-19:00 (Last entry 18:30) Location: Space 634, 5th floor, Tokyo Solamachi
Price: Adults (junior high school students and older) 800 yen Children (elementary school students and younger) 600 yen
*Replacement system for 30 minutes
*Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to enter the pay area. *Admission to the viewing area is free.
〇 Indications regarding animal handling
-Name-Kenichi Tsuchida, Representative Director of Setting Promotion Co., Ltd. -Business name-Nyannyanland -Location-1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo -By industry-Exhibition-Registration
number-Exhibition: 22 Tokyo Exhibition No. 007646 No. -Date of registration-February 18, 2023 -End of validity period-February 17, 2010 -Responsible for animal handling-Shigeru Imai
(2) Imado Shrine/Tokyo Solamachi Special Project Dedication of Cat Wish Ema

[Image 16

Imado Shrine
[Image 17

A sticker with an ema design (image)
A collaboration project with Imado Shrine, which is close to Tokyo Solamachi. Imado Shrine, which is also known as a power spot for love fulfillment, is said to be the birthplace of manekineko. At the special venue, write your wish on an original sticker designed with the Imado Shrine votive tablet and stick it on a panel to dedicate your wish to the Imado Shrine. We are also looking for wishes on the Tokyo Solamachi website.
Period: February 15th (Wednesday) to 28th (Tuesday), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Solamachi Tower Yard 3rd Floor Special Venue
*Please check the Tokyo Solamachi official website for information on requesting wishes on the website.
(3) Naoko Machida’s Cat Picture Book Fair
[Image 18

An original (reproduction) panel of a cat picture book drawn by Naoko Machida, a popular picture book author, will be on display.
Introducing the special cats that appear in picture books.
Period: February 15th (Wednesday) to 28th (Tuesday), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Solamachi Tower Yard 3rd Floor Special Venue
Fee: Free
Organizer: Sanseido Bookstore
(4) “Mofu Atsume Exhibition” held at the same time as “Kenta Igarashi Flying Cat Photo Exhibition”
[Image 19

(C) Kenta Igarashi
[Image 20

(C) Kenta Igarashi

We will hold a photo exhibition of Kenta Igarashi, a photographer who made a big break with cat photography such as flying cat and “Fuku and Marimo”. About 200 photographs, from representative works to new works, and about 600 “cat works” from the general public will be exhibited. We will also exhibit cat stamps from the Postal Museum’s stamp collection.
The museum will be filled with “cats” such as “Photos of Cats”, “World’s Cat Stamps”, and “Cat Events”. Please enjoy the fluffy, warm, and exceptionally healing time.
Period: Now being held-March 21, 2023 (Tuesday/holiday)
Venue: Tokyo Skytree Town 9th Floor, Postal Museum
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