Tokyu Demonstration experiment event “Hello neighbors! -A town week that makes you want to walk-” will be held for mixed use (combined use of land) aiming for close proximity of work, housing, play and study in suburban residential areas!

Demonstration experiment event “Hello neighbors!-Walking Town Week-” will be held for mixed use (combined use of land) aiming for close proximity of work, housing, play, and study in suburban residential areas!
-Simultaneous development of multiple initiatives such as mobile sales market, Aozora library, and operation of self-driving vehicles-
For 7 days from March 7 (Tuesday) to 13 (Monday), 2023, we will run a market where various mobile services gather together (hereinafter referred to as this Marche), Aozora Library planned and produced by local elementary schools, an app Demonstration experiment event “Hello neighbors!-A town week that makes you want to walk-” (hereinafter referred to as this event) will be held in combination with four initiatives: a health promotion walk rally that utilizes the It will be held in the area around nexus Challenge Park Hayano (hereinafter referred to as Challenge Park), which is located in a suburban residential area about 10 minutes by bus from Azamino Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line.
Under the “nexus concept” (hereinafter referred to as “this concept”), we aim to realize free and affluent lifestyles in the Tama
Den-en-toshi area, starting with consumers in the suburbs. By collaborating with Buddy, we are promoting the creation of a Walkable Neighborhood (a town that makes you want to walk) where work, housing, play, and study are in close proximity.
In recent years, in urban areas, mixed use (complex use of land) with large-scale facilities equipped with various uses has been widely adopted in urban development to create bustle. As a way to bring work, living, leisure, and study closer together in the suburbs, where the population density is lower than in urban areas, we will
experimentally adopt mixed-use methods in the area around the challenge park, and implement the sustainable theme ” We will implement integrated initiatives for mobility, education, and wellness.
[Image 1d10686-809-7ee1ed7ef0c5dc071948-1.jpg&s3=10686-809-0ccaa41704aa1cadae25ae952431ce74-682x455.jpg
▲nexus Challenge Park Hayano
In terms of “mobility” initiatives, the challenge park will offer a variety of mobile stores and services that go beyond food and drink and product sales to make life more convenient and affluent for residents in residential areas away from train stations. to
In terms of “education”, 6th graders from Kawasaki Municipal Nijigaoka Elementary School planned a comprehensive study time theme of “I want to create a community exchange and liveliness at the Challenge Park”, and made bookshelves and benches, collected books, etc. The Aozora Library, which was promoted by thinking about it by itself, will be open to the public.
In the “Wellness” initiative, aiming to improve the health of seniors, we held a walking rally using “Karomama Plus” provided by Link and Communication Co., Ltd. We will measure the physical age calculated by 2 and the estimated vegetable intake by Kagome Co., Ltd.’s Veggie Check.
At the same time, our company and Tokyu Bus Co., Ltd. will conduct a demonstration experiment to manage the operation of autonomous vehicles through remote monitoring. Challenge Park, Susukino Tokyu, etc. will be set up as boarding and alighting points for self-driving vehicles, and by providing a means of transportation for consumers, participation in this event will be encouraged and problems and needs related to transportation will be investigated.
In addition, this marche is realized by collaborating with many buddies who sympathize with the creation of new value by moving stores and services and take on challenges together. Roasted Bean Coffee Stall and Suntory Serious Vegetable Kitchen Car by Suntory Holdings Ltd. SHINME Co., Ltd.’s mobile photography studio “Tabi Suru Studio & Cafe” Blown Glass Co., Ltd. Sha Nakano Ni Plus’s mobile blown glass workshop A mobile sauna by Laatikko will open. In addition, in collaboration with Synchro Food Co., Ltd., which provides the mobile sales platform “Mobimaru,” we will sell food trucks and agricultural products, provide plant-based food menus from Kagome Co., Ltd., and operate outdoor fitness facilities for general incorporated
association ALL FITNESS JAPAN. You can enjoy various experiences. [Image 2d10686-809-bd023516bd67b30743e0-0.jpg&s3=10686-809-f349d919ce3f9292129018669970bafe-420x457.jpg
▲ The key visual for “Hello neighbors! -Walking Town Week-”
In the future, we will continue to investigate the challenges of the Tama Den-en-toshi area and the diverse needs of consumers, and work with Buddy to find solutions through a multifaceted approach, including mixed use in suburban residential areas, while exploring new business areas. and promote the development of new services. ■Overview
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■ List of vendors (buddies) for this event
○Kawasaki Municipal Nijigaoka Elementary School
・Aozora Library
6th graders used the integrated study time to plan, “I want to create a community exchange and liveliness at the challenge park,” and think about making bookshelves and benches, making signboards using plastic bottle caps, collecting books, etc. We are promoting The bookshelves and benches were produced while receiving lectures from Momoyama Construction Co., Ltd. craftsmen.
[Image 4d10686-809-126f4395254cf110b63e-13.png&s3=10686-809-79738167752e3f5649cc61e36fb61d51-858x398.png
○Suntory Holdings Limited
・”Roasted beans coffee shop RR COFFEE”
A kitchen car loaded with a small roasting machine is a mobile roasted coffee stand. You can enjoy freshly brewed hand drip coffee while enjoying conversation with the friendly staff. In addition, the “special coffee beans” used at the stalls can be purchased online and enjoyed at home.
[Image 5d10686-809-36c396b53c8ae95e6a11-3.jpg&s3=10686-809-16add1a71e5fae9181e98104e28e8b7a-488x346.jpg
・”Serious Vegetable Marche”
Honki Yasai Marche is a mobile fruit and vegetable sales vehicle of the fruit and vegetable brand “Henki Yasai”, which delivers the deliciousness of carefully selected vegetable varieties together with enthusiastic farmers all over the country.
[Image 6d10686-809-7af3c69930d26c69c3ec-4.jpg&s3=10686-809-7a010391a8e12a4408e069cce3045da0-462x346.jpg
○ SHINME Co., Ltd.
・Traveling studio & cafe
“Traveling studio & cafe” is a “studio” and a “kitchen car” operated by SHINME, a creative studio that values ​​closeness to nature, living creatures, and communities through video, photography, and design. Enjoy a menu that lets you feel nature, such as pesticide-free/forest farming coffee, Mizunara oak highballs, and wild game dogs. At SHINME, we are also challenging food, services, and products, and are working on regional issues, animal welfare, and infectious diseases of trees. [Image 7d10686-809-7f1076743e86e90ec0b6-5.jpg&s3=10686-809-f245e1bd956040d1eea7d7b748ceb56f-521x347.jpg

[Image 8d10686-809-1e4761fce1e187031585-6.jpg&s3=10686-809-e98ba7e3f3f1c63e4e580522aa9e43e7-521x347.jpg
○ Blown Glass Sha Nakano Ni Plus Co., Ltd.
・Movable glass blowing studio “glas hytta naka No blow Way”
This is a glassblowing workshop where you can put the melting furnace that melts glass on the vehicle and experience the glassblowing experience at the destination.
[Image 9d10686-809-f4acbb362db9ba0fbdfc-7.jpg&s3=10686-809-2e2057e3bad296440a96b10044b5416c-462x346.jpg
○ Laatikko Co., Ltd.
We are developing the “mobile sauna” business, a moving sauna that can be enjoyed anywhere.
[Image 10d10686-809-339db32aebe6ab4951d6-8.jpg&s3=10686-809-bf81490574061e1df36e755625e4bf2e-444x347.jpg
[Image 11d10686-809-9831d8a875aa2cd26466-9.jpg&s3=10686-809-301c62b49eb8518aa499ad2700a39bc7-259x347.jpg
○ Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
Based on the vision of “spreading the happiness that comes from diverse eating and drinking experiences throughout Japan and around the world,” we operate the platform “” that supports the management and operation of restaurants. By making the most of technology and simply and speedily providing various options such as “people, goods, information, and services” necessary for opening and operating restaurants, we will develop the restaurant industry and help people involved. We will continue to contribute to happiness.
About “Mobimaru”
We develop mobile sales vehicles (kitchen cars) of various genres on a daily and weekly basis in public open spaces of office buildings, parks, stations, and other idle land, mainly in residential areas and urban areas. We meet a wide range of needs, from shopping needs in residential areas, lunch needs in office areas, and take-out deli that you can enjoy at home after work.
Furthermore, by developing various mobile sales vehicles called MOBIX (Mobility Box) in addition to food trucks, it is possible to create a culture of “going to the store” and “coming to the store” and moving. Taking advantage of this advantage, we are revitalizing and regional revitalization of residential complexes, parks, shopping streets, etc.
“Mobimaru” shopkeeper
○ General Incorporated Association ALL FITNESS JAPAN
The theme is “Fitness for All”. We host “Challenge Fitness,” which even fitness beginners can enjoy, and “FITNESS LEAGUE,” an athletic meet between fitness studios.
・Inexperienced people and beginners are welcome!
“Challenge fitness! Move your whole body with Justine Kurihara and release your stress!!”
Advance ticket purchase page [Image 12d10686-809-be091b5aed1f62dbc5cb-10.png&s3=10686-809-3a3aa8b42aad6539ae70a6696ed728b2-708x346.png
○ Kagome Co., Ltd.
We will develop a kitchen car that offers a plant-based food menu using the “Kagome Plant Base Series” that uses plant-based materials without blending animal raw materials.
*Products containing animal raw materials are used on the same production line. ○JA Yokosuka Hayama Agricultural Products Market “Sukanagosso” ○ Sales of irregular farm products from Gunma Prefecture
○ Tamagawa University Faculty of Tourism Kobayashi and others seminar student Kitchen car planned by students, fair
○ Kitchen car stores (see store opening schedule for details) ■ Wellness event
Aiming to improve the health of senior citizens, we will carry out a walking rally using “Kalomama Plus” provided by Link and Communication Co., Ltd. In addition, at Susukino Tokyu, you can experience physical age measurement, which is calculated based on grip strength and standing time on one leg with eyes closed, and estimated vegetable intake by Kagome Co., Ltd.’s Vegecheck.
[Image 13d10686-809-49ceecc2b77e7503e81d-11.png&s3=10686-809-2b4422802f71eb0701d3f1a06ccadc37-652x368.png
Conducting a demonstration experiment of operation management of autonomous driving mobility by remote monitoring in the Tama Den-en-toshi area
Reference release: ■ Store opening schedule
[Image 14d10686-809-fe7e9b82359349ce9f8c-14.jpg&s3=10686-809-7c17c4f3825668e951ab74dcd738c33e-2161x2619.jpg

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